What’s in store for Echo Park’s acade bar?


A former Echo Park shoe store is being turned into a combination bar and vintage video game arcade.

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ECHO PARK — From Venice to Downtown L.A., architects Rebecca Rudolph and Catherine Johnson have created some memorable and award winning restaurants spaces. Now, their firm, called Design, Bitches, is working to turn a former Sunset Boulevard Shoe Warehouse store  into an arcade-bar, a combination bar, restaurant and vintage video arcade.

Storefront ReportThe same business, called Button Mash, was initially proposed for a laundry a few blocks east but that space is now the home to the field office of Council District 13.  Instead, the owners leased the former strip mall home of Shoe Warehouse. In a recent L.A. Times story, Rudolph and Johnson said the space will serve as an homage to Los Angeles. Rudolph told The Times:

There’s ’80s stuff with skateboard decks, toys and boomboxes [in the new restaurant]. For some reason there is also a little film noir detective thing coming into play. It’s the east end of Echo Park right before it goes up to Dodger Stadium; it’s close to Chinatown and the police academy. It’s not film noir in a theme-y way, but it somehow ended up in the mix, and we’re all excited about it.

The new arcade bar is scheduled to open this summer at the corner of Sunset and Douglas.


  1. sounds terrible

  2. sounds great

  3. Better have Contra! Lord help me if they don’t have Contra!

  4. Air hockey table please!

  5. This is great for the community. Social places like this are so much more of an economic boost to the neighborhood rather than a boring retail spot.

    • Everything you need in life other than to get drunk and fat is at retail. But Echo Park more and more is coming down to nothing by drunks and people who think eating is good exercise for good health. The area has already become dramatically oversaturated with places to drink. Sex and drugs and rock and roll – that’s all their mind and body needs.

  6. I can’t be more excited for this. That corner needed some human activity to clean up what was previously a dark and dangerous section of EP and this looks like the perfect solution. Plus it will be a bonus to have a non-douche alternative to that place downtown for when I need an arcade fix. Let us know when there is more info!

  7. Yes!! Cannot wait!!!

  8. I am not a fan of this idea. Parking is already horrendous here and to add onto Dodger game parking, and now a barcade in a shopping center that has maybe 10 spots…. ugh. I’m all about making this area nice but can someone please think of the residences. Kush already has “valet” who take our street parking spots…. what’s next? Someone build a parking lot!

    Or that whole permit parking thing ….

    • They have an off-site parking agreement with a nearby medical clinic that is closed in the evenings. These guys have a solid concept and I think they are still going with “Starry Kitchen” cuisine… Is that right? This seems like just the right kind of place for this stretch of Sunset. I plan to stop by regularly!

      • Oh that’s cool. You don’t hear about those kind of parking agreements often enough. But they are much more sensible than requiring a place to BUILD more parking after a change in use. Churches, medical clinics, salons – all with unused parking at night.

        Jennifer, do you happen to know if this place will have pinball machines?

      • i hope it’s not starry kitchen. way over hyped food, the meal I had there was absolutely awful, i’d rather have el pollo loco.

    • No one parks along that part of Sunset most of the time, anyway.

  9. This is THE most ugliest strip mall in all of LA. Please tear it down and put up some condos with commercial space at the bottom mixed use. This part of Sunset has great potential with all of the little shops coming into existence along this stretch. But the street would need to be narrowed and calmed if this is ever going to be a ped friendly area.

  10. Silverlake Pedestrian

    I think this will be a great idea. We need to bring more new places into the EP area. Little by little I believe EP will turnaround into something nice. I was born and raised here in EP/Silverlake and love the direction the neighborhoods are heading, *thumbs-up*

  11. Hopefully they’ll add some of their design touches to the exterior as well as the interior.

  12. This sounds like a horrible idea for the community. As if parking wasn’t awful enough. let’s add in ANOTHER bar instead of services that actually make our neighborhood better. And isn’t there already a barcade downtown and in ktown? There’s even one in Sherman oaks. This is just a played out idea where the owner thinks if everyone else is doing it I should do it too! :eye roll: try being original for gods sake.

  13. …maybe new owners will put in a llantas usadas booth, so’s you can get tires changed while gaming. Oh wait, you can do that across the street already, never mind.

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