Boyle Heights beauty school locked down during police search; petition against small-lot development; Elysian Park’s video-game inspired treasure hunt

Glassell Park | Steve5150/Instagram

MOrning Report

  • Boyle Heights beauty school locked down as police investigated reports of a gunman in the area.  NBC LA
  • An online petition asks for a moratorium on new townhouse development in Echo Park, Elysian Valley and Silver Lake under the city’s small-lot subdivision ordinance. Change.org
  • An Elysian Park treasure hunt inspired by the 1980s video arcade game Gauntlet. Curbed L.A.

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  1. Regarding the Small Lot Petition:

    Another self-appointed arbiter of good taste, residing on the feigned “eastside”? These people have got to get a life. Moreover, a quick look at this lady’s Facebook shows that she is a white person who doesn’t like other white people who don’t already live there. (So: she is allowed to be a gentrifier, but she doesn’t want any other white person to be one? Hmm?) Cray cray. A recent and (in my opinion) despicable Facebook post of hers: “I did not move to Echo Park to live in an Americana shit hole with music being piped in and cookie cutter houses full of affluent young white people…” (Read: She is one of the “good” white people, heaven sent to save the underprivileged from the white (and Asian? yes/no?) privileged and greedy people who she just knows poisons her race.)

    Looking at her friends’ list, it is very white. I see no one meeting the description of a persecuted or underprivileged Hispanic, huddled-in-the-corner-hiding-from-the-developer types. I do see “artist” types, and aged white burlesque dancers apparently still at burlesquing, yet I doubt anyone wants to see them naked. Ew.

    Another post of hers states that it is “Another Horror!” that a Silver Lake storage yard for dusty boxes was purchased and will be developed into housing for humans. Oh the nerve of that buyer/developer!

    One wonders why she sees the newcomers as only young, affluent, white people. I’m sure she claims to experience a horror at that too. But this is clearly manufactured fakery. I see whatever everyone else sees: Affluent people of all ethnic backgrounds buying homes here. Why this constant focus on ethnic background is so important to some people is astounding. It tends to be from white people. There really ARE white people who think that anyone not white needs their sympathy and protection. As an Hispanic woman with a white husband of 13 years, I can tell every reader this one thing with absolute certainty: Brown people do not need white sympathy, or white “protectors”, and people like this lady thinking she is championing what she imagines our “causes” are or should be. I am SICK of this stereotype. She may, however, have a few sycophants in that world. That she is losing them to “change” may be the real cause of her irrational irritation.

    I live in Echo Park. My kids play with other kids. No one cares about color. No one, no one, no one. I am so happy to see young couples of all types moving in. People with careers, and something called marketable skills allowing them to buy a house. Not rent, but to buy. For those so damned focused on ethnic heritage, these people are Asian, Hispanic, and whatever else is found on this planet, Ms. Annie Sperling. If she doesn’t like change, good, she can go! And she can take her hideously self righteous and condescending attitude with her.

    Also, jeez, she needs to learn to write in proper English. If she is going to claim to be the champion of good taste, she shouldn’t draft a petition with bad grammar, missing and misplaced punctuation, non-sequiturs, while exclaiming something that most people will just say “so-what” to. And if she does present her petition to the city council, she should tell them her beef is really primarily about white people other than her moving into our neighborhood. I doubt she will do that.

    It is one thing to attempt to limit what people perceive to be over-sized buildings among other existing buildings. We all get it. We would all have different opinions on what is acceptable and what is not, and what is ugly, and what is not. Private property rights must be respected, people. Let’s face it, much of Echo Park is old-ugly and run down, and certainly not “green”, like a new building would be. And for her to make that ignorant anti-white comment, and to feel horror at a dumpy storage lot being put to a better (human) use, it appears she has an agenda not fully revealed, but nonetheless quite obvious.

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