Highland Park talks about shootings and gang violence


Police address gang activity and violent crimes during Highland Park meeting | Nathan Solis


HIGHLAND PARK — Several LAPD officers stood before a room of concerned Highland Park residents on Thursday night. It was a difficult conversation for everyone at this forum on gangs and violent crime, with a series of recent neighborhood shootings fresh on people’s minds.

In the last seven weeks there have been 13 shootings reported in Highland Park, with 9 people shot, according to the LAPD Northeast Division.  Of those 9 shooting victims, 5 were known to have gang affiliations, including the Avenues and HLP gangs.

Tony Oddo, Patrol Commanding Officer of the LAPD’s Northeast Division, started off the evening by saying that the shootings are his top priority, with additional resources being utilized by the division.

Since February, there have been approximately 105 arrests in Highland Park but none  involved the shooters. A few breaks have lead to a possible accomplice in one of the shootings who is currently in police custody, officers said. But it will take more than arrests to suppress the violence, Oddo said.

“We cannot arrest our way out of this situation,” said Oddo, who championed the concept of an involved community that communicates with police.

Questions from residents ranged from foot patrols and helicopter activity to  graffiti and outreach.

Gemma Marquez asked, “Why is the LAPD not in the schools talking to students? I’m sorry, but we’re supposed to visit the dentist two times a year. Why can’t an officer do the same for students?”

Maggie Darett-Quiroz is surrounded by gang members in Glassell Park. She says that veteran gang members who are coming out of prison are ordering children in the community to do illegal activities on Drew Street.

Highland Park resident Richard Marquez says that many of the shootings may be related to gangs, but are also connected to drug dealers fighting over turf. “We have a meth problem in the area,” said Marquez.

One Mount Washington resident said that drug dealers took over a public stairway on her street.

Other residents are concerned that gangs are paying homeless to commit crimes and others still inquired about gang injunctions in the area.

Lieutenant John Cook applauds the use of gang injunctions, which are a court-issued restraining orders that prohibits gang members from congregating with other known gang members.  There will be a Gang Injunction Forum hosted by the Highland Park Neighborhood Council on April 30.

Oddo said there has been three weeks of approved overtime for the Gang Impact Teams in Highland Park. But Oddo cautioned that these resources will not last forever.

“I’m begging you to give me information,” Oddo pleaded with the room of residents.

Nathan Solis is a Highland Park resident who writes about and photographs the L.A. music scene. You can find more of Solis’ stories, reviews and photos at Avenue Meander.


  1. Thank you everyone who showed up to this very important community meeting! We have over 68,000 residents in Highland Park…”Where were you last night?” We need to make our community safe! Please contact your local Councilman’s office, Mayor Garcetti, and Chief Beck and demand we get the resources needed to make HP safe! For now -resources are being flooded into our area; but it’s only a temporary band-aid fix!

  2. It is a mistake to think that police are the solution. Just like with every other social issue within a culture, the solutions must come from within that group. It starts with focusing on family and education and ends with shaming those who step out of line. As soon as the “no snitch” policy is eradicated, the better off this neighborhood will be.

  3. Need to understand root cause of crime and violence. It’s not all gang related. More temporary police presence won’t do anything. These people are all clueless. Crime and violence will get worse. That Mt. Washington lady is full of crap. There are no drug dealers controlling entire streets in Mt. Washington. Hyperbole like this only discredits citizen concerns.

    • Tony the Main Spoon


    • I appreciate their involvement, but I too was wondering about the lady who was warned to not walk outside after 8pm… I’ve lived in a lot of rough areas and have been assigned a curfew by gangbangers. Not saying she’s exaggerating, I just thought that was interesting.

      • Have NEVER been assigned a curfew, I mean…

        • I’ve written a comment regarding what I said in the meeting. It was misheard. I want to clarify and not blow this out of proportion. My comment is awaiting moderation though and hasn’t been posted yet. I was not given a curfew though and no one is controlling an entire street up here.

    • So, Jimmy, please educate us ignorant people on the “true root cause of crime.” Is there only one? If so, tell us oh-wise-soul. I assume you won’t blame the parents. Nah.. Too personal? And if you answer, tell us what we people, moving into HLP, should do about the crime. Should we call the police, or should we call you? (If the latter, leave your phone number please.)

  4. I’ve spoken with the writer. That comment was exaggerated a bit or perhaps misheard. I was never told not to leave my house and no one is controlling our streets up here. There have been drug deals happening on empty lot up here for years and they are now getting aggressive and threatening and telling me to go home when I walk my dogs by the lot. The incident happened around 8:30pm at night. I was just letting officers know of the activity that is happening up here in regards to drugs and now the attempting to claim empty lots at their territory.
    Thank you

    • a year ago i would have believed “misheard”, but nowadays i lean toward “exaggerated”. ‘the eastsider’ of today seems more interested in fanning flames than reporting on them accurately.

    • …and now they’ve edited, and your ’empty lot’ has become a ‘public stairway’. i thought this blog was the baby of an actual journalist?

  5. glassell park gringo

    Gang member takes over stairs and tells you to not come out after 8pm = call the police… they’ll come…

    • Laughable = They will Come!!
      Average response to this type of call in Glassell Park is 30-45 mins for this type of call.
      No this is not a published statistic, this is derived from the multiple times I have called LAPD and me timing their response.
      This is in addition to the “Hold” you are placed when calling the non-emergency LAPD number.
      Typically, by the time LAPD arrives the “individuals in question” are gone and no LAPD action is taken.
      Unless there is an actual crime in progress, visible weapons, or somebody is injured you are not getting a rapid LAPD response.
      BTW if you say they are gang members be prepared to explain why you think they are Gang Members to the Dispatcher.
      LAPD leaves so much to be desired from as an organization.

  6. hopalong chastity

    Oddo is begging for information?
    O.K. Here is some information.
    The shootings in Highland Park are good for Northeast Station.
    Northeast was approved for 3 weeks of overtime pay for Gang Impact officers in Highland Park.
    Los Angeles City fiscal year begins July 1. That means city departments are going into their annual budget request process.
    The people who attend the meeting are concerned residents of HP, mostly seniors. They don’t have any useful tips for solving a gang shooting, but they are very good at calling and writing the city council to help Northeast Station in their competition with other stations to get a chunk of the overtime left in this years budget and maybe get some extra officers or gear in next years budget.
    Some residents of Highland Park who want to help solve gang crimes are concerned about a reputation of gang-affiliated homicide suspects getting framed by Northeast detectives. Some people believe that its O.K. to frame a gang member because even if he didn’t do this homicide then he probably did another which he wasn’t caught for or he will do one in the future if he doesn’t go to prison now. Other people think its better to stick with prosecuting the real suspect, let him have a fair trial and let the chips fall where they may.
    Its not the fault of the police that sometimes its easier to convict the wrong person than it is to convict the right person – when dealing with gang related serious felonies. Its not the fault of the police if the defendant has a terrible attorney, if the judge and courts and society stereotype a defendant once the police have labeled him as a gang member. But it is the fault of the police when they provide false testimony against a defendant.
    Captain Murphy left Northeast Station with a good reputation in the community and was credited with a significant reduction in gang crime. Captain Murphy worked with local clergy and community leaders to hold peace marches and youth fairs. Captain Murphy got lucky after Sheriff Deputy Escalante was killed in Cypress Park. That incident lead to an unprecedented deployment of LAPD, LASD and FBI resources.. The police were authorized to push out the Constitutional limits and confront Avenues with a military style offensive. It was very effective.
    Captain Bert is in charge at Northeast Station now. He wants to build his reputation as a crimefighter. In order for Captain Bert to get credit for bringing down gang crime in Northeast, first gang crime has to go up.
    Experienced gang impact officers can be very effective in building contacts they use to solve crimes and apply pressure to maintain order on the streets. Gang impact officers can also follow a different strategy. They can work to push gang members into each other. They can spread misinformation on the streets to stoke up an existing gang rivalry.

    • Are you implying the curent captain has intentionaly help exculate the gang conflict in order to obtain a larger budget. If that is indeed true then shouldnt the FBI or any other agency be informed to investigate such allegations. You sound like you are trying to stroke the flames . I went to the meeting last night I found it informative on many levels. I was very disapointed however our lead officer (Officer Lee) for Northern Highland Park didn’t attend although he informed me the previous day he would. Officer Allen who was our previous lead officer was there and was very engage in the conversation. Unfortunately he was transferred to southern Highland Park he was great ant communicating to the residence and keeping us informed. So far I can’t say the same for our current lead officer who is often abscent and a little condesending once one finally gets to speak to him. I’ve heard this from a number of sources and have experienced it myself. In order to feel involved we all must be respected. I don’t want to single anyone person out but thought it needed to be pointed out.
      The attendents of the meeting drew from recent residents to those who have been here of 40+ years. It also ranged in age and ethnic make up which was also great to see.
      I do find some of the comments on this thread alarming and the allegations suggesting or implying that the police is helping create this mess is disturbing on many levels especially considering the current trend in the area of gentrification. Not to say that should change anything but the influx of large money doesn’t seem to support such a theory because the the inmpact on any officers doing that would be so severe. I would only hope your comment was in jest and not a serous accusation.

      • hopalong chastity

        Sorry to hear your tone of disappointment in regards to the SLO for your area.
        My guess is that the SLO in question doesn’t want to let down his constituency, but he has come under circumstances which make it difficult for any person to give their best performance.
        It could be an illness, or death, or some other crisis within his personal life which has preoccupied his thoughts and weighed down his capacity for enthusiasm at work.
        It could be that for any number or combination of reasons that your SLO is simply burned-out on working LAPD.
        Any system of job security or tenure brings advantages and disadvantages for attracting and retaining quality personnel. The longer one stays employed in the system, the more their financial future is tied to remaining in the organization.
        If a cop burns-out on police work with 5, 10 or 15 years left to retirement they have a lot to lose if they resign and try to start anew at a different career. If they have dependents whose future also depends on their current salary and anticipated pension, they are really trapped. They almost have no choice but try to put on their best face and slog it out till they make pension – even though the heart is no longer in it.

    • Good. Push those guttersnipe gangsters out of town. Let them move to Maywood or Cudahy. Or Fresno. The good people of this city are reclaiming it through reintegration and de-segregation, and reversal of the white flight of 40 years ago.

      Support the police. Call the police if you see something wrong. They are your friends. The police are not ever the enemy of people who just want to be left alone and live a decent life.

    • Very Effective ?!

      Last I checked Avenues Drew Street was running around all over Glassell Park marking their territory by Tagging on the Walls.

  7. Just move out of the ghetto! Pay a few extra bucks a month and live in a neighborhood were these wanna be 18 year hardasses and thier 2 kids cant afford! Solution !

    • Sorry Mr. flip flop. Decent folks are moving in. The current and long time residents love it. Why? Because they have been the victims of these low life punks. They’ve either lost their own kids to these losers, or stay in their homes because of them You weirdo.

  8. Deal with it

    • MM are you a gang member? Or just part of that sad northeast Alliance group? Why are you so accepting of gang violence, which has done so much damage to families and communities over the decades. Please, enlighten us…..

  9. Crime is a Community Problem. There have many many communities throughout Los Angeles that got fed up with crime including gangsters and drugs and got rid the it. To respond to the person who want police to speak to kids at school that is the LAUSD police NOT LAPD. Secondly, everyone can buy cheap cameras at Home Depot to put up around their residence. This is HUGE deterrent and it records activity. Third, everyone should send an email to City Attorney Feuer and tell him that he needs to write an ordinance that landlords can EVICT gangsters who are renting from their residence when they get arrested. With the AB 109 and Prop 47 criminals being released in neighborhoods, police are way out numbered. And lastly to the person who wrote Capt. Bert is doing this for money is a absurd and ridiculous falsehood. People UNITE against the CRIMINALS and take back Highland Park. Form neighborhood watches, sign up to Next Door https://nextdoor.com/ to learn more. Go to Northeast Community meetings. Good luck

    • longtimeresident

      Looking for ways to EVICT these cockroaches seems like a good, practical idea. Landlords should take it upon themselves to do whatever they can to NOT rent to gangbangers and evict the ones that are already there. I will definitely write to Feuer about this and encourage others to do the same.

      I remember last year when there was a shooting on Fayette St at Aldama, the landlord of the building actually posted on one of these local boards (maybe even the Eastsider) saying he/she thought they knew who was involved. I wonder if they ever got those scumbags out of there. Driving down Aldama over by there, there is an apartment or two where sketchy looking thugs seem to hang out, right across from that little church/pre-school.

    • hopalong chastity

      There was no suggestion that Captain Bert was doing anything for money.
      It was Officer Oddo who informed the community meeting that Northeast was authorized an extra 3 weeks of overtime for gang impact in Highland Park. The tone of this report also suggests that Oddo was encouraging the community members to continue being vocal as the route to winning another round of overtime authorization for his team.
      As for Captain Bert, since he is a Captain he is probably on salary. He would not be directly affected by extra overtime hours authorized for patrol officers.
      Captain Bert looks ambitious. A good leader should have a certain measure of ambition.
      He is in it for the glory.

  10. I think the lady who spoke up about police visiting the schools was spot on! Association by positive engagement bridges a gap by humanizing the police. This will lead to trust, assurance and faith in our law enforcement. The school police are not our protectors and the gangs or potential gang members could care less about them. I remember the police coming to my elementary and thinking it was the greatest day of the year. Being able to see all their equipment and sit in their car and sound the siren… good times! As for all the good folks who had the guts to speak up at this meeting, well I commend them! It’s the cowardly trolls who hide behind their computers and spew venomous toxins who are just being more of the problem and not the solution!

  11. gang member???? Newcomers are funny, you guys thought moving in here that HLP didn’t have a gang problem??? Wow well know you know so just deal with it. There is nothing you can do to stop it, this is way above your heads. Just do what the lapd ask of you and report crime.

    • Dude you are a piece of work just keep up with your negative and racially tainted language. I find it astounding how much joy you get out of this. Each neighborhood is different with different challenges. Venice for many years had a severe gang problem that ended. I grew up back east where many neighborhoods with severe crime turned around. It can and will be done taking glee out of set backs and maintaining the stays quo is a sure sign of allowing the problem to fester. I’m not naive to the ways as you are implying we are. I’ve been here 13 years and in LA a total of 19 years. So yes I maybe considered new to this area but it is just as much our home as anyone who has been here longer. Just because I do not share the same ethnic background doesn’t make me any less qualified to speak. It takes a special person to continue spewing hateful rants and hide behind what transpired before stop pretending to add any substance to this conversation and accept that unfortunately you are part of the problem

    • MM, haha…… I lived in Echo Park before and HLP is slow compared to that, so I’m not a newcomer to this. Time will tell, the tide is turing against gangs and the mentality that goes with it. What’s really your point here? Status quo? Old school HLP nostalgia? Urban provincalism? Grow up buddy, the community is changing around you…. get on board.

  12. MM, as sad as it is, I agree with you. Born & raised in NELA, with the subculture of what gangs are, they will never come to an end. A certain pedigree of attraction and Americana pervails in gangs. American history is intertwined with a criminal bygone era, Capone, Butch Cassidy & Sundance Kid, Joaquin Murrieta, etc… As civil citizens we must just be vigilant and aware. No city has ever eradicated gangs. We must learn how to accept it and just live on.

    • Mr. Chicano, sir, do you go out of your way to be wrong? Or are you just not very smart? Maybe you were a “child left behind.” For you to suggest that non-gang members must learn to accept gang members is proof you have been left behind. Or you’re just plain meek. Or you’re a gang member yourself.

      Venice: Gangs have been eradicated. Why? Decent people began to move in. Lots of Google employees there. There is still some riff-raff hanging around on Lincoln, but less and less.

      Echo Park: Not eradicated, but minimized, and eventually the imbecile gangsters will have no one to play with.

      Hollywood: Lots of gangs that existed there in the 80s and 90s are gone. There are some pockets here and there, but they will be forced out eventually by gentrification, or, what I call “Reintegration”.

      If you just have to be among gangs and that oh-so attractive gang life, because that may be your thing, I would encourage you to move to Maywood or Willowbrook. There is little chance of gentrifiers and reintegrators moving there anytime soon.

      I certainly agree with all those folks here encouraging police involvement. The more gangsters we can put in prison, the better. Do you not agree? I think it is very funny that these gangsters with their guns aren’t so tough in prison, without their guns. Maybe they enjoy being made into a “wife” by someone who really is tough without a gun.

      Maybe you can shed some light on this for me.

  13. Blah blah blah …. like I said deal with it and make sure you call the cops when you see a crime

  14. Steve M., reversal of white flight or gentrification will not end gangs. Sorry to break that news to you. White people do not yield that kind of power in a city thats majority Latino. I state the simple and common sense. You state make believe perceptions. To actually think that whites moving into the Barrio will rid gangs of their grip, your kidding me right. Who do you think are gangmembers best drug customers, Whites! If anything, rid the whites from the barrio and gangs will perhaps relocate. But that will never happen because common sense people are realist. Unlike yourself with wishful thinking. Echo Park has had a recent spike in gang shootings, as well as dealing with the virus of the gays infiltrating family run neighborhoods. Venice has become the new Skid Row. And if your actual first line of defense are the police, sorry Steve, but police can be as worst as gangs. Just turn on your TV and you’ll see their brutality. Welcome to the barrio. My advice, make friends with your neighbor gangster and keep your fingers crossed.

    • Martin Arredondo

      Hello Proper Dos. You aren’t fooling anybody.

      • Poor MarTeeen just cant keep my balls out of his mouth(?!). He’s not even discriminating about it. He sees the brand and immediately shoves it into one of his orifices without question. What an internet slut . . . (lol).

    • Sorry Mr. Chicano, or is it Proper Dos? But I will always maintain my own standards when choosing friends. A friend is someone I would invite into my home. That excludes gangs and you. (The rest of your response is so fraught with falsehoods that they deserve no comment.)

      I would however enjoy an answer from you: Have you been to prison? If so, what was sex like there fella? Tell us, Mr. macho-man.

    • WTF? “dealing with the virus of the gays infiltrating family run neighborhoods”
      family run?

      • Yes, family run. Without family there is no home, community, hope. Gays cannot produce, idiot.

        • Haha, you moron….. gay folks are completely able to reproduce, we’ve got the same equipment, or didn’t you pass biology? Anyway, I know what you mean by your comments, which show the depth of your ignorance. Of course gay folks have families, communities and some even go to church. Is this news to you?

          • Funny how eastsider censored my responses but kept Mr Chicano’s paranoia and xenophobia laden rants. Guess that shows the agenda of this blog or maybe my responses we’re too personal compared to his. What a joke.

          • Mr. Chicano “Born & raised in NELA”, now we all know what that gets you.

    • “the virus of gays infiltrating family run neighborhoods.” Did you really just say that Mr. Chicano? That comment is as much evidence of your narrow-mindedness as “police can be as worst as gangs” is evidence of your illiteracy. I try not to make comments that inflame these message boards more than they already are; however, I will make an exception for you Mr. Chicano. You are everything that is wrong in NELA. The good news is the world around you is changing and it seems like you will likely be left behind, alone and frustrated. I look forward to that day.

      • John Q. “narrow mindedness”? Really. I will agree with you on how the world is changing. But just because i express my disgust at a lifestyle that every fiber of my being could not comprehend does not make me narrow minded. On the contrary, it expands my mind. If I see a male dog doing the deed with another male dog, first thought is that those dogs are mentally sick. Second thought is that its not natural. Same rules apply to humans. I’m a proud heterosexual man who’s proud to see an attractive woman make me feel proud to be a man. The problem with NELA is hipsters and whites who feel they are the answer to all of mankinds ills. They are not. Born & raised in NElA and believe me, I’m not going anywhere and neither is my Brown Raza! NElA belongs to us just like Pasadena belongs to Whites. Stay on your side. Or move with your perverted, mentally sick gays friends in Silverlake.

        • Wow dude. Even (I)?! think you are out of line with your comments!

          • Proper Dos, I am not blind. Just cruise by a public elementary school in NELA. Do you see any Anglo kids. Heck No. Whites would go to all extremes to keep their children away from minorities. They enroll them in Pasadena or private schools. Also, nowadays, gays will attempt to force heterosexuals to believe that its ok for 5yr old boys to wear dresses. Hipsters will try to convince you that a mom & pop shop is a thing of the past. I am not out of line, i state the truth. I choose not to live in a underground society where bigotry and discrimination prevail. Read the writings on the walls as they say.

          • Martin Arredondo

            Proper Dos has really lost it. Now he’s having conversations with himself.

          • The reason you don’t see “anglo” kids in LAUSD for the most part is because they are crappy schools. Between the teachers union (who refuse to get rid of or even discipline bad teachers) and the parents who think it is solely the teachers job to teach them (not engaging in the child’s education), the classes range from kid-warehouse to remedial at best. Certainly not about race as you conveniently imply. Here is a study to buttress my point:


            And as you are free to believe how you wish, you WILL be on the wrong side of history. Sexual preference is going to be accepted and protected whether you like it or not.

            It is always very puzzling to me how someone of minority background (Latino) who claims discrimination out of one side of his mouth can turn around and discriminate against a different minority (Homosexual). That sir, is called a HYPOCRITE.

        • I rest my case.

          • John Q. & Juan Photo, 2 things I agree on; LAUSD schools are not academically well performing schools, with a few exceptions. And second, gays will one day receive some type of perverted interpretation of their so called constitutional rights. What I definitely disagree with is gays being accepted. Never!! Science and genetics will prove homosexuality as a perversion, a choice, and a mental disease. To actaully accept a man castrating himself, injecting fluids into his body for boobs or rump, and doing who knows what else, how could a civil society ever come to grasp that sickness. Never. The masses stand on my side with that. So please don’t think that dream of yours will ever come true.

        • Oh lord, I’m so tired of your Chicano, machismo bullshit. STFU Mr. Raza, we aren’t going anywhere.

  15. I love this quote from the Laweekly article ” It’s really just cultural exchange, an authentic city experience, which is better than what goes on in some of L.A.’s jigsaw puzzle of 88 neighborhoods, where ethnocentrism can still dominate like a form of cultural Jim Crow. ” “It isn’t about homogenizing the city into one giant shopping mall for white people; it’s about reconstructing L.A. into America’s greatest city — where the Wild West mentality of “sticking to your kind” is washed away into a metropolis where everyone can eat, drink and ride together. Without gentrification, L.A. would remain a sprawled-out mess that resembled nothing close to an authentic city.”

  16. I’m borrowing this statement but it speaks to the heart of the matter : Gentrification is a tepid generality. Applied to Skid Row, it might be a quick change that sends the homeless elsewhere. In Highland Park, a few hipsters on York don’t make gentrification, any more than a few flippers taking some bungalow upgrades to make a quick profit. Super A and Huarache Azteca and Galcos preceded all that, and Barack went to school within a few blocks of there, many years ago. The public schools are mammoth enterprises in HP, and the Latino/a kids stream home daily without regard to gentrification. Renting in all of LA is expensive; but if you own a place, especially in HP, you are golden. Less rich white folks in the industry can’t buy into Silver Lake or Echo Park or even most of Mt Wash, thus the focus on DT and HP. Same for everyone else who wants to buy a house. The segregation and gentrification has to do with what people earn and what they can pay, and the economic structure of who you and I are in Los Angeles. Gangs really aren’t good, and the slightly brave people who displace them make neighborhoods. Echo Park and Elysian Hills are now mostly safe and attractive places to live, despite some funk that has resisted 20+ years of “gentrification”.

    It’s hard to live in LA if you’re poor, or you’re middle class. Let’s focus the dynamic on the difference between the 1% and the fake fight with gentrification. We all want nice neighborhoods with affordable housing. It’s more affordable if you are in the 1%, and gentrification is mostly not about that.

  17. Steve M., here’s a prescription incase your delusional outlook in reality comes back and bites you in the rump and you end up on the other side of the law. Prison 101, don’t show weakness in prison. Just be a man. A man as in stand your ground. Simple right? But your perhaps young and part of this dispicable new generation that is taught to think thats its ok for a man to be a bitch. So in that case, as it may be, you’ll end up in some protective custody prison where all the rapists, rats, chesters, and dropouts reside within the comforts of protection. There you will be raped because in the mainline no man would allow himself to be defiled. And in PC yards only bitches reside, like yourself. So get your mind out of ass raping and grow some balls. Walk your neighborhood, the streets you reside in, show no weakness, stand your ground, and do not allow gangs to make you a bitch.

  18. From the Eastsiders boards I’ve learned:
    -white people are the reason for latinos gangs.

    -The police are conspiring against Latinos even though most of the officers are latino.

    -Anyone who bought in Highland Park that is white , is rich.

    -That being gay is a virus and they invade neighborhoods.

    -Families run neighborhoods.

    -gangs are cool

    It’s a virtual cornucopia of knowledge and insight .

    • Yes of course Garol you would take my statements as melodramatic but they are based on facts not conjecture.

    • Good points citizen x

    • Good one, Citizen X.

      Add one more: Mr. Chicano thinks that only the meek are attacked by gangs. And, by his reasoning, if you’re meek, you get no sympathy from him. So, the aged, old ladies carrying their purse, and others similarly situated (meaning not “tough”) are the ONLY victims of these guttersnipes, and if he actually believes that, he has no sympathy.

      Clearly Mr. Chicano is wrong, because guttersnipe gangsters are routinely harmed and killed by other guttersnipe gangsters. And the fact that these types are pissed at having to move out of their ‘turf’ well, that makes me happy. And I will bet everything that their long time neighbors, the one who have been terrified their whole lives and became accustomed to those punks with guns, are quite happy that people so different and decent are moving in.

      Meanwhile the punk-ass guttersnipe gangsters can move to Maywood or Wilmington.

  19. ‘I’m begging you to give me information.”
    said Tony Oddo, Patrol Commanding Officer
    of the LAPD Northeast Division.

    “We cannot arrest our way out of this situation.” Said Oddo, who championed the concept of an involved community that communicates with police.

    My response to Captain Oddo is:
    “And you won’t have anyone tell you anything if you don’t believe us! “

    You accept the testimony of the people who lie to you knowing that you WILL NOT ARREST THEM because, they think or know that unless the police see them violate the law the police cant arrest them. That is not true, but it is true that, the Police Department will not arrest a misdemeanor offense because it is not worth the department’s time and money to do so. This type of policing is “Selective Enforcement”

    You did not believe my neighbors who responded to your questions. You stated my allegations “have been classified as “UNFOUNDED” a word first used to say that everything I said was ‘lacking of sound basis, groundless, unwarranted”. This word is found in the Spanish dictionary as ‘INFUNDADO”, meaning injustificado, injusto, insostenible, falso.

    FALSE, the only word the LAPD knows to use when they are not protecting the quality of our life, but of their own butt. Captain Oddo, I will not call on “an Officer Down” call…, as you probably will not believe me then either. CF#14-002045.

  20. OOPS I owe you an apology Garol just realize it wasn’t a response to my previous post.

  21. you can’t arrest your way out… that is flat out not true. It just means the LAPD and the legal system has to work a bit harder. NYC did it with their broken windows policy. these clowns were in jail but prop47 / brown let them out. put them back and the shootings will go away. As for the next generation fix LAUSD and give kids some hope and you will fix the problem for the future.

  22. hopalong chastity

    The capacity of the police to be proactive or the constraints which limit them to being reactive are always a function of the much bigger picture.
    The police cannot go around citing infractions and arresting misdemeanors if the city attorney and district attorney don’t have the resources to prosecute and the courts don’t have the capacity to administer adjudication.
    At the same time, a successful prosecution often involves the cooperation of witnesses and victims. Many people find it easy to make the initial call to the police. Fewer people are willing to stand by to answer the call back and then devote the time and effort needed for follow-through. If a suspect is detained and the caller doesn’t follow-through, then they have added to the perception that the police and the system is impotent – thus emboldening predators to expand their criminal activity.
    On the other hand, not everybody has the self-confidence to follow-through when the police nab a suspect – especially if its gang affiliated.
    But there are initiatives which everyone can assist with in order to make the neighborhood safer that don’t require becoming involved in a risky situation. Let me suggest 2 items which I believe can strengthen the community against crime.

    1. more than a few people are aware that mandatory reductions in California’s prison and jail populations have caused a surge in the release of offenders back into the community. Some of those released are returning without the skills, will or capacity to resist falling back into anti-social behavior patterns. Resisting the fall back is made more difficult when they are surrounded by the sights, sounds, people associated with their past behavior.
    So why are they returning to the old stomping ground?
    Individuals released from custody need shelter and basic supplies. Family members are often the only initial source of those basics, so it makes sense to return home. That is a choice.
    That is not always the right choice for everyone, but it is the choice which the system forces upon almost everyone.
    Our prison release system assumes that you will return back to reside in the County where you offended and were convicted. The system throws out roadblocks to anyone desiring new surroundings. The system makes it very difficult to get released someplace where the person’s old reputation doesn’t call out to them from every street corner.
    When you read about any initiative which seeks to loosen this counterproductive policy on prison releases – please offer your signature, your vocal support, your vote.

    2. someone mentioned cameras. Security camera systems are getting cheaper and better everyday. I you got a quote for a system 2 years ago, today it will cost 50% of that quote.
    Install a home surveillance system that covers the view of the front of your residence out to the sidewalk and to the road. Connect this by wire or by wireless to a digital recording device with 48 hours or more of capacity. At any given moment, you will always have a record of the previous 48 hours of activity.
    Encourage your neighbors and neighborhood businesses to invest in their own camera system. If you are very knowledgeable about camera systems, then offer to help your neighbors who need assistance in setting-up and mounting their system.
    Imagine if everyone on your street is running a camera system. Whatever happens on your block from someone dressed like a repairman stealing mail or burglarizing homes in broad daylight to a hit and run in the middle of the night – somebody will have film of the perpetrator or their vehicle.
    While that film alone may not be sufficient to make an I.D., it can jumpstart a successful investigation.

    • The city and the state make money of rising property tax. If they want to protect their ROI they need to dispose of the scum who’s parents and LAUSD failed them. It is really that simple, these fools keep shooting people the system will find the money. The only proven method for trash disposal has been the broken windows policy. put them in jail and let them sort each other out – sadly they system has gotten better at keeping prison homicide rates down..

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