How dad and daughter pedaled their way to a Dodgers game

CYPRESS PARK — For many people, riding a bike is considered a recreational pursuit better left to those who are young and don’t have to haul around bags of groceries and kids. But bike shop owner and cycling advocate Josef Bray-Ali has long challenged that view. To make his point, he and his 7-year-old daughter recently rode a cargo bike to a Dodger game from his shop in Cypress Park. The ride took about 30 minutes.

Yes, Bray-Ali, who recorded a video of the final portion of the trip, did do some huffing and puffing climbing up the “mountain” to reach the stadium via the Downtown Gate. But he didn’t have to pay $20 to park and was not stuck in a traffic jam.

“A key part of the ride is a foot bridge at Cypress Park that allows me to skip Avenue 26 and Figueroa and Riverside Drive bridge construction,” said Bray-Ali, who described the game-day journey on his blog. “The worst bits – exercise-wise – were the narrow and winding bit of Bishop as it curves away from Cathedral High and that final climb past the parking lot payment booths. Once you get past that it is pretty smooth sailing and the parking lot isn’t that steep.”

Here’s the route Bray-Ali and daughter followed to get to the stadium.


  1. how fun!! super smart idea and great exercise.

  2. Right on, Josef !!!!!

  3. I do it to when I go. Forget paying for parking. I take Broadway to Solano I think from highland park area.

    And GO GIANTS!!!

  4. so nice and cool…

  5. I love this! Why can’t more people like this guy procreate? We need more of this type, please, not gas guzzling people on the planet!

  6. Cool video!

  7. Good story! I also rode my bike to a Dodger game last week and was surprised to see quite a few other bikes parked there even though Dodger Stadium was 100% designed for the auto. Sure beats paying for parking!

  8. Exemplary! More bike lanes for 21st century transportation. Bikes are here to stay. LA is on the learning curve of this mode of modern and globally embraced transit. We will adjust. Many cyclists are relieved to not pay for a car,insurance,fuel,maintenance,yearly registration,parking fees,including annual permits in designated neighborhoods. There is much more money in their pockets,and they are healthier. It’s a no brainer.

  9. Why would a bike riding commie want to see American baseball? Kidding, of course! His daughter was adorable and their experience getting to the game was better than my family’s experience driving to the game. Biking would be a little bit of a stretch for me but I might bus/bike combo it sometime, the Dodger shuttle can get crowded on the way back after the game.

    Great video, he really ought to make more fun, family-friendly oriented videos showing us what’s possible by bike and why a blast it can be (howling in the tunnel, avoiding traffic, wind in hair…)

  10. I can’t believe he’s not wearing a helmet

  11. Awesome! love the bike set up!

  12. What a great video, Josef! Kudos to you!

  13. Bravo! Father of the Year! Im glad to have inspirational folks like this in Cypress Park!

  14. Where do they park the bikes once they’re inside the lot?

  15. At 2:01 in the video you see it locked up by a set of bike racks in the stadium. There is actually plenty of bike parking all around the stadium, the Dodgers’ website has a map of locations http://losangeles.dodgers.mlb.com/la/downloads/parking_map.pdf

  16. This dude is legit, I’ve been to his bike shop and he is about the coolest bike shop owner I’ve ever met. Please use his repair shop for your bike needs and purchase bikes through him, you will not be let down.
    A real local role model.

  17. Yeah, he’s such a nice guy:

    ubrayj02 • a day ago
    Why are we always cautioned by those in the employ of nonprofits and public agencies to “calm down”, “respect the process”, etc. etc.?

    I have no respect for a process that has this as the outcome. This is a travesty. Not on the scale of many of the terrible things happening in the County (kids dying and being abused in protective custody, police shootings, wasted water in a drought, etc.) but it will make the curse of auto dependence carry on two more generations into the future.

    F%^& you “leaders” and f%& you people who designed this bridge.

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