Up in Smoke: LAFD finds dozens of pot plants at Los Feliz house fire [updated @8:43 pm]

House fire in the 1400 block of Sanborn Ave | Eyal Amiran

House fire in the 3900 block of Sunset Drive. | Eyal Amiran

LOS FELIZ — Firefighters tonight are trying to determine the cause of a blaze that engulfed a three-story hillside home where “dozens of marijuana plants” and 100 small butane canisters were found, according to LAFD.

The fire in the  3900 block of Sunset Drive  generated a thick plume of smokethat was visible from East Hollywood, Silver Lake and other neighboring communities. It took more than 50 firefighters about 20 minutes to put out the blaze that began shortly after 6 p.m. There were no reports of injury, according to LAFD.

The fire spread from an attached garage that had been converted into a living space into the the home. Two vehicles were burned.  The butane canisters had been ignited during the blaze, according to LAFD.

Fire  fighters on the scene | Anonymous

Fire fighters on the scene | Anonymous


Butane canister found near the fire | Anonymous

UPDATE @ 8:43 pm: LAFD  provided new details and address for the fire.


  1. I have gréât footage of the fire I was right in front of the house which I would be happy to share. The firefighters didn’t show up until the house was already engulfed in flames and it took them 0ver 10 minutes to get the hose out to spray water on the fire . The trees were burning too. Marie

  2. Missing from your story , pot growing goin’ on up in them hills.

  3. I was sitting in my living room nearby when I heard a series of explosions. They started off slow, pop…. pop… pop… then they quickly accelerated pop, pop, pop-pop, pop-pop-pop. There were way to many to count. My first thought was fireworks but that didn’t make sense since it was still daylight so I went to look from my front deck and saw part of the building fully engulfed in less than a minute from when I heard the first pop. I live streamed the fire and the arrival of LAFD on Meerkat. LAFD was really fast to get on scene (way to go guys!).

    It didn’t look like the ordinary house fire you see on the news. This looked more intense. Something more than wood was fueling the fire so out of curiosity I walked over to get a closer look after LAFD had doused the fire,

    The street was littered with dozens upon dozens of charred butane fuel canisters like the kind you would use to refill a lighter.

    I texted a friend and neighbor about what I saw and he texted back: Butane is used to make hash oil.

    That was news to me. Vice has a story about it here: https://youtu.be/2i464hZm4kM

  4. Yep, the butane is used for hash oil. I assume the MJ buds are exposed to the butane and the oil dissolves into the butane. Maybe then you let the butane evaporate off, leaving the oil behind. If that’s what you do, it’s a huge fire risk.

  5. This state, this governor, and this weak, clueless President, have caused so much harm to the war on drugs. The war on drugs is over, and we see the consequences of it all over the place. This is just one of the many stories.

    It seems like 1/2 of this town is high on something or another. I’ve never met a pot head who could keep a job, with a few exceptions.

    What a meek society.

  6. @ Steve M. If you’ve never met a pot head that can keep a job (with a few exceptions), then I just feel bad for you. It paints a pretty clear picture of either your complete ignorance of Los Angeles and even the state as a whole. There is a huge number of people who smoke weed throughout the city. Many of whom play major roles in all levels and areas of the entertainment industry and countless other important jobs , or hold normal jobs throughout the city. You would be surprised how many smokers are out there, and especially surprised at how many people you know who smoke without you realizing it. Everyone in LA smokes, and if you don’t, you either used to and are done with it, or theres something wrong with you. The pothead who can’t keep a job stereotype is a thing of the past, especially in Los Angeles where everyone from lawyers, Doctors, film industry, music Industry types , architects, artists, construction workers and business owners (the list is endless) all use Marijuana. Get with the times.

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