Police fatally shoot knife-wielding man in Lincoln Heights [updated @ 9:35 p.m.]

LINCOLN HEIGHTS – One person was shot by officers this afternoon as they responded to a call of an attempted suicide, according to the LAPD.

The shooting took place at about 4:30 p.m. in the 3400 block of Manitou Avenue, said LAPD spokesman Mike Lopez. The officers were responding to a call about a person who may have been trying to stab fatally stab themselves. No officers were injured. Lopez did not have further details.

Update @ 9:35 PM:  The man, described as a male Latino, died after being transported to a hospital for treatment, Lopez said.

Officers shot the man in the breezeway of an apartment building after he failed to drop a large hunting knife and advanced on the officers, he said.


  1. Oh que la fregada!

  2. Wow. The 21 foot rule at work – cops are freaked out when non-cops get closer than 21′ from them because, even armed, someone can successfully close the distance and attack you.

    Perhaps this was suicide by cop?

  3. We have the worst trained cops in the WORLD. Scared little babies who will shoot you if you look at them funny and then claim they feared for their lives.

    • Seriously, how is that even what you take away from this story? Blood soaked, knife weilding, apparently suicidal man advances on cops and they shoot him. Jump to comments section: MURDERERS!!

  4. Had there just been more vegan gluten free muffin shops in the area, this never would have happened.

  5. Did you see the “hero” cop who didn’t shoot recently? Out of state…I mean it’s amazing. There’s a video floating around. Cop has a purple heart from Iraq (I think). Anyway, the guy is truly charging him and over and over the cop is yelling “Stop, I don’t want to kill you dude” amazing restraint/nerves of steel. He took the guy in alive.
    Oh and Just one last little thing……WAIT FOR IT….. the guy who is charging and has already killed other people is WHITE. Sickening – black people they shoot in the back over essentially a BS stop. It’s criminal. Thank god for cell phone videos.

  6. Ten cops can’t bring down one man without killing him ? Wow they need to seriously train these guys to defend themselves better.

  7. Funny how not all the details are not being disclosed. There is a very important detail that is missing, but if disclosed, would cause a big ???? On wether the shooting was justified!

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