Roommate dispute shuts down Silver Lake [updated @ 9:03 pm]

Police on Hamilton Way | Dan Gershon

Police officer with rifle on Hamilton Way | Dan Gershon

SILVER LAKE –  Police sealed off a section of Silver Lake for about five hours today after what was initially believed to be a barricade situation with an armed man turned out to be a dispute between roommates, police said tonight. Traffic on Sunset Boulevard was shut down,  businesses were forced to close and residents were not allowed to return home for several hours before police determined that no crime had taken place.

A woman in the 3300 block of Hamilton Way called LAPD at about 3:30 p.m. to report an assault with a deadly weapon. Police armed with rifles surrounded the residence for several hours but it turned out that the suspect,  the woman’s male roommate, had not been at home during the entire incident. There had been no assault.  In fact, the male roommate showed up at the scene after police contacted him, according  LAPD spokeswoman Meghan Aguilar. A person who was briefly detained was released.

“There was no crime at this location and no one was being booked,” Aguilar said. She said investigators will be looking into whether the call to 911 “was a malicious intent to waste resources or was there an underlying cause.”

Aguilar said the “huge response” from the LAPD was warranted.

“We understand that this was a huge inconvenience,” Aguilar told reporters gathered tonight at Sunset and Micheltorena.  “We had to make sure that we were  protecting the public as if this was actually a hostage situation, and we had an armed and barricaded suspect.”

The incident forced the closure of Sunset Boulevard between Micheltorena Street and Vendome Street, forcing cars, trucks and buses to turn around or take detours through narrow side streets. Meanwhile, numerous restaurants and shops were closed and ordered evacuated by police.

Jimmy Su, owner of Haché LA, said officers told him to evacuate his Sunset Boulevard restaurant that was crowded with customers around 6:30 p.m. “We got the customers and employees out and locked up,” he said.

Sunset Boulevard was finally reopened around 9:30 p.m. as residents and business owners were allowed to return.

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Onlookers gather at Sunset and Micheltorena

Onlookers gather at Sunset and Micheltorena

Metro bus did a three-point turn on Sunset after street was closed

Metro bus did a three-point turn on Sunset after street was closed


  1. Watching this from my deck. Seems serious.

  2. Urgh, more like since 3! And no information was given out until about 5pm. Currently my boyfriend is stuck on silverlake blvd because sunset is completely closed

  3. Been going on for over 3 hours – continuously circling helicopters, barrages of sirens and this is the most news I’ve found about it. I thought Silverlake was well enough known to warrant some news coverage for something of this size.

    • You’d think so but Echo Park, Silver Lake and surrounds seldom receive coverage anywhere but here. (Good reason to support The Eastsider with a subscription…also gives you some merchant/restaurant discounts. And no, I have no connection to Eastsider aside from following news here!) Eaglerock 311 does cover area but it’s spotty. Sometimes Hollywood 311 also.

  4. Please keep us updated– I’ll be refreshing the comments.

  5. I live in the neighborhood and I’m wondering if sunset is still blocked off. Trying to decide if I should head home or take my time getting back. Any new info?

  6. According to the police scanner the suspect was never in the house, the 911 call came from a woman in the building who has mental health issues and has called 911 several times previously. The suspect voluntarily drove to the police command post and confirmed his identity and that he hadn’t been at the location all day. Last update on the scanner was that no one was answering the door when they knocked and they got a key from the guy and were going to let themselves in.

    • Seriously? I saw all of this unfold. Multiple helicopters, an army of cops, a SWAT team, shutting down Sunset Blvd – and all because some mentally ill person called 911 about…nothing? Surely there is more to this story. What an over-reaction by the police!

  7. Live right up the hill……that’s a bad stretch of Hamilton. Used to be tweakers living illegally in the garage of the giant white house across the street. They used to run amok scaring people and eventually burned half the house down. Got red-tagged so they’re long gone. I’m positive every street in SL has stories of strange people doing strange things – that’s how this hood rolls.

    • hi, neighbor! those people were batshit insane; they’d leave piles and piles of random garbage in the middle of the street. we still have our fair share of weirdos, though.

  8. how did this escalate to such an extreme over what now appears to be a minor roomate dispute? i live on this block and have never seen so much man power / 5 hour lock down and am now informed that it was all over a falsified statement. how did it go this far? no arrests/no crime. seems crazy.

  9. If this woman is mentally ill, she needs treatment immediately. If this was a malicious act she needs to be arrested. Anyone know who these people are?

  10. This cost the taxpayers and local businesses 10’s of thousands of dollars. This lady needs to be held accountable OR be put in an institution where she can’t cause more damage.

  11. bathing at Baxter

    Silver Lake gets special attention. People of/with influence live there. It’s one of the squeaky wheels of LA., Brentwood East.

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