Daily Archives: May 21, 2015

Is Silver Lake’s Rowena road diet a disaster?

SILVER LAKE — It’s been more than two years since a nearly mile-long section of Rowena was put a on a “road diet” that left the street with only two traffic lanes instead of four. The reduction of lanes for cars and trucks has made congestion worse, and conditions have not improved, according to some residents. Last week, Public Works Commissioner Matt Szabo called that Rowena road diet “a bit of a disaster.”

Big election-day win for charter schools; the challenges facing newly elected 4th District Councilman David Ryu

MORNING REPORT: Ref Rodriguez will become the first charter school leader to sit on the L.A. school board after his election-day victory. Rodriguez’ District 5 school board seat includes Eastside schools ... After defeating City Hall veteran Carolyn Ramsay in the Council District 4 election, can winner David Ryu live up to his outsider stance and vision? .... Artists needed for Highland Park Utility Box Art Project. Boulevard Sentinel