Brooklyn Bagel temporarily shuts down damaged Beverly Boulevard bakery

bakery wall

HISTORIC FILIPINOTOWN –  Brooklyn Bagel Bakery has shut down its Beverly Boulevard facility and store after it was declared unsafe by building inspectors.

Notices posted on the building warned passersby to stay 25 feet away from the east wall of the structure, where large cracks were observed between the bricks near the roof. A wooden brace had been built next to the damaged wall.

A notice posted on the company’s website said that the building suffered a” major structural failure over the holiday weekend” and was red tagged by building inspectors. But Brooklyn Bagel will continue to make bagels at its headquarters in Montebello until repairs to the Beverly Boulevard bakery in the 2200 block of Beverly Boulevard can be made.

Brooklyn Bagel, founded in 1953 by Seymour Friedman, moved to the Beverly Boulevard location in 1965, according to the company website.

brooklyn bagel shut down


  1. Where is this Montebello location? Cannot find!

  2. Oh no! Hope they reopen soon! Best bagels in the neighborhood!

  3. Best bagels in LA! Everyone is so nice there too.

    • Agree with you about the bagels, strongly disagree about the people. Nobody has ever been nice to me there, but I’ve always seen this as part of its charm.

  4. That place has been there approximately forever.

    I doubt they will be reopening anytime soon, if ever. That old, brick building is not worth the price or reinforcing. It will probably be demolished for something new. In fact, I’ll bet Brooklyn Bagel simply sells it to a developer — so people should expect a very oversized building will be going in there.

    What might happen is that Brooklyn Bagel reopens locally in another facility — if its business around here has been enough to bother.

    • I sure hope you’re wrong, Mark! Brooklyn Bagel Bakery has been my go-to bagel place since I came to LA in 1965. Fabulous bagels and great 1/2 price deals in the afternoon. Hope they re-open soon! I’m already missing my fav Jalapeno Cheese!!

    • I highly doubt Mark has any idea what he’s talking about. He seems to be the kind of person who’s prone to hyperbole and loves the sound of his own voice.

      • Mark’s analysis seems about right- Someone at BB is crunching the numbers and realizing that their low-margin bagel business is a hassle compared to the huge payout they could get for a large lot in a hot neighborhood.

        Maybe, maybe not, but I bet that dude has a dozen bids on his desk.

        • ” low margin bagel business” …you have no clue.
          Mark and Scott are part of the wave of latecomers that think only along the lines of profit. I bet they have air b and b’s and flip houses too

          • If only! But that’s a cute presumption. Bagel man runs a business- Maybe he loves his work and keeps making bagels. If so, that’s great! But there’s no way the margins on that business are better than a check in hand. As a NJ native, I hope he keeps making bagels- They’re the only ones that come close to the real deal.

        • Beverly & Alvarado is not exactly a “hot neighborhood.”

    • This is from Brooklyn Bagels website:

      Retail Sales CLOSED Until Further Notice

      To our valued customers:

      Our building at 2217 Beverly Boulevard suffered a major structural failure over the holiday weekend, causing the City of Los Angeles to red-tag the facility until repairs can be made.

      We are fortunate to have available facilities at our headquarters in Montebello to continue production – but our retail sales will be CLOSED until further notice.

      We anticipate re-opening soon, so please watch this space for re-opening news.

      Thank you for your support and patience as we move through this challenging time.

      the Brooklyn Bagel Bakery family

  5. Cheese bagel with veggie spread…nooooooo……..open up again soon Brooklyn Bagel !!

  6. Well, at least they won’t have to worry about anyone breaking in; there are a lot of lox at that location.

  7. I’m born and bred here in LA. Those guys have a ton of loyal customers like myself. They are not hurting for business whatsoever because us Angelinos are LOYAL.

  8. Best bagels in L.A! All the best to them. I hope they re-open soon as well. Would def be even better if the staff could be just a little less grumpy 🙂

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