Eastside Weekend: Summer Camp Dodgeball; Party of Three in Echo Park; Cillie Barnes performs in Silver Lake


Burger and Fries | Philip Tseng


You got waffles in my chicken! You got chicken in my waffles! Duos complement each other, bringing out the best flavors in an otherwise bland meal – or crime fighting? You get the picture, dynamic duos are important, which is why iam8bit is celebrating duos, with the show Party of Three. Nan Lawson, Kevin Stanton and Philip Tseng celebrate complimenting flavors, characters and color schemes in their work. Ongoing until May 31 at iam8bit.

Long before anyone could call it home the land required work. It needed tending to. It needed brute force to crack rocks. But it also needed form, which required a softer touch, a sterner mind. Deep within the sounds of Cillie Barnes exists that fragmented train of thought, blissfully aware of the giant boulders, but instead of splitting them open, she carves her niche and makes herself at home. Think jingling keys and percussion with Barnes’ ephemeral voice, and you’ll have an idea of what sounds she creates. Enjoy the three-day weekend with Barnes at The Satellite, Monday, May 25.
Gather all the textures from the day – the bed sheets in the morning; plastic buttons at work; smooth concrete; painted glass; folded papers in the evening. Their exact locations in the universe don’t matter. It’s their interaction with each other that creates the narrative. Artists Ranee Henderson and Maja Ruznic inhabit the same real of existence in their work, but they do so in either personal or epically intimate proportions. The exhibit, Lonely Hunters, explores the harmony and dissonance, the transforming texture, patterns, and wealth of psychological/emotional depth in their separate work. Saturday, May 23.
Summer is merely a construct in the land of sunshine and earthquakes. The Frog Spot in Elysian Valley wants to kick things off right, even if it is symbolic, with Opening Weekend to welcome the summer season. Phew, glad that pesky California winter is over, and now we can exchange our short sleeves for no sleeves. Local power-pop band Honeychain will be included in the mix, along with activities for the kids, drinks for the adults, and morning yoga. Not in that order, of course. Saturday and Sunday at The Frog Spot.
Some would say that the 1988 Tom Hanks classic ‘Big’ would not work in 2015 America. The premise of a child who wants to be BIG, and gets his wish only to find that, Yikes!, adulthood is hard work, couldn’t work in a modern society where the line between young and the old is often blurred. The Summer Camp Dodgeball Tournament wants to believe that it shouldn’t take a gypsy fortune teller machine to have fun again. Throw a ball at a complete stranger. Who cares? Life is too short to worry about details like age or safety. Go wild in Highland Park this Saturday, May 23.

Nathan Solis is a Highland Park resident who writes about and photographs the L.A. music scene. You can find more of Solis’ stories, reviews and photos at Avenue Meander.

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