Police searching for gunman in Glassell Park

GLASSELL PARK –  Police have sealed off a section of Glassell Park tonight as they search for a suspected gang member armed with a gun.

The incident began at about 6:45 p.m. after officers called for back up as they chased two armed men on foot, said Officer Mike Lopez.  One of the suspects was apprehended but the other remains at large. No one has been shot or injured, Lopez said.

A police helicopter has been hovering overhead as the search on the ground is focused  near Drew Street and Estara Avenue, about two blocks away from the LAPD’s Northeast Division station. It’s an area that had been a gang stronghold and the subject of numerous police raids over the years.

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  1. Glassell gringo

    A avenues gang member. Tagger moniker sleeper

  2. All newcomers are snitches and need to get out of our community

  3. The helicopter noise was a pain but listen, we’re literally talking about one street in our neighborhood now with a few brainless gang members that have failed to adapt to life in the modern world. It could be worse, the tagging is a nuisance but at least these knuckle heads are now cornered to one street, not an entire neighborhood like the past.
    Live and let live, the majority of all races and nationalities will continue to work on improving our community, the last few remaining gang members will try the opposite. It’s akin to a fly trying to bite open a cereal box, you might be offended by its bad behavior but its not going to do much harm.

  4. My community GTFOH

  5. I’m glad Latinos are checking you racist newcomers in MY community

    • what are you talking about? gangs are just a bunch of illiterate Latinos killing each other. newcomers are just watching and laughing while property values go up until you get the boot

      • Hey Columbus, ever heard of white biker gangs? How about white skinhead gangs? Or perhaps you might’ve heard of white bum gangs? There’s actually even white train gangs. Whites are no better. Havn’t you seen all those white tweekers? Folks like yourself won’t be in NeLA in 20 years.

    • @Mando Mamon

      Who made you mayor?

      It’s MY community too, naco.

      I OWN a house here.

      Now step off.

  6. Roflmao, believe me you live in npela you will learn the word respect the hard way talking like that

  7. These drooling neanderthals are literally slaughtering each other in the streets over nothing yet the biggest atrocity to morons like MM is the threat of tattletales.

  8. glassellparkgringo

    i want to write a dexter like screenplay about a guy who picks off the scum gangbangers one at a time.. any producer’s on this thread?

  9. Ha Ha I Just Wish I Can See When Latinos Punk Your ass, I Know One Newcomer Got Shot On The Leg Outside Johnnys For Running His mouth

    • Don’t be so proud, not only can your buddies not read but apparently they can’t aim at close range either.

    • Just one? I know of 12 shootings in the last few months. None of the ones shot at were newcomers. I guess the newcomers need to step up their game, huh? Especially with this gwar going on. Soon all these oldcomers are going kill off each other and nobody is going to be there to shoot the newcomers.

    • why are you capitalizing the first letter of every word? oh right, you can barely read or write

  10. No kidding, these ghetto shitheads love gang violence because they think it will scare away white people. How fucking stupid, uncivilized and selfish do you have to be to say i love violence because it keeps my rent cheap and keeps white people away. From the facebook group “you know you grew up in echo park if…”, enjoy this little conversation:

    Simon G. Flores We need more gang violence easy as that
    March 19 at 10:02am · Like · 1

    Danny Oropeza Mendoza Dale gas homie Simon Flores if it’s easy as that.
    March 19 at 2:49pm · Like

    Simon G. Flores Lol not that easy but necessary if we want to keep echo park Hispanic
    March 19 at 3:11pm · Like

    Simon G. Flores Better then hipsters city

  11. I said a newcomer got shot on the leg outside Johnny a couple of weeks ago

    • Beware, MM, because you’ll soon be visited by the police – the grammar police. Your use of the preposition “on” instead of “in” is a crime.

      • give him a break, he just got his GED at age 45. he was too busy bangin’ hard blood in blood out style to bother with white people things like education

    • Funny how this dude accuses everyone else of being racist, when he’s the most racist person on these boards.

  12. Bet you that newcomer won’t run his racist mouth any time soon, lol

  13. Wow. Most of us in Highland Park get along. There’s Mexicans, El Salvadorians, Phillipinos, Cubans, Chinese, Europeans, etc. on our block alone. We don’t put each other down. This is LA. There’s millions of people from all over the world living and working together. Not sure why there’s all this hatred. We should leave that up to the ignorant folks who never visit our side of town. We are all neighbors.

  14. I wish I can see when you get your ass kicked by a Latino talking that racist bs

  15. We’re all neighbors. Can we not fight, please?
    One of my neighbors is a former Ave and is cool as fuck. Invites over to his parties and stuff. I couldn’t give two shits about the gangs because that’s really none of my business. I don’t go looking for trouble and hopefully trouble never finds me.
    I hope the rents don’t increase. It’s not fair that just because I have white skin that the rent should go up for me and everyone else. Why do you think I moved here anyway? I’m fucking broke!

    • “One of my neighbors is a former Ave and is cool as fuck. Invites over to his parties and stuff. I couldn’t give two shits about the gangs because that’s really none of my business.”

      Key words: Former Ave

      When stray bullets take out innocent bystanders, gangs become everybody’s business. When houses and walls are tagged over and over again, gangs are everybody’s business. When I have to hear shots in the middle of the night, it’s an entire neighborhood’s problem.

      The cholos have two choices: either get it together or get out.

      • “Get it together” sounds reasonable . . . or there’s the other option . . . in any case, don’t make it our business. That’s reasonable too.

        • @proper dos

          It’s everyone’s business when the cholos who can’t even shoot straight in the first place are letting bullets fly around the neighborhood.

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