Ready to rent on Temple Street for $2,850 a month?

New temple street apartments in Echo Park 5-1-2015 12-25-43 PM

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ECHO PARKEcho, the first of several large housing developments that are in the works for Temple Street, is now offering up one and two-bedroom apartments for rent as the 49-unit complex nears completion.

The website for the development, which is located on the north side of Temple between Belmont Avenue and Glendale Boulevard, says that monthly rents for one-bedroom units will start at $1,850 while the two-bedroom, two-level units will start at $2,850.

The complex touts such amenities as a 60-foot-long lap pool, fitness center, gated parking and views of the “sun rising on downtown.” But for many passerby, the view will be mostly of a long, wall and parking garage that runs nearly the entire length of the project at street level. “I think it’s going to be a dead zone,” a member of the Echo Park neighborhood council said in 2013 when the development came up for review.

Instead of storefronts, developer Todd Wexman offered to disguise the wall and garage with decorative metal grates and landscaping, saying that demand for commercial space on Temple Street was weak.

New temple street apartments in Echo Park 5-1-2015 12-21-38 PM

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  1. Funny how the overriding concern expressed in the article about the proposed development was about off-street parking. Now that this is almost completed and the entire street-wall is nothing but grates poorly masking a bunch of off-street parking, the concern is that it deadens the street? Sorry, you don’t get to have your cake and eat it too. If you want a craptastic ton of off-street parking, it comes at a cost. In this case, it’s a complete loss of the streetscape on this development, plus jacked up housing prices. Huzzah. Big win for the community.

  2. cheech heights

    looks like jail. hope they got some colorful murals or something in store for that facade?

  3. When am I going to see affordable housing!

    • I’m sure someone has some murals, of some sort, planned.

    • In 15-20 years, this WILL be affordable housing. Just look at it? It’s and cost will fade in direct proportion to the fad-appeal that created it. All of this boxy and ill-conceived development can only unfold in one manner. Eventual lack of appeal and demand, followed by neglect, and “Voila!”. Affordable housing.

  4. Those grates are so ugly, but I highly doubt the developer lives in the neighborhood and are could care a less about creating a beautiful environment for not only his tenants, but the community as a whole. Yuck.

  5. This is an abomination.

  6. Too bad they’ll use the drought as an excuse not to plant that wall with a vining plant. It appears as if they intended to plant there as evidenced by the barren dirt parkway between the sidewalk and the wall.

    There’s a reason neighbors need to ensure these things get written into the conditions for approval AND follow up on them to ensure the developer fully complies with those conditions that B&S might “overlook” when the time comes for occupancy permits. Once the occupancy permits are issued, only a lawsuit & a judge is going to force the City to enforce the conditions for approval, maybe. Wouldn’t it just be easier to comply in the first place?

  7. Free orange jumpsuits with the two bedrooms.

  8. @katrina the developer, Todd W, is is escrow to sell his condo in Silver Lake and plans to move into one of these Temple apartments. Given that I’m sure there are very real plans to landscape the frontage.

  9. Oh this is very bad. Who designed this? Its hard to believe something this bad can be built in LA in 2015!

  10. “Motel Sick” comes to mind of the Blade sign it should sport!

    bad on all fronts, design and execution…..

    not even an “E” for effort


  11. Assuming they need the grates in order to vent the parking area?

    Not street friendly, at all.

  12. That’s one ugly f%c*ing building. I pity anyone stupid enough to spend that on rent in that dump.

  13. I’m astounded that LA continues to allow these poorly designed, ghetto boxes. It’s the 80’s all over. I’m so sick of these outside developers who don’t give a rats ass about the neighborhood. This building is so ugly. Note to developers- hire an architect who has designed something besides a Jack in the Box!

    • Well said. These get-rich quick developments have a limited shelf-life. At which point, developers will cash-out and dump this POS on a community that didn’t ask for ugly overpriced housing in the first place. O’Farrell is gonna have some explaining to do if he intends to be re-elected councilman for this community again. I can see the long-term benefits for him but what about the rest of us?

    • It’s both. Echo Park and Historic Filipinotown overlap each other between Benton Way to Glendale Blvd and from the 101 to Beverly.

  14. The grates in the parking are to naturally ventilate the garage so people don’t suffocate from the car fumes. Also, it looks like the builder DOES have plans for landscaping. THAT’S WHAT THE DIRT IN FRONT OF THE GARAGE IS FOR!

    You all should be happy this was built, the more market rate apartments that come into the area, the better the neighborhood will become. Enough affordable.

  15. Oboy, all that low to the ground accessible wall space..let the tagging begin! This is gonna be sooo ugly soon..

  16. Too bad that giant saw blade sign didn’t survive long enough to get reused.

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