A colorful corner of Echo Park now renting for $12,500 a month

medical office building with mural at echo park and sunset

Storefront ReportECHO PARK ––  It’s been hard to keep up with the store closings and openings on Sunset Boulevard. But the pace of change appears to be only picking up speed.  The new landlord of the two-story medical building at the northeast corner of Sunset and Echo Park Avenue – the structure covered with the mural featuring an earth-mother figure – is leasing out the ground floor for $12,500 a month, according to LoopNet. But wait, there’s more.

The neighboring home of Crown Shoes, which closed at the end of last month after 35 years in business,  is also for lease for $6,750 a month, according to LoopNet.

The ground floor of the medical building has been occupied by the Clinica Santa Maria for many years. But that clinic is going to be clearing out by the end of this month, according to the listing. The 5,000-square-foot ground floor is available for a single tenant or can be subdivided. Meanwhile, the second floor occupied by another long-time tenant, dentist George D. Lim,  is expected to become available a year from now.  Says the listing:

What an opportunity to assume a commanding retail/commercial presence at the main intersection of one of L.A.’ s most vibrant neighborhoods!

A few doors east of the medical office building and Crown Shoes, discount store Jumbo Bargain recently closed after it also faced a steep rent hike. That means most of the block in the heart of Echo Park’s commercial district is poised to undergo a major makeover.

sunset boulevard and echo park avenue map

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  1. Sheesh, how is a business supposed to stay afloat with that much overhead. I hope those buildings stay vacant for a while, so the landlord pays for his greediness.

    • Charging market rate is not greed. It’s called an investment. In your eyes, anyone who buys a home and sells that home as some point is greedy? Should we just give away our investments to random people? I don’t understand your logic.

      • There is nothing wrong with hoping a real estate investor gets cornholed. Why do you take so personally?

        • I live 2 blocks away and I’m looking forward to the changes at that corner as well as Jensen’s, Jumbo Bargain, and Crown Shoes.

          • Yes of course you are. You want Echo Park to resemble 3rd street promenade where you can feel comfortable being gouged, amd you can feel more at home . Echo Parks small town feel has long gone and given way to attitudes like yours. Just bring on a Gap at this point.

          • Martin Arredondo

            Checkis thinks more 99cent stores,check cashing places,bridal/jumper stores give EP a small town feel.lol

          • The wealthy homeowners that have ALWAYS lived in the hills above the avenue didn’t seem to mind. You’re just a bitter and prejudiced relic from another era. You don’t even fit in with the new wave of hipsters and transplants, which will only intensify your obvious isolation. After all, you’re the very last person I would expect to see bar-hopping along sunset or watching a live act at the Echo. I suspect that even Terra Mia on Alvarado would be a stretch for an out-of-touch grump like yourself. In fact, I suggest you take it easy, sit the next few out, and stop posting for a while. You’re sounding increasingly DEMENTED.

        • There is a history behind all of this. .It’s happened in the past where the working class within the Echo park community has gotten driven out; starting with the resources they rely on. From medical clinic to fancy bike shop. From bike shop that was Latino owned to a vitamin store that caters to the upper class.. Look up Chavez Ravine in Echo Park, history tells the truth and can allow some of you greedy bastards to view it from a different perspective that is not priviliged and all about making money.

      • “Charging market rate is not greed. It’s called an investment.” WRONG. It’s cold speculation at the expense of a community’s identity. I can recall when there was a news-stand, supermarket, clinic, dentist, and department stores on this very same corner. Practical services for a COMMUNITY of working-class residents. EP has now become the central hub for posers, overpriced goods, and transient businesses who can’t seem to regularly attract the well-heeled crowd needed to simply pay the rent. It’s ugly, plastic, artificial, soulless, and contrived GREED. The complete opposite of the unique, authentic, and soulful community that EP once was. Fortunately, I anticipate that this fad will fade into history within 5-10 years. The first wave of hipsters and transplants are now pushing 40, the new wave can’t afford to establish roots here, and the truly wealthy don’t live in an anti-luxurious environment. When the dust finally clears, we’ll still be here.

        • Well said! Exactly right on every point.

        • Martin Arredondo

          So crappy stores,gang violence,tagging,multiple families renting single family homes,garbage in the streets,etc,etc is considered more soulful. More Tales from the Westsider named proper Dos “ugh,ugh..it’s a play on words” . Still waiting for your dumb prediction that Highland Park is the next Ferguson.

          • Newer doesn’t make the stores any less crappier. The EP gang was dormant and in serious decline until transplants decided to make a movie that inspired an entire new generation of gang members. Tagging and stenciling is rampant along the main boulevards of EP and NELA. You disapprove of families pooling their resources to live IN a home but you also want concentration camps created for the currently homeless. “Garbage in the streets”? When was that the norm in EP? You’re a clueless shut-in without a single ounce of actual knowledge or experience to contribute to any of these discussions. I find consolation that by the time I become a “bitter old fart,pissed that his hood has changed”(?) the current crop of bitter old farts (i.e., YOU) will be long gone.

            Btw, the soulful community that you consistently disparage is THEE community that attracted the first wave of transplants to begin with. Your current status as resident ignoramASS is irrefutable.

          • El Douche, where is your birthplace? On your certificate?

        • Martin Arredondo

          And the first wave of transplants have children who were born here making a new wave of nela locals. Just like you claim. These new native born Nela residents are going to look at clowns like you and see bitter old farts,pissed that his hood has changed for the better. Especially for the homeowners who worked hard and bought their home at the right time. Not like Westside Dos who inherited his home from his Abuela.

          • “And the first wave of transplants have children who were born here making a new wave of nela locals. Just like you claim. These new native born Nela residents are going to” wonder what the Hell their parents were thinking when they moved here and are going to get the Hell out of Dodge ASAP. Just like the previous generations of transplants did to never return. Conversely, the “right time” was the early 90s when I returned and became an NELA homeowner. Years before I also became a landlord. Accordingly, our mortgage payment for a three-bedroom house in Silverlake is PAID IN FULL. How do you like them apples, Pops? . . . (I’m really enjoying the image of you foaming-at-the-mouth right about now).

          • Martin Arredondo

            Westside Dos doesnt mind transplants from the third world but has disdain from his fellow Americans “transplants”.Traitor

          • Martin Arredondo

            Sure Westside Dos,you own a home in Silverlake. That’s believable. You forgot that in previous posts you claimed that you inherited property. Come on. Try to be consistent in your lies.

          • ArreteTonto, you’re obviously no memory expert. Otherwise, I became a homeowner BEFORE I became a landlord of property YEEEARs I inherited in EP, which we’ve ALWAYS been responsible for maintaining like the good sons were were raised to be. Moreover, those properties have so much sentimental value, that we all agree no amount of millions can convince us to sell-out. They’re a unifying element in our family and we sincerely enjoy improving them like our parents were never able to do. A tangible proof of their immigrant legacy. WE represent the the “American Dream”. You represent nothing more than the final bitter gasps of a previous era . . . So long Grumpy.

          • Proper Dos, The OG slumlord. LMFAO

        • I remember that to El Douche, does that still make me a transplant? Yeah, I hung out with the OG EXP guys on my street, went to Pioneer Market, all the old joints. Your demented rambling won’t stop the changes taking place. Why not enjoy them?

          For clarification: where in NELA do you actually live? Give us a 1 mile radius. You seem to be an expert on every nook and cranny, time to man up and tell us where you’re posting from…..

          • “For clarification: where in NELA do you actually live?” You’re beginning to sound a bit creepy Farts. What’s next? “What are you wearing?” That I’m an “expert” on every nook and cranny is the proof that I’ve LIVED and live in NELA. Why the Fk would you want to narrow it down even further(?), i.e., Mission Accomplished. My posts are keeping you up at night, scratching your head in the day, and foaming at the mouth in between. Suffice it to say that YOU can’t get away with any of your lies and distortions about MY community without this “expert” calling “BullShit” every time . . Expect Me.

          • Martin arredondo

            Proper Dos has admitted he has benefited from gentrification. Mission accomplished.

          • Haha, you seem to be an expert and claim community… but how many of the people of NELA would claim you? I sleep easy at night, you give me no pause. Just another blowhard.

            I’m a member of this community, lies and distortions are not my stock in trade.
            As long as you keep you us vs. them, transplants, outsiders rant going on we will know you’re just some bum on the corner mumbling to himself.

        • Martin arredondo

          Proper Dos owns a paid off house in Silverlake. So it’s probably quadrupled in price. And you don’t want other homeowners home values to stay down. Talk about entitled. I’m sure your rentals are affordable for someone making minimum wage. You got it wrong. I embrace the changing of the neighborhood . . Your idiotic mentality is on its way out.

        • Actually genius, i have WORKED at the Echo still get in to any show i want to for free. So your perception is way off.
          The misconception that some how if you are not for price gouging you are a gangbanger or in love with 99cent stores is as old as the hipster argument.
          I bar hop , hit the taco truck and have lived here long enough to have enjoyed Echo Park when people were actually friendly.
          Over priced food and rents does not mean a damn thing when the neighborhood starts losing its vibe.
          The Shires have live here all their lives as well as many other families that are not gang bangers.
          Rich in the hills? I bought my house on Cerro Gordo for 120,000 in 2001… So how do you feel getting gouged now ?

          • Martin arredondo

            That’s the same thing I remember my parents saying but this was back in the 1980s. So you bought your house for 120,000? And I’m sure you hate the fact that you have a lot of equity? Another person that gentrification has helped immensely but is against it for the new residents who are buying homes. Smells like a sense of entitlement.

      • Charging market rate IS greed., if you’re referring to L.A.’s market rate. We have a housing crunch. Not enough housing. Instead of charging more, which only makes Angelenos poorer, how about INVESTING in construction of affordable housing? Oh, that’s right, it’s more profitable to just charge more, I’m sure that we can all join our fellow Angelenos that were priced out under a bridge somewhere.

        • Martin arredondo

          Yeah ,the Angelenos living under bridges were priced out. Give me a break. Wouldn’t you think that someone who got priced out of their home would relocate to somewhere they could afford instead of living under a bridge?

  2. I can’t imagine these skyrocketing retail rents are sustainable. The corner of Sunset in front of my house in Silverlake has an whole slew of new places I don’t expect to survive; a $14 sandwich (no sides) place, a salon where you can spend $150 on a 45 min facial, $18 lobster rolls, an always-empty vegan shoe store, etc.

    • Speaking of expensive sandwiches, I went into Trencher for the first time yesterday at lunchtime and the place was packed. They’ve been there for 14 months now and look to be doing quite well.

      Just because the new business seem overpriced to YOU (and me), that doesn’t mean they will fail.

      There are a lot of people with a LOT of money living in this area now.

      • You’re an idiot. And Trencher is affordable.

        • Aldo Thee Apache

          and make an amazing burger.

          Commenters on Eastsider are hilarious. They talk all tough about how lame all the skinny hipsters are and how awesome ExP gangs were, yet they curl up into a ball and cry at the existence of a $10 sandwich (which incidentally come with a side of potato chips).

      • hello neighbor! agreed on all ends…i just hope leticia stays open for the longterm. the really weird men’s backpack shop with no one in it ever just makes me angry every time i see it.

  3. Change is inevitable. There will be good things that come with change and there will be aspects of change that will never fill a void, but change is a constant in an urban environment. I was in Manhattan a few weeks ago and I couldn’t believe the changes NY has gone through.

  4. No one is saying they miss the gangs,if thats all you remember then clearly you are one of the hipsters,i miss when people knew each other,what angers most is the gentrification of EP,kicking out hard working people and replacing memories with more bars and a way of life they people liked but i guess its all for the best

    • Let me guess, you are a product of LAUSD? Ever consider punctuation? People might understand your thoughts a little better.

  5. Martin Arredondo

    Once the new LA minimum wage hike starts you’re going to see more of these small businesses going away. Rent and labor increases will be the final nail in the coffin.

    • Well, certainly you will see fewer minimum wage jobs, Martin. Unfortunately when government (especially the retarded LA city council) tries to artificially manipulate the market, the opposite of the desired affect will happen. What we will see are more businesses turning to automation and less service oriented to more self-serve type places. It’s already happening with this wave of the so-called “fast casual” restaurants where you order from a person at a counter (soon to be replaced by an ipad) then your food is brought by a food runner. More and more automation, fewer jobs. Great job city council.

  6. Blog comments reveal a steady presence of Neighborhood Change Stress Disorder (NCSD) in Echo Park.

  7. Don’t fret, it’s 2006 all over again, the ‘money’ most people think they have is based on perceived equity run up in the latest bubble, pulling it out via HELOCs, etc. It will all unravel, just as it did in ’08, and these rents will be looked back on as the insanity that they are. There will be speculators bleeding from every orafice, only Fed unable to bail them out this go-round. Then look for (hopefully) genuinely market-demographic reality pricing in all RE to settle in. There is zero question this will all occur, when is the million $ question…

    • These rents are quite inflated. I understand we live in a capitalist society and rents rise and fall with the economy, but honestly these rates are nuts.

  8. Now, instead of shopping carts we have hipsters. It’s a no win situation with one exception; the Lotus’s are back.

  9. Crown Shoes is one thing but please, who is going to feel nostalgia for the clinic? nothing terrible “echo park” about a windowless medical building…

    • bathing at baxter

      Do you think they’ll paint the building?

      • my guess is they would need city approval to cover the mural. I have no idea whether the city would allow them to cover it.

        • Please paint over the mural- its horrible faux-spiritual theme is so sanctimonious and empty. . . just bad art.

          • bathing at baxter

            Most LAMurals are not “good art” but people like them and they’re helpful when giving directions……turn left at the corner mural. What say would the city have as to whether the

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