Atwater bridge has a lock on love

Love Locks, Los Angeles River, Atwater Village

ATWATER VILLAGE –  The L.A. Times reports that the City of Paris is about remove thousands of  “love locks”  that have been attached by love-struck couples and others to the Pont des Arts footbridge and other locations across the French capital. But in Atwater Village, couples and others who want to express their long-lasting commitment can still hang their padlocks and combination locks on the Sunnynook foot bridge that crosses over the Los Angeles River. In fact, the Atwater Love Lock Bridge even has a Facebook page.

It’s not certain when and where love locks first appeared. But the love locks have become a common sight in some European cities, where many tourists write their initials on the locks, attach them to a bridge and then throw away the keys.

The first love locks appeared on the Sunnynook bridge around 2013 or 2014, according to the Facebook page. Now easily more than 100 locks in all shapes, sizes and brands hang from the chain link walls on both sides of the narrow bridge.

The names of couples and loved ones are written on the locks, some of which have also been painted or decorated with sequins.  Vandals have tagged, spray painted and even stolen some locks, according the bridge’s Facebook page. But the tradition has endured.

The Parisian love locks are being removed because of safety reasons after a the weight of so many locks caused a section of a bridge parapet to collapse.

So, forget Paris.  Grab a lock and meet your loved one on the Sunnynook bridge.

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Love Locks, Los Angeles River, Atwater Village

Love Locks, Los Angeles River, Atwater Village

Love Locks, Los Angeles River, Atwater Village



Love Locks, Los Angeles River, Atwater Village

Love Locks, Los Angeles River, Atwater Village

Love Locks, Los Angeles River, Atwater Village

Love Locks, Los Angeles River, Atwater Village


  1. Adam Englander

    What about the costs associated by people engaging in this act, such as the costs to possibly repair the bridge if the weight becomes too heavy? And throwing keys into the LA River is a terrible idea. I wish this article as a little more balanced and explained the actual consequences that could occur from supporting what is, in fact, an act of vandalism.

    • Haha! I assume you’re being facetious. Each lock weights what, a few ounces? I seriously doubt they are going to bring down a bridge. I hate vandalism too but let’s focus on the real problem, shitty little hoodlums tagging walls and tacky poor people illegally dumping garbage on the street. Not a handful of people in love putting locks on a bridge.

  2. I don’t understand why couples associate locks with happiness. To me, a lock without a key means, “I’m trapped. Get me out.”

  3. Well, this vandalism will cost the city big bucks when there’s enough locks to buckle the fencing. And that will happen. Locks=love? I don’t get it.

    • The lock represents a connection willingly entered into. I think the idea of the locks on the bridge is charming, we should encourage more European sensibilities here.

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