Get ready to shop, sip and dine at the Silver Lake Whole Foods

Rendering of the Silver Lake Whole Foods | DL English Design Studio

Rendering of the Silver Lake Whole Foods | DL English Design Studio

Storefront ReportSILVER LAKE —  Construction to turn the former Ralphs market on Glendale Boulevard into a Whole Foods Market is expected to begin this summer. And when the store opens about a year later, customers will not only be able to shop for groceries but they will be able to dine in a restaurant and, if permits are granted, sip their favorite beers and wines as well.

The new store is expected to open in late summer 2016, a company official said during the Wednesday night meeting of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council’s Urban Design & Preservation Committee.  Company officials were seeking support for the necessary city and state permits to serve and sell beer and wine. In addition, Whole Foods wants an alcohol license that will allow the Silver Lake store to hold occasional wine tastings. The committee unanimously voted in favor of supporting the permits.

The store’s 51-seat dining area will include indoor and outdoor seating and a wine bar area, said a Whole Foods official.  In addition to taking over the Ralphs space, Whole Foods will also occupy the storefronts between the market and the CVS drug store as the entire shopping center is renovated.

Ralphs closed its Silver Lake store in March after operating more than 30 years in the strip mall.

whole foods silver lake map

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  1. Yay! Can’t wait.

    • Fletcher and Glendale are going to be crazy; not to mention Labonge’s folly. This store is what the neighborhood wants though and it’s basically a grocery store replacing another so I can’t see the merit of any opposition to this.

  2. I am so excited about this. Great organic products, stylish design, great location! Can’t wait

  3. Cracky Ralph’s, as I called it ,was cheap option in the neighborhood . Whole foods is going to seal the deal on SilverGlassells entrance into the upscale .
    See how long it stays after the sharp wage increase in LA.

    • Wait — are you saying Whole Foods will suddenly leave LA b/c of the min wage increase?

      Do some research about that company, they actually care about their employees and pay a living wage.

      “The starting pay for an employee at Whole Foods Market, a natural-foods store, is $11. The average hourly pay for employees in 2013 was $18.89, according to a company report”

    • A sharp increase in wages to keep up with the sharp increase in worker productivity and cost of living. That’s kind of the entire point of the “minimum wage”. It’s supposed to be a living wage, not a poverty wage with the taxpayers subsidizing those with full time jobs.

      • Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for jacking up the minimum wage but the point of the minimum wage was never to supply a “livable” wage. It’s just now that the country has given away the majority of it’s employment – minimum wage jobs are now being filled by adults with families and a mortgage. These jobs like cashiers, fast food, etc.. are jobs for teenagers, young adults and those without any skills or in transition. But that’s not the country we live in anymore. People with degrees are taking jobs at McDonalds.

        • The minimum wage went into effect in the 1930’s under FDR… here’s what he had to say about the matter:

          “It seems to me to be equally plain that no business which depends for existence on paying less than living wages to its workers has any right to continue in this country. By ‘business’ I mean the whole of commerce as well as the whole of industry; by ‘workers’ I mean all workers, the white collar class as well as the men in overalls; and by living wages I mean more than a bare subsistence level… I mean the wages of decent living.”

          College degree or not, people still need to buy groceries, put a roof over the head, and clothes on their kid’s backs.

  4. Can’t be more excited and wish it could all happen sooner.
    But…EASTSIDER…what’s with the continued lousy reporting??? You were doing great until that last line. Ralph’s was there for 30 years? NO! Lazy lazy lazy.

  5. Super excited about this…but they really need to do something about the parking situation in that strip mall area…how are they going to fit all of those droves of people clamoring for their Whole Foods, CVS and Starbucks?

    • Yes! The parking mystery is huge. Especially if 51 people are going to be just hanging out and eating and drinking.
      the ‘whole foods into tiny parking lot’ has always been a mystery to me…I assume they must be going underground or onto the roof somehow…but have never seen anything about it.

      • Doesn’t look like they’re building more parking… otherwise they would’ve probably just bulldozed the existing buildings, and built something more modern (i.e. to the curb, with housing and subterranean parking.)

        My only gripe is access into/out of the store is ranges from difficult (in a car) to dangerous (on foot or by bike) since the street is engineered like a freeway. But I guess that’s mostly on the city.

        • The entrance in/out is being revamped, per WF man last night. So that it’s not such a “hill” and difficult to see.

          As far as parking, what is there is what will remain. No additional parking. But looking at this as “half glass full,” it’s more parking than at Gelson’s (!).

  6. Went to Ralphs for 35 years. Finally stopped about a year ago except for odd hours because traffic is impossible there between 3 and 8 p.m. I pick up prescriptions at the CVS after 9 p.m. or Sundays now.
    Sorry Whole Foods – won’t be there – you can’t fix the traffic

    • Wow 35 years?!?! That’s crazy considering it hasn’t been a Ralphs that long. Try Hughes or Market Basket.

  7. Beer and wine license?!?! But what about all the people vomiting in people’s yards?? And the used condoms?! Does this area really need another BAR??

    • ruben r martinez

      you seem to be the only voice of reason in all of the ongoing dialog.
      We need a wine and beer bar like a hole in the head. this is about as dumbas
      the 2 lanes on Rowena. What we really need is an upscale Ralphs like the one
      in Glendale.. I want my donut shop back. The Organic money people can go to
      Trader Joes or Gelsons.

    • LOL, definitely not their demographic… think Priuses, horn rim glasses and NPR.

    • Oh YES! All the drunks stumbling out of Whole Foods, using condoms and dumping them on your lawn!! This will be THE BIGGEST PROBLEM EVAR. Mark my words: two years from now we’ll be reading Eastsider postings about the mass casualties caused by tripping over piles of vomit chock full of used condoms due to the Whole Foods wine bar.

    • Wait, what whole foods do you currently go to that ends with vomit and used condoms all throughout the neighborhood?

  8. it’s a freakin market..why are you guys so excited? i’d rather drive 10 min to the pasadena whole foods and not deal with traffic and parking

  9. Why can’t they put in the new whole foods: “365” instead??
    We don’t need all that extra crap. There’s is a wine shop with tastings within 500 feet and plenty of good bars. We already have Gelsons and Trader Joes. There’s cheaper grocery stores like Von’s and Ralph’s near by which I use out of convience. However I think the “365” would fit the needs of the neighborhood nicely!!

    • My understanding is that 365 is cheaper and less options. Silver Lake homes generally go for $800k or above. I think most of the residents would fit the demographic for a regular Whole Foods.

  10. This seems like a small subpar Whole Foods similar to Glendale. I like Pasadena and am surprised the Whole Foods is opening up this little Silver Lake store. They should have done it right.

    • Pardon my french, but who gives a sh*t how they do it. Anything is better than that piss-poor, rundown Ralphs we’ve had here for WAY too long. Sure, loved buying produce there at times, pricing wasn’t horrible, and now it will be higher with WF. But there was virtually NOTHING else I’d buy at Ralphs, it’s all processed foods with f*cking preservatives in everything. Horrible, horrible crap most of this country eats. At least now, I don’t have to f*cking drive to Glendale to buy foods without chemicals and preservatives. For all you who like this sh*t, you can drive down to Vons on Glendale near Sunset, or Vons at Los Feliz/Glendale. Have at it!

    • There is nothing subpar about the Glendale Whole Foods. They just remodeled it. The Pasadena one is a flagship store. They aren’t going to build another flagship in that space.

    • There is nothing subpar about the Glendale Whole Foods. They just remodeled it. The Pasadena one is a flagship store. They aren’t going to build another flagship in that space.

  11. I do not see how you can have this kind of retail location and not have additional parking. It’s going to be an absolute mess.

  12. Wow….gentrification is sweeping Los Angeles. This will only increase rent paid by the hard working people in the area.

  13. I miss Chris Clearwater at Ralphs. Other than that, Whole Foods is going to be so money

  14. Im just gonna miss the Chinese food place 🙁

  15. Well, that’s one section of town I will be kissing goodbye. It was terrible over there already, but this will be the kiss of death, for me. I dream of the day I can afford a bottle of water at Whole Foods Markets.

  16. Wont be long until some shyster flipper buys the Galco store in Highland Park and sells it to a Whole Foods developer.

  17. I’d like to know what is going to be staying.
    CVS could be going away otherwise it will be a disaster getting in and out of. They should nuke the entirety of the lot. Move CVS to the for edge and just have WF and CVS there. The parking lot will be more bizarre than TJ’s on a weekend if they don’t expand or go underground with a lot.
    It will be interesting to see what shapes up.
    Astro’s will be history it seems as well as that lot will become very valuable.
    All the interesting bits of flavor are going away replaced with boutique thematic businesses. No more donuts or bad chinese food.
    Ricks is my bastion of hope. Hang in there Ricks!!!

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