Moby says Silver Lake residents should not worry about noisy vegans

Moby at Silver Lake meeting 5-31-2015 7-36-11 PM

Moby discusses his Silver Lake vegan cafe

SILVER LAKE –  When a recording artist and DJ plans to open a restaurant, you would expect the place to be loud.  But that’s not going to be the case with the vegan cafe that Moby plans to open on Rowena Avenue.  Moby, in a community meeting on Wednesday night, told neighbors that he was not expecting to attract a noisy or rowdy crowd.  If people  are looking for a crazy night out, said Moby, “they are not going to a vegan restaurant.”

The DJ-turned-restauranteur  is working on opening his vegan restaurant, Little Pine, this summer on Rowena Avenue near Silver Lake Drive. Many residents said they are looking forward to a new place to eat and hang out on Rowena,  where at least two restaurants have closed in recent years. But some neighbors near the restaurant site have expressed concern about the impact on street parking, noise from an outdoor patio and opening hours that would stretch to midnight on most weekdays and until 1 am on Fridays and Saturdays.  Moby’s group is seeking city and state permits to serve beer and wine.

‘There are no vegetarian/vegan options past 10 p.m.,” said Moby explaining the late operating hours during a committee meeting of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council.  His vegetarian/vegan friends “are sad about that.”

moby and little pine

Moby, who addressed a standing room audience in a steamy community room,  did not appear interested in adding more off-street parking (he said it currently meets city requirements). But he expressed willingness to shut down the patio early to help shield adjoining residences from noise. He will also look at adjusting the operating hours.  The council’s Urban Design & Preservation Committee postponed taking a position on his permits until he returned with updated information.

Rod Crosby, who owns a duplex next to Little Pine, said he was concerned about the noise generated when customers would leave the restaurant and parking lot at closing time. Vegans – as well as meat eaters – are likely to be noisy after a night of eating and drinking, he said. Still, he was optimistic that Moby will live up to his pledge to help keep things quiet.

“It sounds like they are going to make that effort,” Crosby said.

little pine map



  1. Nice try, Moby. Everyone knows Vegans create some of the loudest farts around.

  2. Really happy that someone’s finally doing something with that sweet Streamline Modern building. And as far as neighbor business owners go, you could do much worse than Moby. Having read his blog and various writing over the years, he seems to be a very conscientious guy.

  3. He seems like a nice guy. Some dude broke into his house on LSD and he gave him a sweatshirt and money for a cabride home.

  4. Moby is about as conscientious as they come. And people leaving upscale eateries that also serve alcohol are markedly different from people leaving clubs and sports bars. Edendale on Rowena is a good example. Nary a rowdy group wanders the decidedly residential area after departing the bar, and when you’re in there even late on weekends, it’s a very chill and calm, candle-lit and drinks type of a vibe.


  5. I’m all for it… but Moby is being pretty disingenuous that there is no vegetarian/vegan restaurants open past 10pm.

    Mohawk Bend is 3 miles away, and is open to midnight every day, later on weekends. And the majority of the items on the menu are Vegan.

    But yeah, still looking forward to trying Little Pine out!

  6. Silverlake Chicken

    I’m looking forward to checking this place out. And, as another commenter noted, if Edendale is any indication, there shouldn’t be any major noise issues. Also, Gingergrass is right up the street, a place with many vegan options, and the crowd there is generally quite sedate. They also serve alcohol. I’ve lived in this area for nine years, very close to the Little Pine location, and there is a major shortage of cool places to eat nearby. Since The Coffee Table closed a few years ago, that stretch has been somewhat diminished (yeah I know they didn’t serve dinner, but still…). And parking was never terribly hard to find even there, with their busy breakfast and lunch crowd. The Coffee Table’s parking lot was tiny, about the size of the Little Pine lot, so I think residents shouldn’t be affected by a few more cars there every night. It’s never hard to find parking for the Edendale either, and it’s way bigger than Little Pine. Finally, a celebrity-owned restaurant will only increase existing property values. That section of Rowena is somewhat underserved. I think Moby’s new venture is a win-win for everyone.

    • One restaurant 3 miles away with some vegan options is not being disingenuous.

      • Agreed with what Mike says. Restaurants that are known as merely “vegan friendly” (e.g., Mohawk Bend, Tony’s Darts Away, etc.) do not qualify as vegan restaurants, for the simple fact that they also serve dead animals.

        Moby is just navigating the tedious yet necessary hoops to open a place of business in LA and he’s certainly not making anything up.or being duplicitous.


  7. Wow…my hood again. We’re so cutting edge. Dig our road dieting. Went to a wild party at that building once. The hostess was inside bleeding all over everything after someone snuck Slayer on the box, and I was outfront smoking a joint with a gorgeous Uzbek. Crazy shoes she had. That I remember, or maybe I was just stoned. Whatever. I do know the vegans are going to have a helluva time parking. There is none. Perhaps they’ll ride bicycles.

  8. Just another vote here of total support for more vegan/vegetarian options in the neighborhood and for Moby, for all the reasons previously stated:he’s a conscientious, generous dude with good taste.

    *just a note to the non-vegan/vegetarians commenting here: “vegan options” at a meat-serving restaurant is not the same as a vegan restaurant. First of all, we – just like real people! – like hearty, protein-rich food sometimes, And that broccoli, made without duck fat, might be a great side dish, but it’s not going to be our meal. Secondly, while some restaurants do it right (I think Mowhawk Bend has a vegan kitchen), others are making our food on the exact same surfaces on which they’re making meat dishes. We don’t like that any more than you’d like unpleasant surprises in your food or drinks. How much vodka is a sober person up for in their non-alcoholic drink?

  9. Wow, a comment set all very positive. Awesome.

    We need Rowena to have food/drink/shopping options. We don’t need a Montana or Larchmont… but just some more options would be great. Its either things that we shop for or they’re going to put in these fucking terrible box apartments. I’d vote for more business.

  10. SmallBizSupport!

    How do you stop jobs, tax revenue and the overall economy? This is exactly how….if a building is zoned for a business then a business may open there. I get it if it were a toxic waste recycling plant, but we are talking about a restaurant. And newsflash everyone living in Silverlake…..YOU LIVE IN A MAJOR CITY! There will be noise and restaurants and omg VEGANS eating at all hours. If you can’t hang head out to the OC. Stop killing small businesses.

    • Chill out, SmallBiz. If you actually read the article and the comments you might notice that nobody is trying to stop the business at all. They are merely reviewing possible issues for the neighborhood and coming up with a compromise. That’s all part of running a business, because no business takes place in a void. It takes place in the real world with neighbors. Neighbors that you probably would like to do business with.

  11. I solidly vote in favor of MOBY !
    Hell, give him whatever he wants.
    If he wants to be open 24/7 , close off the street
    and let a UFO Vegan Mothership hover over the
    hood -Let Him!
    Why?…..because “Play” is a desert island must have ROCKER!
    Top 10 album of the last 20 yrs.
    Love me some Moby.
    No doubt his chow will rule.

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