Police investigating fatal Los Feliz stabbing [updated @ 4:50 p.m.]

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LOS FELIZ — Police are investigating the fatal stabbing of a man in a Los Feliz alley early this morning.

The victim died from his injuries after driving himself to Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital, according to LAPD spokesman Joe Rios.  He was pronounced dead at about 5 a.m.  Capt. Jeff Bert of the LAPD Northeast Division said the victim was a male Armenian but had no further details.

The victim  was stabbed in an alley in the 1700 block of North Vermont Avenue, Rios said. One business owner said he was told by officers that they were investigating an Armenian gang crime but that could not be confirmed with police.

Update @ 4:50 p.m.:  The victim was a 22-year-old man who was in a fight with multiple male suspects when he was stabbed in the upper torso and face, according LAPD spokesman Officer Drake Madison. The victim’s name was not released.

Anyone with information about this stabbing is asked to call Northeast Division homicide detectives L. Governo or Detective H. DiCroce at (323) 344-5744.

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  1. Please get your reporting accurate, and you need to know your area – don’t just regurgitate idiocy from police. For one thing, there is no such a place as Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital. It is Hollywood Presbyterian-Queen of Angels Medical Center, about four blocks from where this incident is supposed to have happened.

    Also, I’m fairly familiar with that location, the Starbucks and bank. I’m not aware of any alley there, only the parking lot.

    And please ask questions of the police. If the guy was dead, and he took himself to the hospital, then how could the police have any idea where the stabbing happened! Ask them! They couldn’t ask him, he was dead. No ambulance was called. So how can they know where it happened? Get the story, not the BS press release!

    • There’s an alley there.

      Seriously? Hollywood Pres . . . ? My mom and aunt work there, they have a combined 67 years experience there. We have always called it Hollywood Pres.

    • what do you call that alley-like thing next to the parking lot for the Starbucks and bank?

    • Couldn’t the police or others have talked to him at the hospital before he died? or was he dead while he was driving there?

    • Mark, there’s an alley behind the Starbucks and the bank on Vermont and Prospect, and behind the alley, there’s another parking lot. I don’t know how you’re choosing to define the word “alley,” but I consider the area just behind the first parking lot an alley. Regarding your complaint with the name “Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital,” would you be satisfied if the writer used the lower-case “h” for “hospital,” or are you insisting that he or she include the full name of the hospital? When someone asks you where you live, do you tell them “Nuestra Senora La Reina de los Angeles de Porciuncula,” or do you just say, “L.A.”?

  2. This is a blog. This is not a major newspaper with employed writers. This is a community blog that we can can regularly count on for updates or the latest info that is available. Generally, I notice, the EastsiderLA will add a follow up to the BLOG post when information is available.
    I’m born and raised in LA and we all know what Hallywood Pres. is, but thank you for clarifying the exact full name of the hospital, Mark.

  3. when I read “armenian” in the article, thats all I had to see to know what was up, fighting over drugs or a sister or a scam gone wrong

    • Yes. Because no other ethnic group does bad things. But here is a reality check for you bigots. Glendale’s population is 70% Armenian, and Glendale is amongst the safest cities in the US. Go figure that one out **ckhead.

  4. Marks stupid lmaooo what if there was by standers that saw where and what happend and called and made a report. What a idiot dude

    • Angelina Ohanyan

      Seriously? Human being died and some of you are concerned over misspellings, criticism, or racism? This could have happened to any of us, genuine person would understand that this tragedy must have left a lot of other human beings with pain for God knows how long. I am an Armenian and thank God I don’t hear stories about Armenians dying over drugs; however, ghost, you may be right about fighting over a sister, and the best explanation I can give you about my culture is that we are family oriented and when it comes to our families, we do take things very seriously. I’m pretty sure you have a family and you would probably do the same in case something happened to your sister. Gender, race, or situation does not justify this crime. Our lives are very important and we all were born to survive. I’m pretty sure that none of us would have want to experience this with our loved ones, and we should be thankful today for having the opportunity to comment on this. That shows that we are blessed to be alive and still own our lives. It’s heartbreaking!!! Can’t imagine what his family is going through.

  5. 4:50 a.m. is a little before Starbucks opens it’s doors, they start prepping during that time. There’s always cabbies & people outside waiting for there coffee fix…I’m pretty sure there were some witnesses that saw what went down. Too bad, sh*t happens.

  6. he should have gone to Kaiser… much closer.


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