Echo Park pizza parlor space going for $6,500 a month

Pizza Buona has been priced out of its Echo Park   space

Pizza Buona has been priced out of its Echo Park space

Storefront ReportECHO PARK — The owners of the neighborhood’s oldest pizza parlor, Pizza Buona, are looking for a new home in the face of a steep rent increase. The family-owned pizzeria would not say how much of an increase they were facing but the corner space is now listed on LoopNet.com with an asking rent of $6,500 a month.

The approximately 2,500-square-foot space at the southwest corner of Sunset Boulevard and Alvarado Street “provides great opportunity for next experienced operator,” according to the listing.

The restaurant has been in operation since 1959.

The search for a new home comes only a few years after Pizza Buona reopened after a months-long renovation to repair the damage from a car that crashed into the dining room and renovations required following an ADA lawsuit.

sunset and alvarado map

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  1. I’m going to miss that place:(

  2. Not liking what’s happening to EP one bit.

  3. I don’t really have a good sense of what restaurants generally pay in rent but that seems expensive. Certainly too much for a reasonably priced pizzaria. I liked that place. Here’s hoping it’s not just replaced with a more expensive pizzeria like how Conquistador became El Condor: pretty much the same stuff but 40% more expensive.

    • So, if the new places that replace the old places have the same stuff, what’s to prevent the old places, like Pizza Buona, from raising prices 40%?

      • They would alienate their clientele with a 40% increase. They would have to basically start a new business as a new hip spot and hope they could get new customers . Which is probably riskier than just finding a cheaper place off Sunset.

        • Well it sounds like they have a choice; either raise their prices 40% (and clean up the place) and stay in business or don’t and go under. They should have bought the building years ago. It’s business, adapt or die.

          • Thanks for the new attitude, exactly why EP — and much of old L.A. — is getting ruined.

          • Yes – it’s this très grand cynicism and snark that is the source of much of the ruination of Echo Park and Silver Lake.

            Mr. Stotch, please wax your handlebar moustache and rehearse pithiness in a more sterile and artisinal environment far, far from the (once) idiosyncratic bastions that these neighborhoods represented.

            It’s soul: get one or die.

          • Man your dim. If it was as easy as raising the price 40% don’t you think they would do it. Btw Was the place for sale when these new owners bought it? … Oh you don’t know, then why don’t you shut your republican pie hole. Plus they have another option moving which is what they’re doing.

          • Mike, nobody really thinks it’s that easy. But those who believe that the neighborhood’s newest citizens are ruining the neighborhood rather than just fulfilling their needs and desires like to make pronouncements (like the one that started this thread) that the new businesses that take place of the old simply move in and offer the same stuff for 40% more. I think we all know it’s more complex than that and no one is guaranteed success. Good luck to Pizza Buona in finding a new place and good luck to the new business in meeting the changing needs of the neighborhood.

          • Waaaaahhhhhhh all teh mean hipsters took mah pizza away, waaaahhhhhhh.
            Hipsters are responsible for everythings in our lives, even cancer!!!!

            Looking forward to whatever food the new eatery serves and washing it down with your tears.

            Your pal
            – Soulless Mustache Waxing Artisanal Republican.

          • BUTTEEEEERS!

            I told you NO MORE POSTING hipster-sympathetic comments ON THE INTERNET! You’re GROUNDED, mister!

  4. I hope they find a safer location with better parking. We have LOVED Pizza Buono for 25 years now and would HATE to seem them disappear! There are 5 pizza places in the hood now so I can see this being the end. I hate what’s happening to EP — sick of bearded, white sunglass wearing, self righteous losers drinking chia kombucha. UGH.

  5. $6,500 seems on the cheap side for that location

  6. coming soon: PIZZANISTA! Echo Park.

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