Prius burns on Silver Lake street

Photo by Brian Falls

Photo by Brian Falls

SILVER LAKE — Firefighters extinguished a fire early this morning that burned a Prius parked near the corner of Marathon Street and Kodak Drive.  It’s not clear what caused the fire that broke out at about 4:40 a.m.

Photo by Brian Falls

Photo by Brian Falls

Photo by Brian Falls

Photo by Brian Falls

kodak and marathon map


  1. My guess is vengeful ex or random vandalism…

    • As long as we’re chasing typical Silver Lake grievances, I’m assuming it’s a dispute over in-front-of-house parking that got out of hand. Or, perhaps a trash bin location squabble.

  2. And right next to a flipper fence! This is soooooo Silver Lake.

  3. Does it disturb anyone else that this seems to keep happening? Another one burned on Tularosa a few weeks back.

  4. What disturbs me is the thought of all those hazardous materials going into the air and our water supply. One hundred pounds of non-recyclable battery packs (lithium or Nickel hydride) are now in our air and water supply instead of a nice safe 10K year hazmat dump in Utah. UGH!

  5. Does everything have to be conspiracy? Fireworks.
    It was fireworks in street.

  6. Erin from Ave 57

    This isn’t funny to me, what if this was YOUR car?? My Hyundai got torched 2 years ago for no GD reason, other than the guy who confessed to it (and 30 other cars) was fn nuts. But I’m not angry, it’s ok, the Boston Marathon bombing happened a day later and I thought, you know what? I have LEGS! Let’s hope this car’s owner has full insurance and a good attitude as well 🙂

  7. Prii have a history of spontaneous combustion from problems in their batteries.

  8. The devil did it.

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