10,000 music fans expected in Echo Park this weekend

The night scene at 2014 Echo Park Rising | Courtesy EP Rising

The night scene at 2014 Echo Park Rising | Courtesy EP Rising

ECHO PARKEcho Park Rising , which was put together following the collapse of Silver Lake’s Sunset Junction street fair four years ago, returns this weekend with more than 300 acts scheduled to appear at neighborhood clubs, bars, restaurants, shops and even a pet supply store. In a marked expansion of the event, sections of Liberty and Reservoir streets in Echo Park will be closed to house a small street festival, with a main stage, beer gardens and viewing areas.

An estimated 10,000 people attended last year’s Echo Park Rising, and, according to event organizers,  a similar number is expected this year for the three-day event, that begin Friday, Aug. 14.  The all-age event is free but VIP passes are being sold and certain venues and areas where alcohol will be sold will be limited to those ages 21 and over.

The beginning of last year’s event was marred by the fatal stabbing of 22-year-old Carlos Arellano, who tried to defend himself with his skateboard during the assault on Sunset Boulevard as the neighborhood was crowded with festival goers.  Arrellano’s attackers have not been caught, and police are seeking any witnesses who were present at last year’s festival, said LAPD Detective Miyakawa with the Northeast Division Homicide Unit.   A $50,000 reward is still available for information leading to the prosecution of those responsible for the killing.

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  1. It’s going to be very HOT this weekend. Have fun & stay hydrated.

    • Sure they’ll try to stay hydrated, thinking beer will do the job. Alcohol increases dehydration, and yes, contrary to many opinions, beer is “real” alcohol. Living near by I am so not looking forward to this weekend.

    • Tony the Main Spoon

      Wow what a blast EPR had been! Free Music everywhere, distinct sounds, so much enthusiasm, this totally makes up for the loss of the Sunset Junction Festival. Sunset Blvd just needs port-a-poties in the right areas. Maybe In the parking lots of the establishment that are drawing larger crowds, like The Lost Knight for example.

  2. I’ve had a lot of fun at EPR over the last five years, but things changed last year. It wasn’t just the tragic murder, it was a lot of things. My family lives just off Sunset and last year, I had to clean feces, vomit and urine off of my driveway and from behind my car. There were hypodermic needles left in the gutter in front of my house, and I lost the side mirror of my car to a drunk driver on our very narrow street.

    If we’re going to keep doing this, EPR and the clubs and restaurants that participate are going to have to pony up for neighborhood security and clean-up. I don’t want to have to keep doing it.

  3. ehhhh will not be going east of alvarado all weekend

  4. Yes! Time to poop in some driveways! I wait all year for this. Will be eating extra hard today in preparation.

  5. Tony the Main Spoon

    Going to have a blast! Taix, Echo Plex, Lot 1 cafe here we come!

  6. Don’t know about the other venues, but the event at Taix was very well done (aside from the sound).

  7. We walked down last night to catch Man or Astroman?, but after waiting around for 45 minutes past their scheduled start time, some rapper came on (nothing against the guy, just not what I hoped to see.). No explanation given that I was aware of. Were they that far behind schedule already?

    • Hahaha. Yeah, I have seen Man or Astroman a few times in different cities. Always the same. Waaaay behind schedule. The astro-stage -show is perhaps not condusive to your typical bar/club venue fast turn-over festival gig. That being said, they are amazing,

  8. I went down last night with no expectations. There were sound issues at the main stage but it was sorted out. The schedule was about an hour off. Saw Man Or Astro Man launch the crowd into a frenzy. Walked to Tacos Arizas after and got to see a few fireworks over Dodger Stadium. Dead Guy was playing in parking lot and I stood eating Carnitas at Sunset and Echo Park digging the music along with the crowd that formed. I walked to Lot 1 and Lost Knight. There was a gallery where people were making art. I didn’t wait in any lines. There were enough opportunities to catch music without much effort. I went into the club past the Echo before the bridge. I didn’t realize that it exits onto Glendale (which is a bit safer than darting across Sunset to go down the stairs by Burger King). I saw Chubb House at Die Krusin, amazing energy. Wedged into Lolipop Records and caught some band that reminded me a little of Beach House. There were tons of people just hanging out on Glendale. It isn’t SxSw but it did make me think of that atmosphere. It was fantastic to see music being expressed in almost every corner of EP and all the people enjoying it.

    • Damn, still sorry I missed them, but it would have been nice for someone to have made an announcement or put up a sign saying something “hey, be patient we’re behind schedule”. We waited at least 45 minutes, during which time there was nothing happening onstage, so I took that to indicate that they were well over an hour behind. I’m too old for that!

      • Yes they had some major snafu with the sound and Man or Astro-Man went on a good 2 hours late.

        Indeed an announcement would have been nice.

        We gave up, went and had dinner, then came back and found we hadn’t missed it, so for us it was great. If I’d been a big fan of the band I would have been very annoyed.

        • It amazes me that Dave likes anything . Wow, culturally one dimensional! Really, I don’t think all hipsters are bad, just a little different than my fellow friends. I even decided to embrace, them and accept that they are a
          part of this community . To bad the feelings not mutual. I think if it was up to Dave, he would off my kind with some systematic political genocide. Really self centered…
          Although I am glad you had a good time, now maybe a car wash .

  9. Guess I’ll start my own music festival, think I’ll start playing ” N.W.A ” REAL REAL LOUD!.

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