Developers get busy on Eagle Rock Bouelvard

Affordable housing developer plans to build 46-unit complex on Eagle Rock Boulevard

Affordable housing developer plans to build 46-unit complex on Eagle Rock Boulevard

GLASSELL PARK — An affordable housing developer is planning to build a 46-unit apartment building on Eagle Rock Boulevard, one of several new, large residential projects that have been planned or built in recent years on the busy street.

The 54 foot-high project by Women Organizing Resources Knowledge & Services would replace a row of one-story buildings at 4121 Eagle Rock Boulevard near Avenue 41.  The new apartment complex is only about two blocks away from where the same developer recently constructed Teague Terrace, a 55-unit affordable apartment complex for homeless vets, persons with developmental disabilitie and mental illness.

In return for building affordable housing, W.O.R.K.S., as the developer is known, is seeking city permission to build a project that is larger and taller than currently allowed while providing less open space, according to the Planning Department.  The building would total more than 39,000-square-feet in size or about 10,000 square-feet larger than currently permitted. The building’s 54-foot height is 11 feet high higher than currently allowed.

The Eastsider has contacted W.O.R.K.S. for more details on the project.

Developers have been busy in recent years on Eagle Rock Boulevard,  a wide street that is a mix of apartments and commercial buildings  In addition to affordable housing reserved for low-income tenants, developers have also built or are proposing to build market-rate apartments and for-sale housing, including NELA Union, the 52-unit townhouse project completed this year and a new 46-townhouse project that is preparing to break ground on the site former Time Warner cable offices.


  1. yay! more people crammed in less area. More cars, more congestions, reduced quality of life. Sounds great.

    • Martin Arredondo

      And don’t forget more low income people ,yay. So now that Teague Terrace has opened can we expect the homeless encampment right in front of the place to go away. Or the one next to Starbucks.

    • well, they’re here regardless, and “affordable housing” goes hand in hand with “metro pass” chances are many of the people living here won’t have a car… stop complaining about hypothetical issues when the actual issues present themselves daily ie housing shortage, affordable housing.

      The argument that residence cause congestion is ludicrous. What do you do drive circles around your house all day? It takes all of 30 seconds, not exactly a traffic jam.

    • More cars and more congestion? Perhaps… but also more housing supply to address the huge urban demand that’s driving up rents, more decent paying jobs in the construction sector, more money invested in the local economy, more tax revenue per acre for the city to better manage itself, more foot traffic to support mom and pop stores down the block, and overall more diversity and culture. We already live in a big crowded city… the only thing new is we’re starting to act more like one.

  2. LA is in a serious affordable housing crisis. Before people pass judgment on “affordable housing,” do your research on the developer. WORKS is a dynamic nonprofit housing developer that not only builds great housing for people of modest means – it also provides critical enriched services and edible gardening and other fantastic programs for its residents and surrounding neighborhoods. They’ve been vocal in areas of housing and food justice and are an asset to this community.

  3. Just to clarify for everyone, affordable housing is NOT low cost housing for low income people. Low income people will NOT be able to afford affordable housing. Gee, the city considers $1,600 a month for a one-bedroom apartment to be affordable housing.

    I think it is a real scam the city has instituted to give a density bonus for affordable housing — especially since the city does zero to monitor that the housing remains affordable after first occupied — the city does no monitoring to even know.

    That said, I haven idea what price these will go for so whether they will actually be low priced enough for poor people.

    • Thank You for clarifying the wording. You are so right. It’s a shame after all these years people still do not know the difference

    • Yeah the wording is a little confusing.

      It seems that with regards to the city’s density bonuses, “affordable housing” means new housing that will be rented at the price of the existing average market rate housing (no frills apartments in older buildings.)

      And “very low income” seems to mean they will actually be priced below the average market rate (which is what usually comes to mind when someone says “affordable”.)

      One thing to keep in mind though is a brand new apartment will typically be priced well above the average market rate of older, nearby buildings… people pay more for all the modern conveniences and newer fixtures that tend to be lacking in older buildings. So it is arguably “affordable” compared to other new buildings (but not “affordable” compared to nearby dingbats and whatnot.)

      Also, I think the density bonus is larger if they build “very low income” units, as opposed to “affordable” units.

  4. I would also add to that map the complex across from the recently closed Super A on Eagle Rock and Yosemite (the sign says “starting in the high 600 thousands.”) and Prism, which is just east of Eagle Rock Blvd.

  5. Enough of these ugly buildings!! The 4-story Teague Terrace Apartments on Eagle Rock Blvd is just awful we don’t need another ugly-ass building!

  6. Glassell Park Man

    I own a home in Glassell Park.
    I would hope with all this new high-density housing going in that the city has demanded that they also put aside some “Green space” for these folks to recreate in. Loading up Eagle Rock Boulevard with housing projects that lack proper parking for how many people are actually going to live there, no improvements in Metro services around the area etc is going to lead to a big mess on Eagle Rock Boulevard.

  7. Can someone tell me WHY Glassell Park is one of the few city in the LA County that doesn’t have STREET SWEEPING?!?!!?

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