L.A. billionaire donates to Echo Park murder victim’s funeral fund

Echo Park gang tagging this week included the victim’s nickname: Stretch

roski donation closeupECHO PARK — The car washes and online fundraisers held after a gang-related killing often attract donations from friends, family and neighbors of the victim. But an online fundraiser for the 20-year-old found dead last Saturday near an Echo Park stairway has apparently been supported by one of the nation’s wealthiest men: Edward P. Roski Jr.,  one of the developers of Staples Center and co-owner of  the L.A. Kings and Lakers.

Roski, President of  Majestic Realty Co., on Wednesday donated $1,000 to a GoFundMe.com  campaign to help defray the funeral costs for Michael Robert Hannah, according to information posted on the fundraising site. Hannah, who police say was a gang member, died from a gunshot wound to the head in a crime that appears to be gang related.

The contributions attributed to Roski, who is worth an estimated $4 billion, and other fellow employees  began appearing on GoFundMe after a relative of the victim who works at the firm sent a company-wide email asking for donations, according to a Majestic employee in Los Angeles. The Majestic employee said she was not aware that any of the company’s executives knew Hannah personally.

The donations were made as police are still trying to find the suspects and motive for the shooting of  Hannah, who is a “documented Echo Park gang member,” said Capt. Jeffrey Bert with the Northeast Division.  Family members have said that Hannah, who was known as “Stretch,” was shot leaving a restaurant. But Bert said there are conflicting and divergent stories about why Hannah was killed.

“I feel awful sorry for that kid,” Bert said.

It’s not clear if the killing was done by gang rivals or was part of an internal dispute, he said. There are no suspects in custody.

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call Northeast Division homicide detectives Ryan Watterson  or Zesati at (323) 344-5744.

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  1. How generous. I’m sure this will help the family immensely.

    • The guys a billionaire and he donates a 1,000 dollars what a douche bag.he’s doing it for publicity.damn you could have paid for the funeral at least. you probably pay more for lunch

      • the truth will come out

        every little counts. and he didn’t need to pay for the whole funeral. that is just straight selfish and money hungry

        • I bet that’s far more than Art donated to anything in his entire life because Art doesn’t make enough to even take care of himself. Keep asking for hand-outs Art and feeling entitled to other people’s money. The deceased was a gangbanger. The donation was out of respect for the working class family who lost a loved one. It’s a kind gesture to help the family out at all. At the very least, the head of the company personally responded in kindness which is far, far more than most owners/CEOs, etc. do for family members of their employees.

  2. What a really nice gesture , I am glad that some people still have a heart.

  3. That’s nice, but that is .00000025% of his net wealth
    For comparison, that’s as if someone with a net worth of $40,000 donated 1 cent.

  4. That “memorial” is vandalism on somebody else’s property that the city will have to pay to clean up, Couldn’t they have tagged that on their own home if they really want to make a public memorial?

    • More enabling and accommodating gang culture in Echo Park. What about the countless folks terrorized by EXP over the years? Property damage? Innocent lives lost? Mentally deranged.

    • I thought the same thing. Clearly these uneducated young men don’t even know what decade they are living in. I hope that gets removed ASAP.

      • These people think it’s still the 80s 90s and they are living their “mi vida loca”, “blood in blood out” fantasy. They have twisted views of pride and honor where if someone steps on your shoe by accident they deserve to die. They probably never graduated high school and have no clue what being an adult in the real world is about.

  5. It amazes me that a billionaire has more compassion, with his small donation, in comparison to per-capita ! This is huge for the loved ones of this young mans family and friends. Lesson to be learned, there’s some serious issues around here! Especially all the hate that these venomous people put out into our own community. A nation divided shall fall, and this community is no different. If you are really better than anyone you should really check your integrity and lead by example. Change is never to late….

    • Let’s not be so eager to kiss the billionaires’ ass. It’s a tax deductible donation that he gets all this good press attention and praises for. And again, in his world, that $1,000 is literally 1 penny to us normals.

      • But it means much more to us irregulars! Well appreciated, tax write of or not, that money could have been donated towards any other charitable function.
        But he chose to give up a thousand towards an inner city youth that passed on, that means a lot more than your two sense!

        • Two cents, not two sense.

        • The idiom is “my two cents” or “your two cents”, not “two sense”, You may think this is nitpicking but mistakes like that make you look ignorant.

          The point is this billionaire didn’t “give up” a thousand dollars. It’s as if you dropped a penny and didn’t bother to pick it up. It is a meaningless dollar amount to him, what he’s after is publicity.

          • That was intentional most people have five senses! Two senses, would be meaningless ,if you don’t have good sense. Or even sense enough to know when you are out witted . The phrase five senses may refer to: The five traditionally recognized methods of perception, or sense: sound, sight, touch, smell, and taste
            Five wits, a categorization scheme originating in Shakspearean times


        • since when is a 20 year old from suburban orange county an ‘inner city youth’?

      • He didn’t have to do or give anything, but he did. Appreciate that and move on. Stop finding a problem where there isn’t one.

    • Culturally Unwelcoming

      When you say “the hate that these venomous people put into our community,” you’re referring to EXP & all the other gangster assholes, right?

      • I don’t know, you are more tricky than the Pharisees in the beginning of our Ano as we know it! I am talking about the criticism that is to no benefit after the fact that a life was taken. This is an all bad web site, that is lacking a lot of value and input to resolve any worthwhile. If you don’t have any solutions or anything good to say don’t say nothing at all!


        • omg.. thank u ant-man.. yes.. u nailed it.. it’s pretty sick huh? i have honestly never seen anything like these posts.. it’s like the decline of anything pure and kind.. it’s pretty acerbic .

        • This Gang problem will never stop its like a yin and a yan. I don’t know if anyone has a real solution the LAPD are more criminals than the people they are arresting. Have you ever spoke with a prison guard most of them are sicker then the inmates. Gang culture is part of Echo Parks history just like corrupt law enforcement.

          • Gangs have been around ever since people got labeled as outcast. You have the KKK if you do some research there was a big number of Italian gangs in East LA prior to that you had a lot of Caucasian gangs targeting black people.

    • If by, “all the hate that these venomous people put out into our own community.”, you mean a gangster who attacked innocent people, intimidated locals and vandalized property, then yes we agree.

    • the truth will come out

      fyi Aldo Thee Apache,
      He was the aunts boss and he showed his feelings by donating and all the others that work there. but you see you only see negative.
      man it must suck to be so negative in your life

  6. Along with the outpour of support this will inevitably trigger a retaliation shooting of somebody else’s son. And the whole depressing cycle of will continue. At what point do you stop leaving it up to God and stop saying “this is just how it is”?

  7. Yes a person lost their life and yes we are all humans and loved ones are grieving. But that doesn’t mean we need to turn the deceased into a saint and engage in idol worship. Terrorists also have people who love them, but when a terrorist dies do we all grieve and say it doesn’t matter he was a terrorist? I don’t see much difference between a terrorist and a gang banger.

    • @neighborino – Now that right there is what I’ve thought since this all happened. I understand compassion and empathy are good things to aspire to but please, let’s just all be reasonable here.

      And another thing! EXP egregious tagging in tribute (?) is in horribly poor and gloating taste. As were all the beer cans they laid out. Awful.

      • That said, east side gal’s comment on the mother’s gofundme page might have been poorer still in in taste. People .. man, just people. Ugh.

    • He’s not a terrorist, just a young kid who got himself in the wrong crowd and made poor decisions in his life.

    • the truth will come out

      don’t compare a gang member to a terrorist. Fyi not all gangmembers are not killers. you should really look into it

  8. Any EXP idiots thinking about having a gang car wash, think again.

    This isn’t your neighborhood any more.

  9. Oh my, oh my, not every Mexican living in Echo Park is gang related, I can’t believe what THE EASTSIDER is allowing to go to print. IS IT YOUR INTENTION EASTSIDER to start a race war in the neighborhood? Your doing a great job at furthering the existing HATE.
    AS A MOTHER I will help out at tomorrow’s car wash. Eastsider you’ve outdone yourself.

    • Where’s the car wash gonna be?

    • Well I don’t think anyone said every Mexican is in a gang, but the LA times did say the police confirmed that the deceased in this event was in a gang and the murder was gang related. You’re setting up a straw man of the “racist white person who hates all Mexicans.”

      • The young man’s mother verified all of this in her own posts. Gang member, tagger (did time for it) and someone who beat people up. Yay EXP!!!

        • the truth will come out

          no she did not verify it. she said he was a gang member and before he died he’s life was getting together. he was working loving to go out and have fun at parties and his main focus was on rapping. as for beating people up. she meant that when someone tried to fight him then that is when he had to fight. Don’t make it like he just randomly went out of his way to beat people up. you are so ignorant

    • Ted The Hedge Fund Manager

      When whites, African Americans and Asians are killing each other all over NELA we can rediscuss stereotypes.

  10. That grafitti really looks awful. It needs to come down. There are other ways to memorialize a victim of gang violence, like ending gang violence, but these guys will never give it up because they thrive on it. No one really has said anything about the shooter, but think about that for a moment. That guy is still out there. Do you think he’ll get shot before he ever gets caught? And if he does, is there going to be the same outpouring of sympathy for him that’s been expressed here for “Stretch”? See how it works among the gangbangers. Sometime you shoot and sometimes you get shot. Don’t try and change things, just learn to duck.

  11. I live nearby. Graffiti is gone. FYI.

  12. Never new the youngster Stretch; but my heart breaks to know another young homie from my hood got sent to his grave so early in his life. We live by the street rules and we die by them. Today it’s us and tomorrow it’s them. A vicious cycle. I hope the youngsters either learn from this and find a better avenue to pursue greatness, or prepare themselves because at any given night, bullets will ring and it may just be your funeral the church bell tolls for. Stay up. RIP Stretch. As for all of you other cyber bullies who seem to have a strong opinion on the matter of what EXP is or was. It has always been Family, Friends and Memories. It never was and should never have become commerce, art and a place to be discovered. I have read and continue to read these self centered, rude and discriminatory remarks about how we the Originals from the EXP should just move out since we devalue the place. Some opinions even go as far as to say “goodbye and good riddance” when a loved one or a homie dies. The people behind those remarks “devalue” what humanity is, not just a neighborhood. I pity you and the bubble you have built around yourselves. If history has taught us anything is that all bubbles burst, and yours will too. And we the EXP originals will always be around whether we live in the neighborhood or we live miles away. This is our hood, we grew up in it. We have spilled sweat, blood and tears through the toughest of times. Gentrification, doesn’t scare us, just makes us mad because there are those who hide behind it as a front for what it really is, discrimination. Who are the real criminals? To all my homies from the Park Life, if you reading this. Family stay up. Can’t stop Won’t Stop…..

    • Folks who want to live in a community free from gangs and violence are living in a bubble? You glamorize a lifestyle that has brought tragedy and sadness to so many. Shame on you.

      • @eaglerox you made my opinion valid. I stated the bubble to be a about a humanity whose heartless when death visits a friend or a homie from the streets. The desire for safety and free of gangs has overtaken some people’s so strongly that empathy has no room in their way of thought. These are youth, as I was with a troubled history and when heartless opinions are posted, it portrays the hardships they continue to face. My hats off to this billionaire who gifted the donation and to others the like. But there’s a saying ( bring me flowers when I’m alive so that I may thank you, rather than when I’m dead). Shame on me! Who are the people trying to sweep these problems under the rug and hopefully thinking things will just get better. No, shame on those with unthoughtful opinions.

        • Hey, well…. seems to me you and other just chalk it up to “that’s how it is” and all sorts of other platitudes about god, etc. Does not make sense to me. People don’t like gangs and do not have a lot of sympathy for someone who was an active part of the problem. Is that heartless? No. It’s more rational than those who are making excuses for gang culture.

          You and others seems to want to keep Echo Park trapped in the past. “As for all of you other cyber bullies who seem to have a strong opinion on the matter of what EXP is or was. It has always been Family, Friends and Memories. It never was and should never have become commerce, art and a place to be discovered.”

          A person does not have to spend their life and resources trying to rescue young men from gang culture to legitimately want them gone from the community.

          I’m happy you seemed to get out of that, but stop making it out to be just some buddies hanging out. Excuses.

      • Alot of people who grew up here have witnessed “some shit!”. And they respect the gang because it was here before U and I. Residents dont mind the legacy EXP left in L.A.. Residents and members interacted and communicated well. It was always about Respect and the way you approach a situation. There were plenty of cases where residents got shut down. But good reasonable issues were respected and worked out. Now people are bitching about petty shit like “omg that EXP tagg is so distastefull, it makes the area look bad. Making faul comments about a mothers dead son. Hate comments against EXP. Saying gangmembers attack innocent people. Your ful of yourself . If you dont like gangs, why move here? If u dont like graffiti, why move here? You think your rite to move here and talk with other people that just moved here about what u dont like and how u your goanna change things the way you want them. In total disregard of people who liked thos things the way they wer.. But yep, your the better person because “thats the way you want it”

        • The only people “who like those things the way they were” are a small minority of long time residents who are losers. You know ,the ones who inherited a house or are renting a house dirt cheap from their aunt who now lives in Outside the city. These morons give a bad name to the rest of us hard working Mexican-Americans. We actually have people in our community who are expecting sympathy towards a group that has brought so much damage to their own community.

          • Aldo Thee Apache


            2nd-ing this. He makes us look bad.
            That said I’m not sure which makes us look worse; his defense of murderers and drug dealers, or his grammar.

        • Culturally Unwelcoming

          what a colossal load of shit.

    • Gang-bangers are as worthless as Al Qaeda or ISIS or any other type of “gangster” trash that seeks to intimidate or threaten others for profit or power.

    • Buena Park?

    • “It never was and should never have become commerce, art and a place to be discovered.”

      Sure it has. Warren Zevon, Beck, Jackson Browne, Eliott Sharp, and lots of others lived there or nearby. And before that, the area was home to the earliest film industry. And before that — someone built those houses on Kensington. Times change, and it’s never “your hood”.

      • You forgot Steve McQueen.

        • And Jon Huston, Danny Trejo, Jackson Pollock, Glenn Frey, Art Pepper and Linda Rondstadt.
          And Shia LaBeouf, but f–k that guy.

      • and tom waits, who used to live in my place
        and to tom hulce and susan dey from echo park!
        whatever, it’s a cool spot and regardless of that
        people need to learn how to LOVE MORE
        I don’t want to be like you

    • Ted The Hedge Fund Manager

      This is the biggest bunch of rubbish I’ve ever read on this website. I’m going to publish this under “Delusional” on Wikipedia. Damn, you guys are stupid.

      • Stupid is as stupid does.

      • On Sunset an Lemoyne, sits a gang prevention non profit, that looks likes it’s profiting out of death, I don’t see any youth, haven’t heard word one from the Ex. DIRECTOR a Sandra Villa Figueroa. From what I see, the building they own rents to restaurants and politicians. Pimping the community for 30+ years, “EL CENTRO DEL PUEBLO” Awaiting the day the IRS takes you down, along with ur mafia connections. The cushy job you landed with the police commission won’t help you then nor will your Bought Friend Mayor Garcetti.

    • I say give them more guns so they can off each other. A bunch of losers…

  13. Aldo Thee Apache

    Yes thank god this billionaire stepped in and donated to St. Stretch – Patron saint of neighborhood violence.
    Instead of y’know donating it to those entitled little brats who have cancer, or those overachieving know-it-all students with little means.

    • Right? It doesn’t make sense supporting gang members. He wasn’t exactly a young kid, he knew the risks he was taking. It’s sad but people like him had it coming.

      • So your saying even though you didn’t know this kid.. Just because he was a gang member. Even though he was trying to change his life and just because he was out here in L. A were he worked and was enjoying himself at a restaurant and while heading home. He deserved that shot to the head. Wow… Since when did you become a judge and juror?

      • the truth will come out

        the risk he was taking. wow…. what risk.. he was at his work of employment enjoying his day off and never did he go up the avenue where wannabe gangsters from EP hang out because they didn’t like the simple fact that him and alex and Pete were doing them, working and just enjoying life but you all automatically judge ones that use to be an active gangmember which they weren’t.

  14. All these negative comment about how a the guy donated so little, but i don’t see anyone here who donated anything. smh.

  15. If the EXP didn’t best up and kill people….. maybe the newer residents would associate with them. But being friends with a gangster is a death sentence. Also… You would call me a hipster or a yuppy….. abut Ive lived in threes neighborhoods since 1995. How long do we have to be her to get legitimized?? That’s 20vyears…longer than a lot of you homes have been alive.

  16. I’m guessing that sending out an email like this company-wide may have adverse long-term impacts.

    • my thoughts exactly. I wouldn’t want my employer knowing about my gangster son.

      • the truth will come out

        Dave well for your information, it wasn’t her son, it was her nephew and Roski had no problem donating to someone so young who lost their life. that Billionaire has more compassion then you have in your little weenie. and FYI he also sponsors kids with needs and lupus sponser.

  17. Still say that it was this guy’s EXP homies that killed him. That’s how it works in their ‘family’. Check the history.

    Thanks for doing us a favor and killing yourselves off!

    • Dave, I completely agree. I have no sympathy for these ignorant people and wish they would just disappear.

    • the truth will come out

      so your saying thanks for killing off kids who were trying to change their ways. I hope to god that god don’t do something drastic in your life for saying that.

  18. They say the X marks the spot but its the X that spots the marks ..its obvious why he was killed. He was out taging other rival gang members neighborhood.. So please stop with the lies ..he wasent eating at a restaurant at 3 in the morning he got caught slipping tagging .! .ha

    • And you know this because? Seems you guys love to judge this kid. BUT none of you knew him. And to wish death on him… Wow.. You guys are worse then the gangbangers themselves. Its funny how you are constantly saying its his own neighborhood Dave.. Seems like you know more then we know. The only way the neighborhood would kill off their own is if they wanted out or tried changing their life. But I forgot, you all are professionals here

  19. Let the guy rest in peace. Gang affiliated or not. Have some respect. If they want to put up a shrine. Let them.


  21. What a bunch of bitches! Talking all this shit with hidden identity. Fuckin Cowards

    • gang members are cowards. preying on women and children, extorting immigrants, defacing property. worthless.

      • Seems like your the coward with your fake name.. Gang members are not preying on women and children. WTF? I’m a white female and they have never gave me problems. As a matter of fact. One helped with a flat tire I got on Echo Park ave. Nicest guy too. And yet all the other white dudes were too worried about getting their nails and hands dirty. Smh

  22. SHAME LIKE YOU OR THATS YOUR REAL NAME?? Live by the sword die by the sword

  23. Don’t believe. Every thing you hear Anglos are quick to judge. Try waking. Threw the eyes of a Latino. Resident.

  24. My homie was. His celly He spoke good things about him. He recently was released for jail. And heard about the sad. News About Strech My he. Rest in. Peace

    • Martin Arredondo

      “My homie was his celly…” Sounds like you’re going to go far in life.

      • shut the phuck up Martin.. u guys are seriously the biggest cyber bullies i have ever seen in my life. u know nothing.. i bet if i met any of u on the street u wud be the most disrespectful little boys i have ever met. U have no honor ,no dignity no grace, you are everything wrong with society.. I just wanna say “good job eastsider” this is the most horrible thing i have ever seen on your site, U should be proud. ur online magazine sucks! it’s totally biased and racist! i can’t believe u let this garbage stay up.. sickening..

        • Well said jennii.
          I’m no gang member or a Latina, not have I ever been affiliated with them. But I believe we should throw rocks when living in a glass house. Apparently these ignorant people feel the need to bash on a newspaper site. But won’t speak their mind in real life situations

        • Martin Arredondo

          “you have no honor,grace or dignity… Your what’s wrong with society” but gang banging,killing of innocence and tagging are what’s right for society? Jenny Hoe thinks criticizing gang members is racist towards Hispanics. I guess she thinks all Hispanics are gang members. Good way to stereotype. Jenny for your information Hispanics are not a race. But I wouldn’t expect a hood rat to know that.

        • Oh jenni, stop being so trashy. Glass houses? You folks need to get with reality. Productive members of this community despise fans and gang members. Not a lot of empathy for them. They are the vermin in our community.

  25. Another mecho bites the dust LOL!!!!

    • Your bad!! Is that why you have John doe as your profile?! Your just a coward. That kid was someone’s son. Now if this kid was committing a crime and got shot in the process then it would be a different story. But he was not doing anything. Just a passenger in a car and someone shot him. It could have happened to any of you guys. But because he was or use to be a gang member. It makes it OK to bash him. John doe, I hope your mother never has to feel the pain this kids mother is feeling.

  26. An opinion is like an “asshole” everyone has one, and it stinks.

  27. to all you racial haters since you complane so much about EchoPark why dont you do me the favor and just leave believe me nobody will miss you do us a big favor just go back were you are wanted it looks like you do not like to be around my beautiful race i think you have forgotten one thing we are here to stay

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