Nameless Elysian Heights park to finally get an identity [updated]

Nameless park pictured in 2011

Nameless park pictured in 2011

ELYSIAN HEIGHTS — It’s been nearly five years since the first phase of an 18-acre chunk of new parkland opened on a hillside that rises up from Riverside Drive.  The park  has a  basketball court, playgrounds, picnic areas and trails. What it does not have is a name.

The space, which at one point was the site of a proposed warehouse complex, is considered an expansion of nearby Elysian Park. But there’s a gap between the two parks, with the new, nameless park standing on its own.  Now,  Councilman Mitch O’Farrell has proposed that the city’s Recreation and Parks Commission  consider finally giving a name to the new park: Walnut Hill at Elysian Park.

The name was recommended by the Citizens Committee to Save Elysian Park because the new park is surrounded by California Black Walnut (juglans californica) trees, according to council motion introduced by O’Farrell.

On Monday, the City Council’s Arts, Parks and River Committee, which is chaired by O’Farrell, approved the motion. But there’s no word yet with the parks commissioners will consider the proposal.

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  1. Look at all that green back in 2011!

  2. Now if only they could provide a safe walking path connecting Elysian Park to Walnut Park. The sidewalk ends at stadium way where cars are racing to get on the 5.

  3. Bryan Stow Park

    (that’s not a joke either)

    • The guy who faked a serious injury to squeeze millions out of the Dodgers? Why dont we name it after the Dodger fan who was stabbed to death up in Frisco last year?

  4. Nice to have a name, but what would be really nice would be to connect it with Elysian Park. It looks like there’s an easement and/or right of way that extends past the bottom part of Landa that could go up the hillside to the main Elysian Park trail. Has anyone tried to piece the parcels together?

  5. 35-year Echo Park resident

    I like it! Easy to remember and simply descriptive. Too often place names reflect what was there in the past and is no longer there.

  6. I hope they will get around to fixing up the upper part of that park, where it hits Echo Park Ave. Right now it’s just dirt. gopher holes and dog poop. How about some drought tolerant plants and park benches?

  7. What a waste of city money. Dumbest location since Confluence Park!

  8. I found out about this park when I read your article. I went to check it out yesterday and there’s not parkin, or a shade … I was going to have a picknick there, but since there wasn’t a shade, we went to the main Elysian Park. As ny son says “maybe in a few years when the trees grow”

  9. It has a name, but still no restrooms, correct? A basically useless park, then, in my opinion.

  10. Why would they name it Walnut Hill? What kind of generic stupid name is that? Landacre Park would have been better. Or a Spanish name, thats a no brainer. This is what happens when you have clueless, racist, history ignorant halfwits making up the Citizens Committatus to Save Elysian Park. I dont expect someone named O’Farrell to have any sort of cultural sensitivity, but still. Whats next? Changing the name of Elysian Park to Ozzie and Harriet Park? Or Dennis the Menaceville? Or Hipster Hills?

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