Man assaults Silver Lake women in one-hour crime spree

SILVER LAKE — A 30-year-old man has been arrested after he assaulted two women and confronted a third during a nearly one-hour crime spree near the Silver Lake Reservoir last week.

The suspect, who has no prior convictions, was arraigned on Friday on two counts of assault with the potential to commit rape, said Detective Art Espino with the LAPD Northeast Division.

The incident began shortly after 9 p.m. on Wednesday, August 26 when the suspect approached and startled a woman who was getting out of a car parked near the reservoir.  He ran off and soon after assaulted a female jogger near the reservoir path. She was able to fend off the suspect, but he later assaulted another woman in her car a short distance from the reservoir.  That woman was also able break free, and a male who responded to her request for help detained the suspect for police.

The “very unusual” attacks appeared to be isolated and not part of any other crimes, Espino said.  The investigation remains ongoing.

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  1. Thanks to the man who helped hold the guy, and to LAPD.

  2. Thank you for keeping us posted on crime in our neighborhood– I truly appreciate this blog. I have to ask, though– did you have any reservations about posting this piece of writing in its current state? It’s both incredibly vague and, at the same time, incredibly sensational. It just seems out of character for The Eastsider.

    • You’re kidding, right:

      “It’s both incredibly vague and, at the same time, incredibly sensational. It just seems out of character for The Eastsider.”

    • (1) This is a free news service supported by local companies advertising their wares and services. Do you contribute to ensure accurate and quality local news reporting? It is worth considering the price you’ve paid for information before condemning the information.

      (2) Having read a number of old LA Times and Los Angeles Herald stories about small events like this, the reporting is entirely adequate. Those of us who read The Eastsider regularly trust that the author(s) are publishing as-accurate-as-possible information. They are quick to correct errors and make their correction know, in general.

    • L. Lona, I agree with you, except that that level of police reporting is not out of character for this news site, it is the routine. It is rare to get anything but a quick rewrite of the press release from the police. And there is no such law as assault with the potential to commit rape. Perhaps what was meant was assault with the intent to commit rape, or just what really was the charge?

      • Sandy, I am the third victim of the assault. The man was charged with “assault with the attempt to commit rape”. I was surprised the story wasn’t printed by traditional news sources. Perhaps the reporting on the Eastsider is not totally accurate; but the report did serve the purpose of reminding all women to be more aware of their surroundings. As far as being sensationalized, I can assure you it wasn’t. It was a violent attack in which a masked man pinned me down in my car with his hand over my mouth and molested me.

        • The information in the story came directly from the LAPD sexual assault unit investigators. They did not want to provide additional details for fear of jeopardizing an ongoing investigation.

        • I was on the jury, in this case. It was very disturbing, to hear what happened to the victims, and sit there looking at this sick pervert! I truly hope, that all of the victims find some peace and comfort, knowing that justice will be served! I really would like to know how much time he will get. Hopefully, he will be put away for a long time!

  3. I’ve noticed that the Silver Lake reservoir basically has NO lights around it (at least on the south side – I’m not sure about the north). It would be great to have people-scale lighting along the path. Anyone know if this has been discussed at SLNC meetings?

  4. This guy was convicted by a jury in less than 30 minutes. Any word on his sentencing?

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