Fresh & Easy chain preparing to shut down

Fresh & Easy in Glassell park

GLASSELL PARK— The struggling Fresh & Easy grocery store chain, which opened one of its first outlets in Glassell Park, is closing down operations as it runs out of cash and has failed to find a buyer for the company, the L.A. Times reports.

The looming shut down comes about two years after Fresh & Easy, which was started by British retailer Tesco, filed for bankruptcy protection and was eventually sold to Southern California billionaire Ron Burkle. The chain, which at one point had about 200 stores, now operates less than 100 outlets, including the Glassell Park store on Eagle Rock Boulevard.

A Fresh & Easy spokesman told the Times that the company lacks sufficient cash and financing to continue operations, with stores expected to be closed over the next weeks. However, the company will continue to look for a buyer, the Times said.

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  1. Sad, hopefully another ethnic store will open there, like Super El Superior King A….

  2. I want to like this place, but I don’t think it lives up to its name. The produce is often not fresh, and self-checkout isn’t always easy. The limited selection doesn’t make it a one stop shop.

    Hopefully a Whole Foods 365 replaces it in Glassell Park.

    Also, Burkle was once put in charge of managing UC pension investments, and he bungled it. I didn’t expect F’n Easy to stay afloat in his hands, despite his past success with grocery stores.

  3. glass ell park whitey

    ugh. this store isn’t perfect but it’s my go to when TJs lot is so full I get anxiety. Sad to see it go 🙁

    Maybe a TJ’s could open an alleviate some of the SL and ER locations.

    • The parking lot is too large for a TJs.

      • @pretty whiny

        So are the aisles.

      • no it’s not. Most TJ’s need WAAAAAY more parking, which is why I don’t shop there more often. This place wasn’t perfect, but it filled a place that was vacant for years and I shop there because even in it’s imperfections, it’s better than an empty storefront eyesore, which it was for years.

        • I think that was meant as a joke. If you ever find a TJ’s with sufficient parking, pinch yourself. You’re probably dreaming.

          • I was recently in a TJs in suburban Kansas City. It is on one side of an immense parking lot (far larger than the one outside this Fresh and Easy).

            But the parking lot funneled down near the entry to the store, so I still had to park a great distance away. I was glad to see that TJs had found a way to maintain their tight parking standards in a suburban setting.

        • They were being sarcastic.

  4. Bummer. Liked them best when this store first opened around 2007. Loved the British products, like trifles, and the sparse design.

  5. Three things turned me off from shopping at Fresh and Easy. First was their not having cashiers. I think businesses should take providing jobs for people as a sacred duty. Second was their putting MAYONNAISE on their carprese sandwiches. Third was their refusing to take my name off of their junk mail list even after multiple requests on my part.

  6. I quit going there the day they raised the prices and eliminated the 20% off coupons.

  7. Not shown in the picture is the vacant space in the same plaza. It was probably supposed to be a drug store, but there’s plenty of drug stores around. That’s why there’s so much parking space. They could combine for a big supermarket.

  8. Great…more empty useless buildings in GP…just what we needed.

  9. Would love to see a Sprouts, Whole Foods 365, or Trader Joes open here. Definitely do not want another crappy Super A, Jons, or a Superior…which is possible the most depressing supermarket in all of LA.

    Why can’t we have nice things?

  10. Dis F&E all you want, but you’ll be pining for it come 2016 when another AutoZone/PepBoys/O’Reilly’s moves in and the parking lot becomes one big oil change pit. Forget about WF & TJ moving in. WF is tied up with multiple lawsuits and its stock is going down faster than a Kardashian. And TJs, well, sorry, GP just hasn’t met the critical mass of WASPiness needed to satisfy TJs marketing geniuses. .So, yeah, as you find yourself wandering the pits of hell, aka (not-even-remotely) “Super” King, looking in vain for a bottle of Kombucha and a loaf of gluten free naan, pause for a moment and remember F&E. It really wasn’t that bad. At least they tried to be a little different.from GP’s pedestrian carnecerias. Auf wiedersehen F&E.

  11. I still see A LOT of graffiti when I drive through Glassell Park that I don’t see when I drive through Eagle Rock. I think people need to start taking care of their neighborhood before they can start expecting nice businesses to move in. There are reasons Sprouts is opening in Eagle Rock not Glassell Park……..

    Jucy Jay, I fear you might be right. Fresh and Easy was in many ways a godsend that was taken for granted by too many including me. Lets hope it wasn’t a fluke and won’t be the last nice establishment willing to take a chance on Glassell Park.

    • Neighborhoods takes time and money to change. My grandfather grew up in Eagle Rock when it was a terrible, crime-infested neighborhood. There were a lot of boarded up houses and gangs all around.. To assume it”s just a difference in people “taking care of their neighborhoods” is naive. As middle class families continue to buy homes in GP it will improve the way Eagle Rock did.

  12. Trader Joes still doesn’t understand that brown people actually shop at TJ’s. Yes, minorities actually do drive to South Pas and Eagle Rock to buy from Trader Joes. One day they will actually build a store in our neighborhood so we don’t have to leave it to shop at their stores! Trader Joe’s, get a clue. Open your eyes. Build a store where the Fresh and Easy is!

  13. Can everybody take a minute out of their time to request a TJ’s in Glassell Park please!!! THANK YOU!!


  14. Am not sure why TJs would open another store at this site, what with the Eagle Rock one being so close and the Sprouts going in up the road. (i still requested :))

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