City wants Figueroa RVs to move on

RVs parked on Figueroa | Courtesy L.A. City

RVs parked on Figueroa Street | Courtesy City of L.A.

HIGHLAND PARK — The City Council will consider a proposal to prohibit RVs and campers from parking overnight on Figueroa Street next to Sycamore Park in response to complaints about criminal activity, trash and other problems.

The motion by Councilman Gil Cedillo would prohibit oversized vehicles from parking between 2 am and 6 am on Figueroa street between Woodside Drive and Avenue 49. The restriction would apply to vehicles that are more than 22 feet in length and 7 feet in height. The motion has attracted the support of some nearby residents and the employees of a school.

The section of Figueroa is “experiencing criminal activity and increased calls for police service associated with oversized vehicles that are parked overnight,” said the motion.

If the motion is adopted, “Tow Away, No Parking” signs will be installed notifying motorists of the evening restrictions.

The motion, however, does not impose any additional parking restrictions on RVs during day time hours.

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  1. Where else am I supposed to chill with my dog huh!? HUH??!!

  2. Can we do the same for the ones at Garvanza Park?

  3. People in the surrounding communities better get on this or else these encampments will simply overtake their communities. I’m thinking with Figueroa ending at the Eagle Rock Recreation park on one end Eagle Rock should be particularly concerned. Where Figueroa meets San Fernando Blvd. could be another area they move to but that area is less residential and of course the homeless feel safer in sleepy residential communities such as Eagle Rock.

    • This problem has been going on for a very long time. Eagle Rock would not put up with this.

    • There are RV solutions but the Councilmember of the neighbothoods involved have to take the
      lead. Look at San Fernando Rd, two maybe three blocks of unused land sitting empty for the
      past 20 years. RVs can park on Figueroa, the local Neighborhood Council can step in, provide
      contacts among City Departments, the Councilmember AND the Mayor’s office to provide service.
      Parking limitations must be reviewed and properly enforced maybe with special permits for RVs.
      A recurrung Orientation for the RV owners on options, regulations and laws.
      We have plenty of resources, perhaps we should direct out efforts to resolve these issues instead
      of to the mad race to build more high priced dwellings.

  4. This is what the LA city council does best, creating special laws to solve specific problems without considering the constitutional legality of their actions. They enact a law get headlines everyone pats them on the back for making a feel good law. Then come the lawyers to get rich. They sue the city…( US NOT THE “CITY”) and get a big pay day and screw the plaintiffs. I guess its OK for the homeless to collect shopping carts full of trash in front of businesses and do so with impunity at least here, the trash is inside the RV’s

  5. I have a different take on the situation.
    I ran out of gas on Figueroa, right along side of one of the campers. I have Auto Club but called a friend who lives 5 minutes from the location and he was supposed to bring me a gallon of gas.
    The man from the camper next to my car came out—I asked if he needed me to move the car, he said no and when I said I needed gas but a friend was coming, he got into the storage area of his camper and got out the large orange cones and put them in the roadway to keep the traffic away from my car (I did have the flashers on..).
    Ten minutes passed and the friend didn’t arrive so the man got out his own can of gas and put two gallons in my tank—unasked.
    When my friend finally showed up, it was all done…but the car wouldn’t start..the flashers had drawn the battery down.
    So the friend and the man pushed the car so it would start. It didn’t so they were going to push it to an empty parking place so I’d be safe until I could get Auto Club to come tow me, but the second push started it…
    I was very appreciative and the whole time I was there I didn’t see any litter in the area I was in and while I did see people across the street in the park that I would avoid no one on the camper side was anything but courteous.
    I think before they’re banned completely a study should be done by disinterested parties to see what sort of trash is really being generated and what sort of behavior that people are objecting to.
    I have seen other gatherings on Riverside drive which looked dodgy but these have all appeared to be operational and clean…just more people trying NOT to be homeless in the only way they know.
    It’s very easy to criticize and I know there have been instances where people with shopping carts and accumulated possessions have made the streets uncomfortable places to be. I’d like to see some photos (as were shown about the homeless man on the steps) so there is proof of what the complainers have said.
    Until there’s documented proof, let’s be more charitable.

  6. It could be the answer for now is to let the people with the campers stay where they are. If crime is a problem increasing police patrols should help. If trash and unsanitary conditions is a problem then the city should provide services such as trash can pick up, porta potties and porta showers. With all these folks living in one spot services could be set up to actually reach the people who need the help. Once they are shooed away and scatter throughout the city that won’t be the case.

    A girlfriend of mine had an oversized camper park outside one of her rental houses in Eagle Rock for over a month. The people in the camper would leave their feces in cardboard boxes in her bushes. She would have to pay her gardener to make additional stops to clean up the feces boxes throughout the week when her tenants would complain.

    The city was of no help. In fact she was told the police have been instructed not to do anything about people living in campers in residential areas because the mayor and city council see letting campers park on residential streets as a partial solution to the homeless problem.

    Of course these folks need to live somewhere and society should be doing something to help. But nobody wants poop left in their yard. Forcing them to disperse doesn’t seem like a solution, just pushing the problem somewhere else.

  7. It’s too bad that these Rv dwellers couldn’t police themselves and encourage all the rvers to keep as low a profile as possible by keeping the area clean, not keeping their doors open, staying presentable looking, etc. Essentially being their own neighborhood watch. But most don’t. They look scoungy, unshaven, put their lawn chairs out and basically don’t give a s*** what others think. I don’t want that kind around me either.

  8. I have lived in ER for 8 years. When the RVs come and go I do not have an issue. When they stay for weeks, and months on end, it pisses me off. I about lost my s**t in June when I saw a guy shooting drugs into his hand while sitting under the the cantelevered roof of the rec center. The same spot where kids and late night basketball players frequent. One RV in particular likes to park directly across some the day care center. It looks like a scene out of Prisoners. DOT Parking peeps need to step up the 72 hr enforcement in this problem area. Trust me, I get it, people are down on their luck, but it is time for a change.

  9. Until there is a solution regarding how to provide more low to moderate income housing leave these people alone.

  10. I am truly amazed! There are some compassionate people left in this community. Bravo!!

  11. The city needs to crack down hard on these RV people. I drive by there everyday and there is a school close by. There could be sex offenders living in those RVs. All the city of LA has to do to solve this problem is to ban overnight street parking in residential areas unless you have a permit to park in that area. The smaller cities in LA county have done this with great success. Sycamore park is a gathering spot for the homeless. Many of them are living in that park. The city had better step up and start clearing the homeless out.

  12. These RV’s were down in Cypress Park on a quiet street all by themselves away from homes. Some people complained even through it was not bothering them. Probly the River Center people complained. They were forced to move where they are now not wanted.

    The RV’s should have stayed in Cypress Park on that street away from homes. Now they are where people do not want them. They should have left them alone to being with.

    • It doesn’t work that way….Once word gets out that an area is cool for campers, more will come to the area. That’s why the homeless can never police themselves. Eventually newcomers will create a problem with trash, drugs, feces, etc.

      It sucks, but really you CANNOT let people live on the street endlessly without creating major problems for the area.

  13. A more sophisticated society would at the very least find an appropriate location for these folks to set up at where r.v hookups and other necessary facilities such as bathrooms, trash collection, security, etc. are provided while at the same time enforcing overnight parking restrictions in residential areas. Of course we aren’t that sophisticated and our city council members, despite being among, if not the highest paid council members in the country, would never take the risk and put in the effort to come up with a real solution.

    • The only solution is to run these people out of town

      • These RV’s were down in Cypress Park on a quiet street all by themselves away from homes. Some people complained even through it was not bothering them. Probly the River Center people complained. They were forced to move where they are now not wanted.

        The RV’s should have stayed in Cypress Park on that street away from homes. Now they are where people do not want them. They should have left them alone to being with.

  14. I can’t think of a time when any of the city-owned parking lots in Highland Park have been filled up (though Charlie Fisher makes a solid attempt with his armada of clunkers on Avenue 57 on street sweeping day). Set up some water and sewer hook-ups and let two or three campers take up space at these city owned lots at night. If the city can’t get its act together to provide housing and people are doing the best they can to stay in a shelter with a bathroom and cooking facilities,we could extend a helping hand across the city by simply meeting these folks half way.

    Anyone else remember that chapter in the Grapes of Wrath when the family got a cement house with clean water and sewer hook-ups? Just a baseline of amenities to prevent disease and total misery. It is not okay to have an armada of RV’s camped out at Sycamore Grove Park – but rent is too damn high. Give these folks a few stalls at night at all the local city-owned lots (they exist behind every single downtown business strip in the neighborhood) with electric, water, and sewer connections for their vehicles. Install pay showers and toilets at all the local Metro stations. Give people on the bottom a chance to maintain their dignity and hygiene.

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