Man shot dead in Highland Park [updated]

5000 Raphael map
HIGHLAND PARK — Detectives this morning are investigating the fatal shooting of a man in the 5000 block of Raphael Street. Sgt. Roberto Alaniz with LAPD Northeast Division said the victim was shot multiple times at about 2 a.m. No further information was available at this time.

Updated @ 3:22 pm: The victim, described as an adult male Latino, was found shot multiple times behind the wheel of a Toyota Tundra, according to LAPD. The crime appears to be gang related. This is the third homicide in Highland Park this year, according to CrimeMapping.com

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call homicide detectives Burcher or Watterson at (323) 344-5731 or 1-800-877-ASK-LAPD.

Those who want to remain anonymous can call Crime Stoppers at 800-222-TIPS.

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  1. Too many shootings around the neighborhood, I really hope LAPD can calm this down before in all out gang war happens seems like it’s already started.

  2. @hollywoodRoyalty they’re saying its gang related because the 3 people Davina is referring to were gang members! When people live certain kind of lives they should except the repercussions and consequences. These people shouldn’t be praised or memorialized.

    • @ Gene Your ignorant. All people deserve to be remembered . No matter what.
      RIP Bubba you will be remembered & loved forever….

    • I’m not wrong. He use to be in a gang. But he realized it isn’t gonna get you anywhere . My son and his Alex took a liking to Pete. And Pete had so much love for these guys that he really tried helping them get off their feet. He use to tell them. There’s nothing out there. And he was right. I’m feeling so depressed due to 3 best Freinds murder.

  3. The anti gentrification crowd will be celebrating this violence because they think it will keep rents low and scare middle class people away

  4. I agree with beautiful @gene your point is valid. these people were gang affiliated therefore they should not be praised apon and presented as people who did no wrong, when they clearly did or they wouldn’t be in this predicament

    • @trish just because they assume it’s gang related doesn’t mean it is. Before you say they should not be praised upon. He was a wonderful person and he loved all his families and friends so please be mindful that his family and friends are grieving. Everyone does wrong in life no one is perfect . So please before you want to say something idiotic I’m grieving the loss of my uncle

    • and you know this why trish? because you just read it on a website. did you actually know these young men? no you didn’t so if I were you I wouldn’t speak on something you know nothing about. when you would walk into the restaurant where these men worked the smiles on their faces would brighten up a room. they were considerate and very polite.

  5. you judgmental people have no idea who these individual were . My son and his friend Alex were being shown a better life then the hood. My son was finished with all the crap in EP and was Alex. and Their best Friend Pete who was like a father to both. All you guys see is that they were gang members so they must be bad. Like if no gang member can change ,their lives. Well I have seen a lot of gang members change and I believe plenty more will change once they realize it is not worth it. God knows these boys heart and that’s all that matters. 3 mothers are in pain and to see people speak vile things about them when they never had a conversation with either one. its pretty
    sad. So you all can say what you want .. if that makes you feel good about yourself to put down others, then go for it.
    All I have to say is Im praying day and night that the detectives solve these murders. it would be a little closure for all us families

    • Isn’t it a weird coincidence that Davina knows all these people that have passed recently? Just saying… She comments on these articles left and right

      • no its not a coincidence Laverne. She mentioned her son who was the first to be killed were best friends of the other two that were killed. if it was your child. wouldn’t you be involved in anything that is attached or has any connection to the murder of your son? come on now. your question sounds pretty ignorant

  6. Newcomers Always Gotta Say something stupid

    • Dimwits Always Capitalize Sentences Like This

      • @neighborino, if you think all these gentrifiers or hipsters will rid all the ills of Highland Park, you must be some fool. You think high rent will eradicate gangs. Gangs have existed in HLP for many years. Just pray the day will come soon that all these infiltrators and foreigners will move back to the suburbs. We dont need them here and they are not welcomed. They are a nuicance.

        • @ El Chicano “… the day will come soon that all these infiltrators and foreigners will move … ”

          “… the day will come soon that all these Jews and foreigners will move out of Germany.”

        • “infiltrators”?
          Guess what El Chicano, gangs weren’t always a part of HLP, they are the unwelcome nuisance.

          • “Guess what El Chicano, gangs weren’t always a part of HLP . . .” but they’ve always been a integral part of Americanhistory and culture and tolerated as long as “they’re just killing each other.” That strain of callous indifference is also a standard element of mainstream American history and culture. There have been moments in time when it subsides and young people no longer consider it an appealing lifestyle at which point Hollywood churns out another one of their exploitation films that makes the glorious(?) notoriety of gang life an acceptable option once again, e.g., in the 90s, the EP gang had essentially fizzled-out when newly-transplanted “artists” saw an opportunity to exploit its lingering notoriety with a movie that injected a jolt of renewed interest in the deathstyle of gang life but who cares “as long as they’re just killing each other”, right?

        • Oh I know el Chicano, when poor people trash a neighborhood it takes a long time to clean it up and get it back to civilized first world standards. By the way you can’t own a neighborhood, the best you can hope for is to own your home and if you can’t even do that then you have no stake in the neighborhood whatsoever

        • You talk like you’re proud of gangs? and you want the normal middle class people (who you call foreigners and hipsters) to leave so you can go back to playing 90s mi vida loca without nice normal people calling the cops? Want to go back to trashing your neigiborhood without nice normal people calling 311 to clean up your graffiti illegal dumping mess?

          • “. . . you can go back to playing 90s mi vida loca without nice normal people calling the cops?” and you can thank the original EP “artists” and transplants for that crappy piece of exploitative crap that essentially reignited interest in joining a gang that was being featured on the big $creen. I dread the thought of some other foreigner or transplant repeating that exploitative pattern. The result following every one of those productions is invariably revived interest in what they claim they are “exposing” for profit, which is the working definition of gentrification.

        • You mean the foreigners that are here illegally? TRUMP2016

          • Hey Bruce you do know that Trump was ridiculing Asians right? Most of the republican party also said that they need to stop anchor babies from Asia, so I think you better vote independent, not Republican nor Democrat.

        • Amazing… HLP is infamous for its gangs violence, homocides, assaults and WE are a nuisance..?!?! Not to mention dumping shit on the streets, letting beautiful houses falling apart, using the streets as your trash can:. And I could go on.. Are WE are a nuisance?!?!
          You are wrong,if you think that the gentrificators as you call them are not going to stay… They are.. and they wil clean up the neighborhood and make it safer.. It might take a little while but it is inivitable. it happened in Silverlake and Echo Park and downtown.. HLP is going full steam ahead with changing.

        • This looks like its ECHO PARK related. They’r from ECHO PARK and two of his boys got killed in EP.. What MsDEVINA is saying, her son included

    • I find it ironic how people comment hipsters or the people moving in as “outsiders” or “newcomers” when they’re probably came here as illegal aliens or are children of illegals, You guys are hypocrites and now you know how people, welcome to the club!

    • wow when i die i hope i get a thread about gentrification or some social equality bs on my obituary too!

  7. Isn’t it a weird coincidence that Davina knows all these people that have passed recently? Just saying… She comments on all these articles left and right.

    • She lost her son to this gang non sense not too long ago, so please have some respect…

    • don’t be disrespectful.

      • Its not being disrespectful! When these people are running amok on the streets the families are living in different cities not caring. Then when something happens they take to the blogs when they should be mourning talking about how the victim was innocent. Murder should never be an option however lets not sugarcoat things.

        • its not being disrespectful? hmm and you know for a fact that these 3 young men were running amok on the streets. and you know for a fact that they were not born and raised here in ep, right? so they just decided to pick ep to start ruckus………..hmm I think to many people here love to speculate.
          Did you also know they worked there in echo park? so maybe just maybe they were they were working. and did you also know they didn’t hang with the other homies of theirs? no you didn’t why? because its no ones business. the only thing that should matter is that these men lost their lives way to young only because they wanted to learn a new way of life. yes they have a past. Dang I have a past as well. but no one holds it against me because im not that person anymore. until you can walk on water then no one has to the right to judge anyone

  8. What is lieing, were you not trying to spell lying?
    You are probably one of those idiots who throws their trash down on the avenue, and then get a shot of coffee at the fix or something …

  9. White newcomers to Highland Park think they have nothing to do with crime and violence but I disagree. Social inequality causes friction and strife which boils over into violence. You think you can buy an alarm system and barricade yourself from your surroundings but that won’t do anything for the community. Try kindness, openness and respect for all.

    • “White” newcomers in HLP somehow play a role in “brown” or “brown” (to use your derigatory term) gangs related homicides and violence?!??!
      How did you come out with that one?!
      Gentrification has for sure some negative effect on the low income population of this neighborhood,yes, displacement is a problem to be aknowledge.
      BUT blaming newcomers for gangs violence in a neighborhood that is ridden with gangs for the last 50 years… And where a gang war is active right now is just well plain stupid…

      • You live behind a horizontally stacked wooden fence don’t you? Yeah, I can tell…hehe

        • If this was addressed to me @LAbinjijacked..
          No, I am sorry but your stereotypes don’t apply to me…
          I don’t leave behind a fence, never have and never will. Physically and figuratively…
          I am not scared of the neighborhood I choose to live in. I don’t live in fear.. If I did I
          Not have moved to
          HLP 12 years ago.
          Enough is enough as far as blaming everyone else for the plague that has taken over some of the lower income Hispanic neighborhood.
          The community and parents have to
          take responsibility for this and together better theirs and their children’s life’s. A life of crime is a choice and it has very serious consequences.

        • Don’t be jealous that you can afford a nice new wooden fence and have to live with your hideous chain link

          • We just installed new wooden fences at our EP rentals and I enjoyed giving the carpenter a rough time when he tried to sell us on that crappy-looking horizontal design, e.g.., “the last thing we want is for our tenants to appear like they don’t belong here.” Those horizontal fences look cheap and trendy. At least people will have the option of replacing them once the crappy trend ends. Unlike the equally crappy tattoos that so many of these transplants and foreigners sport to capture their “edgy” lifestyle . . . (eye roll).

          • We get it, you’re a rich Mexican who owns rental property. Unfortunately for you money can’t buy class or taste

    • Social inequality happens when some families don’t set rules, push their children to educate themselves and teach right from wrong. I’m Caucasian, grew up poor and on welfare and my parents where incredibly strict about keeping me on the right track. Due to my upbringing and working hard in school I am now one of the North East gentrifiers who owns a two homes and displaced Latino families when I purchased my property. You cant expect to pay $800 for ever to live in a house, especially when you own expensive motorcycles and large flat screen TV’s like my tenants did before they moved out.
      What I see in this community is lax parenting, kids that don’t want to educate themselves, poor diet (There’s plenty of fresh food at the local supermarkets so don’t give me the lack of options excuse, Squirt Soda is not a healthy beverage), lack of regard for property cleanliness, unruly animals not being cared for (So many stray dogs, its really sad), loud music, Mariachi bands playing until the early hours, trash in gardens, gang graffiti, cars parked all over properties in disrepair. The lives of the Latino in Highland Park would not be like this if the people themselves set some ground rules. Educate, set boundaries, motivate your kids to reject gang culture, set curfews, and don’t constantly drink in front of your kids. It’s your poor habits that are a result of this so-called inequality, nothing more. This isn’t Mexico; there are opportunities and outreach programs here to help so stop treating this community like you’re still in Mexico.

  10. Stop gentrification

    It’s easy. Majority of these hipster shops can’t afford to continue business with out their lame art walks. Noticed how most of their art is imitating Chicano art. They get racist but want to enjoy our culture. I say screw them. The Latino community should boycott their businesses. But we shouldn’t get upset with their Internet rant. Haven’t ran into one hipster that can look at me in the eye without fear. If anybody wants to talk about this over some coffee, just name the cafe and time. Till then rest your necks…

    • @Stop gentrification

      Pinche naco.

      No one wants to imitate your Naco culture.

      When did taking shopping carts home, pregnant teens, dumping trash in the streets and tagging everything in sight become a sign of culture?

      Look, you want a better neighborhood?

      1. Drop the no snitching rule. It only benefits the cholos.
      2. stop glorifying gangs. That life brings absolutely nothing good to anyone or anything.

      And you actually go around mean mugging hipsters while striking fear into their eyes?
      Keep dreaming payaso.

      • Stop gentrification

        No one goes around mean mugging pendejo… but I find it Funny how behind a computer screen you guys get all macho and racist… if you really got some huevos try venting your issues to your neighbors in person…. you have classless people in every race.. the whites commit some of the most hideous murders and ratings in the United states. Shooting up schools, blowing up building we can go on and on… so give it a rest…

    • Its hard to look these gangster’s in the eye when you’re driving by them in your brand new Benz, heading to your $700,000k house while they shuffle down the street in their baggy drawers and plastic shower sandals looking for some white guy to stare at like he’s looking for a sexual hook up.

    • Social inequality doesn’t make you a criminal and/ or murderer with little or no value for humans life.
      This is just an excuse that it’s use to justify the vfeardeafiolence.
      A criminal is a criminal in a chosen lifestyle.
      Granted, I understand and agree that gentrification brings other real problems for lower income families… And those should be addressed…
      But please don’t blame 2 young teenagers girls deaths ( as an example of the many violent gangs activities) ,, shot and beaten to death and left to rot in Debs Park on ducking gentrification.
      Their must be an accountability by the community for violence perpetuated by Latinos on Latinos.
      Some blaming the so called gentrification for everything….

    • Only in HLP would a gang related shooting get turned into a culture/gentrification debate. As far as boycotting local businesses, go ahead. Spend your dollars where you want your community to thrive. Unfortunately for most of the long timers its dollar tree, 99 cent store, rite aid, big 5 and food 4 less. I’m willing to bet these “hipster invaders” hit la palapa, la tropicana, folieros and cazuelas way more than you. Stop playing the misunderstood tough guy role and hard dogging innocent, well intended folks going about their daily lives.

      • Stop gentrification

        It’s because the majority of these whiteboys commenting aren’t from a higher class and schooling like they like to brag here. If these people were really well off they would be in some real nice areas. The Westside. Palisades. Westwood. Fake.

    • Your ‘culture’ not enjoyable. Try becoming HUMAN.

  11. I pray for the victim’s whether gang-related or not! It’s a senseless act of violence! As a 50 plus HP resident, we do not need to make this us against them ignorant mentality. I welcome anyone who wants to live along the hills and arroyos of LA’s first suburb. And, if people have a problem with whomever is electing to move into our community; don’t blame them for recognizing the beauty of our community. Blame the homeowners who have elected to cash out and move on. As for the landlords, I too invested long ago in this community, and I’m glad my investments are finally paying off! It’s capitalism at its best!. Don’t mask this act of violence with the newcomers to our community! Don’t use this death to promote your HATE! America is a melting pot of diverse people. Instead, let’s educate these young people to know that there are better opportunities if they achieve academic success. Mothers/Fathers don’t look the other way when your children run with the wrong crowd, hang out after dark, and don’t bother to earn passing grades. It takes a village to raise a child….so everyone needs to help guide children to make better choices. Finally, don’t make excuses for why you elected not to buy property in HP when home prices were low. Buying a fixer is probably the best investment anyone could of made at that time!

  12. One of these racist newcomers will catch a stray bullet one day

    • Well, if they do it really will be the end of savage gang trash in the NE. Do you really think a neighborhood council with increased property and business tax revenue is going let the hood rats cut off the stream of $$$$ coming into this community now? If so you’re as stupid as your post makes you out to be.

    • .. Maybe and that will be the end of this neighborhood as you know it…

    • God please don’t say stuff like that. I live close to where this happened. I heard shots that night and went away from the windows. I didn’t find out someone lost their life til a couple days later. Most of us are not racist. I’ve lived in HLP for several years and I love my neighbors. I don’t want a catch a bullet I just want to go my job and work hard and pay my rent and make art, dude. And I don’t want any of my neighbors to catch a bullet regardless if they’re in a gang or not, they are still my neighbors and I hope they stay safe.

    • and the other thing, you’re laughing about bullets – where this happened are 3 houses with young children and another house full of dogs. like for real? what’s wrong with you.

    • Hate to burst your bubble. You know what happens when a white person gets shot right? Everyone will be in lockdown. The mayor will come to the city personally and gives speeches on change and violence.

      Brown or black person gets shot…its just another gang related shooting.

    • Uh, NO. You will simply be forced out of the area. Perhaps, try MEXICO as a home.

  13. I also heard that the gangs are robbing these racist newcomers on the streets, lol

    • like I said, these bitter poor trash people love violence and garbage because they think it scares middle class people away. so go ahead, root for violence and trash but money and civilized people are winning.

    • Racist newcomers?’ Are you for real? You are the racist, stereotyping idiot on this forum… Period

  14. They can’t stop it, lol

  15. In the past two years in nela crime is up 49%, homicide is up 40%, in the last month alone there was 343 property crimes check your lapd crime stats

  16. You can actually make the argument gentrification is the cause of all this crime, it wasn’t like this 4 years ago not at all

    • It is the cause, civilized people are moving into an uncivilized community and the community is stealing from these new comers because they have nice things.
      Its a sad state of affairs when people decide that its easier to steal than get an education or apprenticeship to learn skills an earn their own money to buy things. Its a pathetic situation for these thieves to be in. Robbery is not a man’s game, its a mugs hobby.

      • BullSh!t. Virtually every surveillance video I’ve watched capturing local crimes in progress doesN’T feature some gang member but rather conspicuously “hip” perps who have obviously hit hard times as a result of their “civilized” aspirations. Just last summer I personally confronted one of these guys who I caught in the act of trying to steal one of those coconut drinks from the vendor on Alvarado and Glendale Blvd. (“Don’t think for an instant that I won’t step out of this car and beat the Sh!t out of You if you take that, Mfr!”). He complied. I’m now looking forward to catching one of these doodle-taggers currently vandalizing our community for the past couple of years, which included tagging my garage doors last holiday season. I’m patient and anticipate being able to spray-paint this mugs’ face if they don’t “educate” themselves or find an “apprenticeship”(?) first . . . (oh brother . . .)

        • It’s funny because every time I’ve got into a verbal with a flexing Latino guy it never comes to anything more than some verbal insults thrown back and forth. It leads me to believe that Latino males only have the cojones when they have the advantage of carrying a weapon. Otherwise, they’re just as much of a wuss as any other guy.

          • @gene i feel so sorry for you. As if gangsters are the only thing thats wrong with the world. Your obviously an ignorant person and you must be so miserable with your life since you have so much of these material things you brag about and still so much hate in your heart. Change your perspective on life to better yourself and let go of your ego. God Bless,

        • I can’t see too good is that Batman? Your macho vigilante schtick is laughable and your theory that it’s actually middle class white people doing all the tagging and petty crimes instead of dirt poor Mexicans with a 3rd grade education is ridiculous

          • Totally! A car parked outside my house got a total of 7 bullets unloaded in it, my car got broken in 2 times, we had many attempts of burglary., And guess what…
            All from young Latino kids..
            Not sure who are those conspicuous “hip” peeps you are talking about.
            Also, there is a link between gangs and

        • @procopio
          Hey, do you think that this guy that tried a rape a girl last night at 630 pm York then punch her is a conspicuous “hip” guy that just hit hard time?!?!?!’n

    • You *could* make that argument, but you wouldn’t be able to back it up.

      HLP wasn’t gentrifying in the 90s when stuff was way worse.

      Crime is up all over, especially in areas not seeing gentrification. You could make the argument that crime would be even worse in HLP without gentrification. Also, you could also argue that crime reporting is up because newer residents don’t subscribe to the retarded “no snitchin ” mantra.. So more crime is reported.

    • And who/ what was to blame in the late 90’s?!?! For the violence and murders..? What is your theory?
      The white people too?!
      So the “white people” are to blame for the gangs lifestyle?!

      • The EP gang had pretty much fizzled-out in the 90s until they were featured in that crappy hipster movie that essentially served as a recruitment tool for many who were unfamiliar with other options for accomplishment and recognition. At which point gang-creds and notoriety becomes the most accessible substitute. STOP cycling this through your racial guilt and/or insecurities. There have been PLENTY of white gang members in NELA. Including founders of some of the most notorious NELA gangs. Your mistaken if skin-color provides an impermeable defense against becoming deeply involved.

  17. Latinos are the 80% that make up Highland Park. I was born and raised in highland park I have seen the violence as as kid and I will not move back until the gangs have been displaced or uprooted. As a Latino I can not be proud of the gangs that have plagued our neighborhood for many generations. So when hipsters seen many races(white,middle eastern, and yes even Latino hipsters )are trying to make a difference and make it a livable community embrace it. What positive influence have the gangs brought to our community (zero) blood shed for what? Families forever heartbroken that their child will never return home? Hipsters or Cholos not a hard choice

    • A rare voice of reason on this forum.

    • @Gilbert Gonzales: Actually, I was mistaken earlier — YOU win this thread.

    • As a “latino” why are you assuming responsibility for a gang culture that has permeated greater American culture for more than 100 years? In fact, the gang problem being experienced is several central-american countries has been solely exported from the U.S. You need to educate yourself, stop running, and stop behaving like a victim instead of a judge and agent of positive change. You need to hold ALL parties acountable, social, cultural, and institutional, for enabling and allowing this phenomena to continue taking root in the most underserved communities. Otherwise, I literally have 100s of Mexican uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces, and nephews and not a single one of them has even touched a joint never mind become involved in gangs, which are a staple of American culture and history NOT “latino” culture and history.

      • I am not a judge nor a victim of my community I am a “voice”. By being an American of Latino heritage I see we have a problem in Highland Park. By understanding our issue at hand we can confront and change the dynamics of gangs by respectful dialogue. We can point fingers at the crappy parents and social injustice but each one of us has a choice. I had a choice and I deviated from gangs and drugs just like the others who have followed suit. I do not assume responsibility for the Latino (gang culture) because gang culture represents itself in the form of african american,anglo,Asian etc… I am just saying

    • i agree well said.

  18. one could simply cut and paste the entire comment forums from any of the recent murders in this side of town and they would all be the same. whether it was the kid on echo park bl a couple weeks ago or the kid on sunset after the music festival a few months ago. they are all the same… white folks saying “good riddance, loser”, and brown folks saying, “only god can judge, he was a good kid”, or “we were here first”
    People ultimately have to take responsibility for their actions, gangsters either getting shot or failing to get skills to make enough to live in the new reality of this neighborhood. Either way the gang culture is on its way out. the vast majority of residents on the eastside are happy to see it go…

  19. I met Pete through work, he was a great guy, friend and he cared a lot for his friends and family. If you knee him you wouldn’t talk bad about him, I have a lot of love him, I wish this never happened to him. I will never forget Pete, he was one of a kind. And no, I am not in a gang and never was, please have some respect, you never knew him…. r.i.p. Pete

    • @paul no one is direspecting the forever gone here. The death of any man is tragic. They are husband, fathers and sons. This conversation is NOT about Pete but about the plague of Gang’s activities in NELA.
      It is about 70 years of gang generation and the “code” that goes with it.
      As a community, there must be some accountability for that lifestyle.
      Mothers, daughters, granddaughters, sisters, if you don’t want this lifestyle, then you need to take action to denounce it. You cannot be just silent about it then morning the loss of your family. Gang life is a choice.

      • “Gang life is a choice” but only in certain American communities of ALL race and ethnicities. What is wrong with U.S. culture that gangs invariably become the default option for those not familiar with other options for accomplishment and recognition. The depth of self-righteous ignorance contained in your posts only highlights your outsider status.

        • Give it a rest, Proper Dos. It’s a big city and nobody cares who’s an insider or an outsider anymore. Outdated thinking like that shows just how small your world is.

  20. All 3 of those young men that were killed were best of friends those two carried my sons casket. My son loved them both. But Pete warned them.. No dressing like a gangster and my son even let his hair grow. Since then it was always then 3 and they all worked. . Now all three are dead? Something’s fishy there. I use to like EP. But now I hate it and I. Disgusted gang members. If you see your boy trying to change his life. Why hate on him? Why because he didn’t hang with the Homies…… Well I pray day and night they find these cowards. My life will never be the same. ??????

  21. You know what? Everyone needs to get over it, haters will hate, and people will judge others. Every bodies stuff smells the same at the end of the day. There is always exception to the rule, some hipsters are cool, and some eses’ are brown and down! So don’t trip, just chill…

  22. This is a serious question. Do you guys consider my neighbor who is latino but her son is a hipster (latino hispter). He has funky hair and is young with tight pants. Is my neighbor an “insider” and her son an “outsider.” I think they’ve lived in the neighborhood for 15 years.

    Also, two houses down is an Asian family, are they considered insiders or outsiders? They’ve been here since 2010. Please let me know, serious responses only.

    • A better question is why are you thinking of your neighbors in binary terms? This insider/ outsider dialogue that takes place in a lot of these forums is damaging to a community that’s striving to be inclusive and diverse. Most people are more complicated than what can be put in column A or column B and that’s a good thing.

    • Stop gentrification

      No he’s just a dirt bag like the rest of you white trash.

    • I also wonder this. I’m a first-gen American, father born in a poor Spanish speaking country. He lived in EXP when he first moved to America in the 60s. I’ve lived here since 2009/2010. So, I’m Hispanic and have roots to the area…but I also have two college degrees? And I work? And I guess I’m a hipster because I like dressing my age and think beer is cool?

      So, what am I? Horrible evil gentrifier? Or can I “pass” due to my Latina cred? How would you judgmental jerks view me if we passed by on the street?

  23. Hes from the ECHO PARK GANG.


  25. Mark 12:31 Love they neighbor as thyself.

    We don’t get to pick and choose what we believe in the bible, we have to accept it as a whole. So if you’re going follow one verse, follow them all. I am sorry for my rude posts.

  26. Most of the comments are pathetic.is that davina the one that mocked someone that got beat up on glendale blvd. Near the burger king?.its in the comments section on youtube echo park fights.

    • no that wasn’t me and if you noticed I had to get another youtube account because mine was hacked so whoever responded with a rude conduct, then its simply not me. I am one of jehovahs witnesses and I am focusing on my faith so I can see my boy and loved ones that passed away again. Rev. 21:3,4

  27. I smell bs^^^^hacked? it was probably youre son that “hacked”it.one word karma.

  28. Hey man give her a break. If she at least want to better herself and not make rude comments than props to her., doesn’t matter what religion as long as she’s not being hostile. Yes follow your own advice on karma.

  29. Wala youtube comment magically dissappears

    • you know I really feel sorry for you. I know why Im here on this site.. because I lost my son and I am disabled now. but you are just here to judge people and say its ok for another human being to die. smh.. fyi… I had to go to youtube to request the removal of that comment. not that I really don’t need to explain to you. but since you think its your business. that’s what happened to that tasteless comment and fyi.. my son was locked up on that day. you know just because some young ones go thru a rough life or was a gang member , god does not turn his back on them. I have seen a lot of tough ones change. and the love they had for our heavenly father is outstanding. but for you to sit here and judge people you know nothing about . really shows the ignorance on your part.

      so with that said. I pray for all mothers and families that has lost a loved one. there is no worse nightmare to be in then the ones we are in.

  30. My brother was changed man who didn’t deserve to die. All his nieces and nephews will miss him forever. We r a huge family and we lost someone special to all of us. So ur rude comments and ur disrespect can go with u to hell as well. Post ur shit talking comments cuz u don’t have the balls to say it to one of our faces.Punk!!!!!!

    • your brother treated my son like his own son. and for that I am very grateful to have had to pleasure of knowing him and them two together were something else. you can ask anyone. my son had so much love for your brother pete. May he and my son rest in peace. Only god knows what kind of men these guys were.

    • I met your brother he was a really NICe guy, such a shame people did this to him ..rip

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