Students stage protest at Occidental College

arthur coons administrative

EAGLE ROCK — Throngs of Occidental College students have flooded into the main administration building today during a demonstration over allegations of racism and inequality on campus.

College spokesman James Tranquada said the student demonstrators are on at least two of the three floors of the Arthur G. Coons Administrative Center in the middle of the Eagle Rock campus. Students, many of whom brought books and laptops, sat in hallways and lobby areas, according to photos posted on Twitter. The occupation, as some of have described it, will last a week, one person  said.  Administrative offices remained opened today.

“It’s a very peaceful, respectful type of situation,” Tranquada said.

Some of the demonstrators associated with Oxy United have called for the ouster of college President Jonathan Veitch for failing to address their concerns. Veitch was out of town as the demonstration began and is not expected to return until tonight, Tranquada said.

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  1. Oh, to be young and outraged! I think Oxy has always had diversity issues, but to be fair, the administration has always and continually attempted to address those issues and to support minority students. I don’t know anything about Veitch and what sort of job he is doing and to what degree the problems can be laid at his feet. I would suggest that the students directly address the true power at Oxy: the board of directors.

    Back when I was a young outraged Oxy student the big issue was divestment from apartheid South Africa. We didn’t occupy Coons, but we built a shanty town in the quad. (If anyone was wondering how old I am, that should give you an idea.)

    As far as our issues of on campus racism, one of the frats held a slave auction for a fund raiser. There was no old south or plantation theme, but still, that sort of thing was offensive. Our solution was this: the BSA and allies pooled their money and “bought” the president of the frat. He was required to undergo an education/diversity training and we was asked to communicate what he learned to his frat bros. To his credit, he was remorseful, open to learning, and there wasn’t another slave auction after that. I don’t think the administration was involved at all.

  2. I seem to remember when going to college meant seriously attempting to get an education. It’s sad to watch the university system held hostage by these idiots.

    • Are you Anglo, Joey?

      • anglo? lol. wow.

      • Why, because only an “Anglo” would dare to call some of these kids ” idiots”? Because no one who is not “Anglo” is allowed to arrive at the same conclusion? Since you’ve appointed yourself official Racial Scorekeeper of everyone posting here, I would like to point out that my family is of Mexican descent, making me Latino, Hispanic or whatever other racial designation you want to pigeonhole me into. And yes, I think that these kids are a bunch of whinny-baby idiots. Must be a bitch when the ideologies or opinions of the races don’t square up the way you think they should. Hope your head doesn’t explode.

  3. do college students need to be outraged about something? asking for support for diversity programs and a culture of inclusion at a university is one thing, but some of these students asking for resignations and for quotas for minority faculty are being ridiculous in my opinion. Also, I do not believe that the outrage represents the majority of students. It is just a very vocal small minority of students.

    • agreed.

      Let me think, is institutional racism more apparent and harmful at a $50k/year liberal arts college in Los Angeles… OR the murder plagued south chicago area ($40k/year median household income) where gangs, a product of real institutional racism and mass incarceration, just murdered a 7 year old to get back at another gang member.

      just like the students in missouri end up looking like, well, children, the same will happen here. Lashing out at leadership and “demanding” resignations without a valid reason, “demanding” a new major program (since when do students decide the curriculum?), it’s all too silly.

      It’s sad because their tactics will ultimately discredit those with a more genuine need. These kids are seriously challenged if they think that their university is less welcoming to minorities compared to 10 or 20 or 30 years ago. Reasoned folks need to respond to this vocal minority so those who are truly in need of help and attention are not discredited by these children.

  4. I support rattling the status-quo administrative culture that invariably errs in favor of complacency rather than addressing student issues/concerns or promoting positive and fundamental change. I recommend that the Oxy administration be intentional about meeting students halfway and modeling the art of compromise, which is what adults (not babies) do to resolve contentious issues. Otherwise, Oxy is hardly the hostile environment that these students seem to be asserting and I also have to question the apparent lack of diversity among the protesters themselves(?). Nothing more offensive or disheartening than having the kids of presumably “racist” or oppressive parents do our demanding and protesting for us. Of course, that may also be a direct reflection of what these students are pointing out but how would they actually Know?!?

  5. Oxyunited supporter

    Nobody has brought up The issue how the buiding they’re occupying rn is aggressive in its name: Coons is what the C in AGC stands for. This post is old but resonates today!


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