Yes, another coffee house brewing in Echo Park

Future home of Eightfold Coffee

Future home of Eightfold Coffee

Storefront ReportECHO PARK — There’s no shortage of places in Echo Park where you can stop, sip and savor a cup of coffee. But now the relatively under-caffeinated eastern edge of Echo Park is poised to get a coffee house of its own: Eightfold Coffee.

The new coffee house is now under construction in a brick storefront in the 1200 block of Sunset Boulevard, down the hill from Angeleno Heights. It’s a section of Sunset Boulevard that has attracted several new shops as well as real estate development. It’s also home to Shepard Fairey’s studio and art gallery as well as Guisados, the popular Mexican taqueria.

A person at Eightfold said they would be sending The Eastsider more information about the business. The shop, which will be serving coffee from Heart roasters,  is looking to open in early December, he said.

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  1. I’m so relieved, I was beginning to think there weren’t enough coffee shops to serve the neighborhood:)

  2. The map seems to be missing The Semi-Tropic at 1412 N Glendale Blvd.

  3. The name “Eightfold” refers to the rent increase they’re gonna get, when their lease is up…

  4. Also missing is Taza on Sunset.

  5. Not to hammer in the point, but Valerie is missing up Echo Park ave as well.

  6. The best coffee in the area is in my kitchen and it’s inexpensive, too. In the 1960s we would go to coffee houses in the Village and play chess or discuss politics. Now, pay a lot, take a selfie, prattle on about nothing of value, and think you are hip.

  7. Do we REALLY need yet ANOTHER stupid coffee shop? I think all the comments above me already made my point. THERE IS MORE THAN ENOUGH COFFEE SHOPS HERE. Can’t anyone think of anything else to open? Maybe some burger joints or anything we don’t already have 10 of within a 5 mile radius?

    • It’s not about the coffee. It’s about slowly sipping that hot beverage so you can take up prime laptop real estate whilst pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams and hopefully fun into somebody with some juice in this town to make it happen. Can’t do that in your garage yoga office duh!!

  8. What about Echo Park Donut? Best basic coffee here.

  9. Unreasonably high rent means the only business’s that can thrive are high mark up ones like coffee. Or you get sad little places like Dinnette which is so small it doesn’t even have an upside and they have to rely on morons who are willing to pay 7 bucks for avocado toast and sit next to bus exhaust. It’s pretty pathetic what we have for options in Echo Park as consumers.

  10. Based on every single one of The Eastsider’s comments I would think you all HATE living on the eastside.

    What if we took the popularity of coffee shops as a sign that people are missing the human connection and that maybe people are there for the experience of surrounding themselves with others rather than sitting at home all day watching Netflix on their laptops? It might not be much but it’s a sign that maybe we’re all still human after all.

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