Former Echo Park Avenue market to become new juice bar and take-out restaurant

El Batey being converted to a juice bar and take-out sandwich shop

El Batey being converted to a juice bar and take-out sandwich shop

Storefront ReportECHO PARK — It’s been 18 months since a rent increase forced El Batey, a small neighborhood market, to close after 48 years in business. The Echo Park Avenue storefront has remained vacant ever since the landlord at one point asked as much as $6,000 a-month for the space. Now, it appears, that a new tenant is moving in: a take-out restaurant and juice bar.

The Building & Safety Department has issued permits to convert 467-square-feet of the former market into a take-out restaurant operating from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., according to an online summary.

No further details were available. The restaurant-juice bar will join a small number of cafes that currently operate on Echo Park Avenue,  including Chango Coffee next door.

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Echo Park Weekly

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  1. Can we ask the new tenant if he’s paying 6,000 a month??

    • I hope so. I’m sad Elvia is gone an thought she did much to unite the neighborhood on every level, introducing the old to the new, making everyone comfortable. It concerns me to see so much gentrification and shoving out (pricing out) of people who cannot afford the improvements, myself included at times. And I am white, upwardly mobile and a creative, here since ’96.

      Not pro gang here, so lets not go there, but what I’ve always loved about my neighborhood is the diversity and edge. I’m also sad that NYC’s LES is a manufactured shadow of itself. This ain’t Hollywood, and I’d love to keep it that way. And it pisses me off to see to becoming so.

      • The “edge” was gangs, pure and simple. Guys hanging out, mad dogging, drinking on the corners, setting off tons of fireworks and never cleaning u after themselves….. yeah paradise!

      • Well said. I concur 100%.

        • I concur 100% with EPgirl. NOT local shut-in eastsidefarts. Folks like him have always been a source of contempt in our barrios and community.. I mean, it’s inexplicable to me why he doesn’t seriously consider moving and living somewhere better that doesn’t result in his siege-mentality? It’s simply toxic and insidious. At least the gang members are transparent about their life/deathstyle. Not cowering behind sandbags piled in front of their hillside bugalow.

          • Please don’t call it “our barrio” this is “everyone’s neighborhood”. Barrio makes it sound like trash.

          • Barrio only has negative connotations for old bigots like yourself. It connotes warm feelings of vibrant and gritty community for the rest of us. The barrios of NELA means home to the residents who made it safe and clean enough to be gentrified in the first place. Thus, barrio it shall forever remain and how I refer and describe it to every one that asks and “thanks” for the disclosure about another one of the little things that frightens and intimidates the local gentry of our barrios.

          • “Safe and clean”? Surely you jest…….
            Voted least likely to pick up trash in front of their own home:
            residents of PD’s barrio paradise!

            You are as big a blowhard as Trump.

          • Lol yeah, the ‘barrio natives’ made the neighborhood safe and clean. NELA is gentrifying IN SPITE of uneducated high school dropouts tagging “their” streets, IN SPITE of lazy cholos dumping couches on “their” streets. It’s the “newcomers” sweeping up the curb and calling 311 every other day to clean up lazy people’s mess.

          • Who do you think you’re kidding? Cowardly bigots like yourself would never have the guts to remain or move into and invest in our barrios if they weren’t safe or clean enough. We all know that your ilk is here and skulking among us and it’s only a matter of time before the local cell of Trumps is exposed or expose themselves by miscalculating the mood and tolerance of the native barrio-residents. We’re watching . . . listening . . . and patiently waiting . . . at which point marshmallows like yourself will once again fly to the hills and suburbs to complete the cycle while the rest of us gather and sing around bonfires of burning horizontal fences.

          • @ procipio aka proper dos aka proper douche

            I own 4 properties in this”barrio” so I’m not going anywhere. So either learn to like your new neighbors or STFU. By the way you are a hypocrite. Calling others bigots while wishing for an eradication of “some ” from your neighborhood strictly because of their race. Not bright.

      • It undermines your credibility quite a bit when you call yourself “EPGirl”, claim to care so much about the neighborhood and what she did for it, but you don’t even know her actual name.

      • Why are we lamenting a corner store that sold junk? While the owner may have been nice, that unfortunately did not make you immune to market forces. Selling a bunch of junk doesn’t help either.

  2. Awesome! Glad to see the space finally filled (as sad as it was to see El Batey unceremoniously booted out) — and open til 11pm! nice hope that’s a trend (Chango – modify that menu and open later! 🙂 it would enliven that stretch immensely. Welcome.

  3. The newly juice bar is called el beet-y

  4. Another juice bar

  5. What Echo Park/Silver Lake really needs is a dedicated vinegar and oils monger. Of course I love a good cold pressed organic juice but we’ve got that covered thank you very much.

    The sad thing is with Whole Food corporate deciding to give us a downmarket market they call 365 we aren’t likely to see a vinegar aisle even remotely equaling the one at the Pasadena Whole Foods. If we want it someone local is going to have to take charge on this one folks.

  6. In addition to variety choice in vinegars and oils I need a range of grades. Some oils and vinegars are the proper grade for cooking while higher grades are best for finish drizzling. While I cherish Cheese Store of Silver Lake and Say Cheese they don’t fully serve my needs by stocking anything but the finer grades. I was very much looking forward to a PROPER FULL RANGE oils and vinegar aisle like Whole Foods has in Pasadena but close to home in OUR neighborhood. It is quite sad that the powers that be deemed us deserving only of a downmarket market instead of a full service market……

    • I’m with you. As a follow-up, what I’ve been longing for is a dedicated olive-monger. Sometimes I go to the olive bar at WF Pasadena, but really I would prefer something more local with a staff that is really knowledgeable. I just don’t think the Pasadena WF staff really “gets” me, you know? It can be frustrating when I think I have found the perfect olive but I get home and it’s just not what was promised. The sads.

      Anyway, my question to you is, do you think the olive-monger and vinegar-and-oil monger could be the same establishment, or do you think they should be separate. Interested in your thoughts.

  7. Please have sandwiches! I just want a good sandwich place close by!

    • $5 sandwiches, not $15 sandwiches. .

      • You can barely get a $5 sandwich at Subway. if you want anything of decent quality you’ll have to spend at least 10-15, which is a totally reasonable price for a good lunch. if that’s too “high end overpriced hipster bourgeouise” for you, good luck eating anything other than mcdonalds and gas station snacks.

  8. We are missing a flower shop in Echo Park. I recall at least a couple in the past, on Sunset and on Alvarado. These days when I want flowers I have to go to Trader Joe’s or Von’s where flowers are just a sideline.

    • I’ve also notice that there are fewer flower shops in the neighborhood. The best I can figure out is that most people have caught on to the fact that you can have your house keeper swing by the flower market downtown on her way in and fill every room of your house with flowers for next to nothing. If some of you haven’t figured that out, well now you know!

      • Or the nanny, Armpit Hair. After she drops the Audi off for it’s servicing and on her way to pick you up at the fertility clinic. God it is so raw and artsy and cool on the eastside! Oh, wait a minute…..

    • There’s a great flower shop in Silver Lake on Sunset across from McDonalds/EZ Lube. Have you never been there?

  9. Hello Everyone! I am the owner of the New Organic Juice Bar and Organic Vegan Market, here at 1557 Echo Park Ave. We will have a variety of other retail items that have to do with spirituality, health (tonics, kombucha, probiotics, cold pressed and fresh juices, herbs and vitamins), a few spices in bulk, and lots of yummy healthy snacks. It will hopefully compliment the other stores in the neighborhood. Our plan is to bring the community together, support the other businesses in the neighborhood ; and I promise there will be more then just juices! We will be reaching out to the community very soon, on things you would like to see in the store! Thank you for your support! We look forward to meeting you all!

  10. Restaurants need lots of parking, how did they get a permit for a restaurant in that area?!

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