Man fatally stabbed in Highland Park

HIGHLAND PARK — Police are investigating the fatal stabbing of a man early this morning in the 5900 block of Figueroa Street.

The man, described as a male Latino in his early 20s, was stabbed at about 2:30 a.m., said LAPD spokeswoman Liliana Preciado. The suspects remain at large. No further information was available.

This morning’s murder was the fourth in Highland Park this year:

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  1. Why do these underclass people love and worship violence and death so much?

    • Wow, that in unnecessarily nasty. “Underclass” love of violence and death? We’ve been bombing wedding parties with multi-million dollar RC planes for years. The Air Force has nearly run out of ordinance it has been dropping so much of it lately and you’re saying the “underclass” loves and worships violence?

      From what I’ve read online, there isn’t much information published about what happened.

      Things like this are usually from some petty personal dispute. Something similar happened on the Metro 81 bus a short while ago.

      We’ll find out more as the story develops.

      Another sad start to the day in NELA.

      • @Ubrayj02 He’s not wrong though, please let us know of the last murder in NELA by an educated, well employed non Latino?

    • “Why do these underclass people love and worship violence and death so much?”

      Blame it on overeducation.

  2. Crime is at its all time high, hlp is not safe

    • Stop gentrification

      Big picture, 4 deaths in a l.a. area is low. Look at the murder rate of the mid 90’s… you gentleman just like blowing steam out from the side of your necks… and educated whiteboys kill millions a year, but that’s ok. And the lives destroyed by white collar crimes, that’s groovy too…clowns

      • Who are these “educated whiteboys” killing millions a year?

        • @nedflanders, white people have done some of the worst atrocities in mankinds history. Don’t play holy. White people have caused two World Wars, dropped two atomic bombs on innnocent civilians, slaughtered and imprisoned natives of this country, But yet you classify the underclass as monsters. You need to keep your mouth shut and learn your history. Perhaps you’ll understand better if I kick in your door and tell you “get out, this is now my house”!!!!!!

          • Does that include your evil Spanish ancestors. Or what about your evil Aztec ancestors? They slaughtered and enslaved their fellow “natives”.

          • @El Chicano, get a life. I can’t wait for your landlord to raise the rent so you can get the hell of here.

            You should of bought in HP when it was cheap then you’d shut the hell up and enjoy the ride that’s happening here.

  3. Still don’t want hipsters moving in? We all know it wasn’t a hipster stabbing people.

  4. But they are all ….men…

  5. It’s sad to see how the same people comment on every article promoting nothing but racism,hatred and negativity.Does race or style really matter when something bad happens?Whats important is not who did what.Whats important is preventing crime like this from happening over and over.The only way to prevent is not by building more prisons and putting everyone in jail but by expanding these kids and young adults minds at an early age before they become attracted to the lifestyle.Cultivate their minds and cultivate their spirits so they believe in themselves.Show them there’s more to life than the neighborhood they grew up in.All you that come on this site and use it to promote hate and instigate hatred towards one another should be ashamed of yourselves.This is America the land of the free.We are all in this country because our ancestors at one point or another immigrated here.Theres nothing no one can do to change it.Wether we like it or not Wheter it’s in NELA or Beverly Hills,you will have neighbors that are different than you.So cut it out already.

  6. @everyone at this post. You’re right, I’ve just been angry lately best my landlord is raising my rent. I am blaming society and white people for my own social problems. I got to stop being a racist and start doing things productive like finding a job.

  7. Don’t Get Robbed On Your Way To the coffee shop

  8. Bruce Li and all you other promoters of hate.your attempt to be funny would embarrass and shame your family.With all this hacking going on wouldn’t it be great if a hacker indentified all you hiding behind fake names.It would be interesting to see who you guys really are.Good night and as the saying goes,”Everyone has a lil water gate in them.”So don’t judge cause you don’t know what tommorow will bring.

  9. @northeast raised and @el Chicano
    Don’t be a hypocrite, you’re pointing out hate by el Chicano hates white people. My comment was about hipsters but she clearly refers to white people. Don’t you know hipsters are not just white people? i am a second generation Latino, went to franklin, but a hipster and my family have bought property around HP so we’re doing well. She just assumes white people=hipster =bad.. She needs to get over the fact that we don’t want to live in gang infested hp anymore and we should welcome change

    • Gang infested hp vs Bigot infested hp? Tough choice(?). At least gang members are transparent. These bigots skulk among us and only dare spout off from the safety of an anonymous keyboard all the while committing untold damage as a result of their covert bigotry, discrimination, and other behavior directed at specific groups of others . . . tough choice . . .

      • @Procopio, wow your statement is just so dumb I can’t realize there are people like you in this world. I mean you would rather have your children live in danger than have some hurt feelings? I remember growing up and having to duck at the Highland Park Rec center because of some drivebys and then my poor aunt got hit with a stray bullet in the leg.

        You can’t possibly believe that?

        By the way, it’s not about racism, it’s about class welfare. Those that purchased property v those that rent. You can be any race. No bigotry involved, just stupidity.

      • Thanks for proving my point that no-class dimwits prefer to be surrounded by murderous gangbangers because they think that keeps away white people with money who you are so terrified of. And it lets you live your “mi vida loca” fantasy of thinking you’re such a hardass because you “grew up in the hood, the school of hard knocks” or whatever silly rap lyrics you like to think sum up your life.

  10. Darwinism in progress.

  11. The Anglo has murdered millions upon millions across the globe over the last 150 years alone. While the disenfranchised, products of the Anglos’ meddling, kill each other off infrequently in a subsection of Los Angeles… and the Anglo claims the disenfranchised worships violence. Oh Anglos, you so funny.

    • The Spanish and the Aztecs were peaceful people,right? Look at your own history fool. It’s full of bloodshed and conquest.

      • Name a region of the world that the Anglo’s greed and lust for bloodshed hasn’t tainted. The Anglo sets about destroying foreign lands and suppressing entire peoples.

        • Same can be said about your Spanish ancestors.

          • Spaniards are white. It’s funny, some Latinos don’t even realize that.

          • West Hollywood Royalty,Pinocchio and El Victimo don’t want to admit it because then they can’t play the oppressed victim card .

          • So you are going to act as if though latinos are straight up Spanish and not a mixture of devlish Europeans and righteous Indigenous peoples? The skin has a beautiful golden hue for a reason, not that pale sickly look that comes from being morally bankrupt.

          • west Hollywood Royalty is another self loathing Mestizo .

          • How dumb were the so called advanced Aztecs. They saw the white skin of the Spaniards and thought they were gods.lol

        • Righteous indigenous? Yeah right. Ripping the beating hearts out of their human sacrifices is so “righteous”. Why do you think the Spaniards were able to get other tribes to help them massacre the “righteous” Aztecs.

    • lets just be honest and say no people groups were good.

  12. People just assume it was a Latino gang thing…Maybe the victim was stabbed by a white hipster?

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