More bobcats, this time in Mount Washington

Mount Washington bobcat | Tim DeRoche

Mount Washington bobcat | Tim DeRoche

MOUNT WASHINGTON — After reading our post about the first photographic evidence of a bobcat in Elysian Park, Tim DeRoche of Mount Washington offered up proof that at least one of the urban bobcats had made a home for itself in the area of Elyria Canyon Park.

The photo was taken in August on the stairs near his home next to the Wollam Street trailhead. It’s one of several bobcat photos DeRoche has taken.

“Perhaps they are expanding their range due to shortages of food or water,” he said.

Got an urban bobcat photo? Wildlife biologists would like to know about it.  You can submit photos and other information to the Backyard Bobcat.  The Natural History Museum is also accepting photos and information via email at nature@nhm.org or by tagging photos in social media with #NatureinLA.

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  1. What a beautiful photo! Thank you for sharing.

  2. There have been reports of bobcats in the Lower Arroyo Park in Pasadena , Mt Washington, Debs Park are connected to Pasadena via the Arroyo Seco (channel). So its not surprising that they are also in MT Washington.

    Lately there has been sightings of a mountain lion in the Lower Arroyo Park in Pasadena.

    • Last night I was growled at..I couldn’t really see the animal, but it kept it’s distance and it made it clear to me not to get closer. I was over 20 feet away aND it was dark. I was so startled by the unexpected growl. My aunt pointed her light at the animal it just paced back and forth and went into a hedge. I had no idea there were bobcats up here or that there were mountain lion sightings! What I saw was black. Thanks for keeping this article up!

  3. Amazing shot! These cats are not “expanding their range” though. This whole area on both sides of the river has always been their range, long before we got here.

    Remember this one in Silverlake? http://la.curbed.com/archives/2008/06/bobcat_seen_nea.php

  4. I think we’re being a bit presumptuous and disrespectful calling them “bobcats.” Do we know them personally? Are they friendly?
    Until we know for sure, I suggest we show them the respect they deserve and call them robertcats.

  5. We have documented, photographic evidence of bobcats in Elyria Canyon Park this summer on August 21st, 2015; and, at the junction of Burnell and Killarney on August 29th, 2015 .Both locations are on Mt Washington. Both records have been submitted to the NHM mammalogist. Both sightings have been posted on the Mount Washiington Homeowners Alliance’s FB page.

  6. Bobcat on Waldo Place in Eagle Rock in September.

  7. But please update this article if possible! I really don’t think locals are aware of these animals living here

  8. I bumped into a big cat walking my dog in Elrya Park in 08 or 09.
    Almost wet myself when I walked into him/her behind a bush.
    What a mystical moment

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