Parking valet shot at Los Feliz restaurant

4500 los feliz
LOS FELIZ — A parking valet remains in critical condition after being shot in the stomach during an attempted robbery on Sunday night outside of MessHall Kitchen at the corner of Los Feliz Boulevard and Hillhurst Avenue, police said.

The victim, described as a man in his early 30s, was shot after he refused to hand over money demanded by the shooter, said Sgt. Frank Gonzalez with the LAPD Northeast Division.  The shooter, described as a man in his 30s, left the scene in a silver, four-door vehicle and remains at large.

One Twitter user named Erin Quill said diners at the restaurant had to “get under the tables” during the shooting.

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  1. A lot of desperate people now. The economy is not getting better, its still getting worse, interest rates will not rise and these sorts of petty crimes will continue. Until our greedy neighbors that live in the hills on the westside decide to share some of their profits this will continue.

  2. That’s ridiculous to excuse criminal activity and blame the “greedy neighbors” for what…not driving down to the ghetto to pass out cash to would-be criminals? I am a liberal and it drives me freaking bananas when liberals get all tied up with being apologists for crime and violence when it’s committed by “oppressed” people, and blaming all the evil rich white people for all the problems in the world. Also, the economy is getting worse? You’re living in 2008. Since Obama has been in office the stock market has tripled and unemployment is at 5 percent. By the way the fed is meeting today to discuss raising interest rates, but I really have no idea how you see that affecting broke criminals.

    • A high performing stock market only serves to increase income inequality. The middle class is shrinking (http://www.pewsocialtrends.org/2015/12/09/the-american-middle-class-is-losing-ground), wages are stagnant and the underemployment rate is at 9.8%. We are still missing 6.4 million jobs from the Great Recession. Crime and violence have no single cause, but you would be hard pressed to convince me that most of the contributing factors are not systemic and deliberate.

      • Ummm, you realize the majority of the shrinking middle class is due to upward mobility, a hallmark of America. This is progress and twisting it otherwise is pretty pervese.

        Jobless rates are back to pre-reccesion levels. The study citing 6.4M missing jobs is interesting, but a big leap of faith to assume we should see uninterrupted job growth, ignoring unemployment rates, all in the face of a serious misaligent of economic incentives that have since been corrected. It also masks the fact that many do not have to seek full time, traditional employment and can earn income outside of traditional employment or spend more time w families which has a profoundly positive impact on society.

        Your piecemeal doom and gloom, reciting headlines is lame. Try again.

    • Echo Park Resident

      @ned flanders: I’m by no means excusing a violent criminal shooting an innocent person and I consider myself fairly liberal (registered Independent), but things aren’t as wonderful as you say. The unemployment rate stats aren’t as rosy as they are spun by the Democrats. Real unemployment rates can vary depending on what facts and figures people choose to go by, but most sources I’ve read have nationwide unemployment closer to 10%. (And in California, where we live, it’s even higher.) I’ve lived in L.A. for about 10 years and the same jobs that I had when I first moved here are paying the exact same–if not less–now. Next to no income growth in 10 years. (And with those same jobs, the benefits have been drastically cut or gotten rid of altogether.) People who had one good full-time job are now working 2 or more part-time jobs just to get by. (Jobs which do not offer health benefits or paid sick days.) I’m not blaming Obama–but, please: don’t give him all this credit that you’re bestowing upon him.

      Perhaps the stock market has grown, but most people can barely afford the rising housing, food, utilities, and insurance costs here. Do you think most common citizens can spare money to invest in stocks? Who really benefits? Middle class Americans are cashing out 401Ks to be able to pay for basic necessities. It’s not common citizens who are benefiting from stock growth: it’s people who are already wealthy who can afford to invest.

      Homeless camps are migrating to other parts of the city because our City doesn’t want to address or help minimize those related issues. I can’t remember the last time I saw a newly constructed apartment building here that offered affordable rent–and, I’m not talking Section 8. I’m talking comparable to the older buildings in the neighborhood where people are afraid to leave because they can’t afford to move. Most newly constructed buildings have rents for studio apartments that cost more than most home mortgages. I see more people looking for roommates to share BEDROOMS (not just apartments) or renting out living rooms as bedrooms because they give in to high rents, which doesn’t help the problem. Yes, we choose to live here and if we don’t like it, we can move to other cities–but I love Los Angeles and am sad to see things getting worse for most people in the 10+ years I’ve been here.

      The fact that this happened at a popular restaurant in a fairly busy neighborhood is quite alarming and shows a high level of desperation–and worse, lack of respect for the lives of others. Criminals, like the one in this article don’t care about working honest jobs or the stock market, anyway. The unemployment rate could be zero but there will always be people who think nothing of harming or taking from others to get something fast. I hope that they find the guy responsible and that the victim recovers from this horrifying experience quickly.

      • Thank you for supporting my claim in a more eloquent manner.

      • we all 100 people see the same movie of our economy, but you wanna shine by saying, you under stand better, and see better, but forgetting that we all are in the same boat, but some pedaling more or less than others, and here we have the one pedaling more by writing longer lines and Be right,

      • Please. Take a look at the trend in violent crime and you’ll realize we’ve never had it better.

      • I totally agree with you. All those statistics don’t tell the real story, and there are many thousands of unemployed people who are not even counted. The government doesn’t know that I have applied for many, many jobs but I am not eligible for unemployment. The government doesn’t know that the only jobs I have gotten recently have not lasted long because the company has had to fold.

        The government does not care that I am middle aged and everybody wants to hire young people who know how to Twitter well. The government does not include me in its statistics but I have to leave the apartment I love because I can’t find a job, even a low paying retail job.
        Not that a low-paying retail job would even cover my expenses. That’s why I’m in huge credit card debt.

        I am of sound mind and body. I made $10 an hour 30 years ago and did OK. Now they’re still paying $10 an hour with prices sky high. It’s very expensive to leave town and start all over again somewhere, people who say to leave LA don’t care about the difficulties of that option.
        You have to have a large savings account to be able to do that.

  3. One thing I learned working shit retail jobs…. never ever ever refuse to give up merch or money. Your life is worth far more than a night’s receipts. Gurantee the parking company aint gonna pay a dime for this dudes recovery.

  4. Did any of the hipsters drinking their lattes nearby do anything to help?

  5. You may rob someone in name of economic desperation (for the sake of your argument). But to shoot someone? an unarmed valet? NO. Don’t blame the economy for that one.

  6. The Regressive Left will blame everyone and everything but the perpetrator if that person happens to be “brown”. Blame capitalism, imperialism, colonialism….it’s all big systems to blame, not anybody’s individual actions.

  7. To the family of the victim, I am tremendously sorry for the loss of your loved one. I cannot imagine the horrible sense of loss you must be feeling right now and I wish you only a flood of the best memories to carry you through these times as you learn to live with this new world a sad criminal, and he alone, created for you. I pray for you and hope you find some peace this holiday season in your family’s traditions.

  8. Christmas shopping on Vermont the other day it surprised me at how many very seriously mentally ill people were walking around, ranting etc.. There’s always been homeless people camping out on the island on Sunset and Vermont but this was a new level. I’m not as shocked at this as I would have been before my recent visit to that neighborhood. It felt different there and less safe, to be honest.

    • I agree, Los Feliz is expensive to rent for no reason! There were two separate incidents of robbery at the same time on Vermont across the street to each other – in the morning about a month ago. One of the suspects was a homeless individual in the area. It’s like they get up in the morning to go robbing local businesses. Ghetto should be offered cheap rent!

  9. David Rocket Rowley

    All this philosophy over probably a career criminal riding in a silver 4 door robbing the rich in order to give to the poor. I hope the valet recovers soon and feel for his family. I myself have been robbed at both gun and knife point. Get ready. Look around you if you are wearing earbuds and texting walking alone without a dog you are an easy target. The moral to this story is give them the money!!! Preplan your robbery by thinking about it before. You want my wallet stay calm move slow and toss it near them turn and walk away. These people are looking for money for drugs not baby formula. . Watch out for people trying to get into your space asking what time is it or do you have a light. Look for cars and people following you if you think this is happening then try to enter open busineses taking a picture or video when you are safe. There is a good chance that police know the perpetrators contact them.

  10. I blame the shithead scumbag, who are you people
    Talking about economic parables?
    How about crlebrating the victim who was obviously working hard and had the unfortunate curse if giving a fuck.
    You apologist kill me. SMH

  11. this, unfortunately, does not surprise me at all, I live pretty close by & this kind of violence happens on a weekly basis year after year. police are of little help as they are never around when these happen. if the police spent their time focusing on community safety instead of jaywalkers & speeders we would all be a lot better off.

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