Rates ​Headed ​Up. ​What’s Next?

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By Clint Lukens, Clint Lukens Realty

BIG PICTURE: Low interest rates, high real estate values, tides starting to turn

Years ago, as property values declined and interest rates scraped bottom, I advised clients to invest in real estate. Property values have risen, and local rent/lease rates have also increased tremendously.

Gains in equity realized by local owners have outperformed most areas around the country. Local real estate values and ROI have risen. One of many great reasons to live and invest around L.A.

Thanks to the “doves” at the Fed, interest rates have remained at historic lows, but with lower unemployment, high wages and other economic signals, as expected the “hawks” prevailed and started the increase of rates to head off inflation.

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This puts upward pressure on mortgage lending rates. Buyers have a temporary window of opportunity for financing purchases at current rates. Sellers can expect this is the possible beginning of a downturn in values.

YOUR PICTURE: Review personal investments ​going into the new year

Real estate valuations change. Your own needs, wants and plans change.

I offer my clients complimentary valuations on properties’ current and future potential. For some, 2016 will be a time to cash out. Others may want to lease to financially healthier businesses or revise management. Mention TheEastsiderLA, and I’ll provide you with comprehensive valuation reports for your properties.

Please contact my office at help@clintlukensrealty.com or 323-668-7500 ext 222 to get a free, no obligation investment property evaluation.

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