Sunday Survey: Does your block need permit parking?

Permit parking has been a hot topic lately as the city considers expanding the the concept to more streets in places like Echo Park and Lincoln Heights. Residents who live near shops, restaurants and bars have expressed their concerns about the lack of parking. Is parking an issue on your street? Do you support permit parking on your block?  Please fill out the brief survey below. The survey will be closed on Tuesday, Jan. 26 at noon. The results will be published next week.

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  1. These NIMBY’s should clean out their garages and that opens up a parking spot or two on the street!!!!

    • That is not the issue, tandem parking and coming / going at completely different times, whilst trying to spare the environment by unnecessarily starting up a car twice a day is.

      • What are you talking about? It most certainly is an issue. If people cleaned out their garages, so they can park either one or two cars, they wouldn’t have to worry about finding parking on the street!!! But, these NIMBY’s cry and complain about now people who frequent nearby bars, restaurants, taking up parking on their streets.

        • I especially love the people on my street who don’t use their garage OR driveway, but would rather just park on the street. My favorite is when they decide to get a new car, and then just park their old one…you guessed it,,, on the street.

          When some of us politely mentioned to them that parking is becoming a real problem, and asked if they would consider using their garage or driveway. they snapped back saying it is their right as a citizen and taxpayer.

          So frustrating!!!

  2. Just out of curiosity, do the adjacent businesses have the ability to purchase permit spots as well (for their employees?)

  3. The need would not be so great if folks would be considerate in their parking. We have a spot that fits exactly 2 cars in from of our home and if I am not the one to park and pull up first, some idiot will park in the middle, thus taking up both spots. As an alternative to permits, how can we at least get the city to recognize multiple spots and paint lines so more can park? I was told it would be illegal for me to do so myself!

    • Who cares if it is illegal? They are never going to bust you for spray painting a couple of lines on the road. I have seen people in the hills spray lines on the street to suggest proper parking placement. If you are really concerned, make a nice clean stencil so it looks official.

    • Why on earth are you entitled to 2 parking spots in front of your home? It’s a public street, not your own personal driveway! So when people come home with groceries or tired from a long hard day at work they should be like ” oh no I can’t park there because its right in front of so and so’s house ” ree-dick-you-Lous!
      I have lived next to people like you and that is more frustrating then driving around the block to find a spot.

      • Why on earth do you think I think I am entitled to those two spots? Anyone is entitled to one of the two spots, but not both at the same time! I would not be upset at all if 2 cars were parked in front of my house, taking up both spaces. However, I get upset when one car is taking up 2 spots, in front of my house or anywhere for that matter. That was the whole point of my comment, mentioning about entitled drivers who take up 2 spaces, be it in front of my house, someone else’s house, in a parking lot, or anywhere !

        • Well logically and unfortunately for you, you can’t control how people park . Advice ? Rather then to unrealistically expect to have two vacant spots in front of your home , buy a house with a driveway or garage. Duh !

  4. Biggest issue in my neighborhood is there in not enough offsite parking for 5 car families in homes that were built with one car driveways.

  5. I don’t have a problem with it when there is mainly a time limit imposed. Some places (like miracle mile area) have such harsh restrictions that there aren’t even metered spots available yet whole streets will be empty during the day where it is permit only without even a time limit on non permits.

  6. They need permit parking on vendome and dillon right by los globos. I swear that place is a damn devil.

  7. We have permit parking, but only over night. Many do no respect that and there is no real enforcement. I have called in persistent unlawful parkers but they never get a ticket. There is room for 4 vehicles in front of my place and I would like to be able to have one of them for the convenience of this senior citizen couple.

  8. How about some controlled parking on W Silver Lake Drive, adjacent to the reservoir! I’ve seen as many as 5-6 large motorhomes parked there over many days/nights. One in particular, complete with graffiti, has been towed (after months of parking in one spot) only to return and resume what appears to be permanently parking there for the past few weeks.

  9. How about Peter Shire opening his huge private lot to his customers for parking? When yoga is in session forget about parking on Echo Park Av.

  10. Can we talk about the handicapped street spot on Elsinore in front of a home with a driveway? Who’s making the handicapped person park on the street when there’s a driveway!?

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