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SILVER LAKE — My husband, Jared, and I bumped into a tan, balding man in his 60s sitting outside our 95-year-old neighbor’s house. He gave Jared the once over and said, “You look strong. Do you think you can lift a 100-pound woman off the floor? My mom drank a bottle of wine and she’s passed out inside. I’ve had 2 strokes and a heart attack and I can’t do it anymore.” He explained that his mom  used to own our house in Silver Lake for thirty years. They had popped by the old neighborhood to say hello to  our neighbor, who has lived on the block since the 50’s. Number 1 son said he’d go pull his CORVETTE around and if we could just toss her in the front seat, he’d really appreciate it.

Just inside her entryway, our neighbor stood behind her walker in dark sunglasses looking down helplessly at her 80-year-old friend on the floor.
Jared swooped in like a firefighter. “Are you okay?” he asked.

The woman said, “Yah,” and tried to sit up before collapsing back down in a heap. She was skinny with super long legs. I thought lifting her would be a snap. Boy, was I wrong. Turns out it’s really hard to lift a person when they can’t sit up to give you any leverage. We each got on one side of her but I was useless. Jared took over, lifted her up in his arms like LOU FERIGNO and carried her out to the Corvette.

We got the woman strapped in to the front seat and she mumbled, “I really appreciate everything you’ve done.” Her son tried to offer us some cash, we refused, and then the little white Corvette zipped off into the sunset. Just another day in Silver Lake.

Hillary Hattenbach is the co-author of The Kitchen Decoded Cookbook  and blogs at Tales of Silver Lake & Beyond.

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