Groceries & Tattoos: What Whole Foods may have in store for its new Silver Lake 365 outlet

365 by Whole Foods will be located inside former Ralphs market

365 by Whole Foods will be located inside former Ralphs market

SILVER LAKE — Apparently Whole Foods wants to offer customers more than just groceries at its new, 365 stores, the first of which is scheduled to open this fall in Silver Lake. The company on its Friends of 365 website says it is seeking partners ranging from record shops to tattoo parlors to “do their thing” inside the new 365 stores, which are designed to appeal to younger, budget-minded shoppers.

None of the partners have been selected yet. But USA Today, which interviewed a Whole Foods spokeswoman, said that the “options could include food vendors, lifestyle brands and services.”

So, what kind of friends/partners would Silver Lake to see at its 365 store?  Vegan dog biscuit makers? Green corn tamale vendors?  Yoga instructors in the produce section?

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  1. I’m all for a 365 moving in there, but this sounds a little ridiculous. I’m ok with just getting a grocery store.

  2. friendly tuxedo cat

    How about a friend/partner who can devise a driving and parking traffic flow that doesn’t completely fuck up the surrounding area.

    • A traffic light at the entrance might help a little. But honestly, what do people expect when run high speed surface highways through the middle of a complex urban neighborhoods full of shops, housing and cultural institutions? It’s like mixing oil and water… the two are simply incompatible.

  3. No way?! That is hysterical….like a Saturday Night live sketch! Haha! Hey, it’s a Silverlake Whole Foods…..get a tattoo while you wait in line for your frozen, vegan tamales! Are they joking???
    Do they even know that Silverlake is full of “cutting edge” people with kids who are girl scouts, moms and dads on PTA’s, stroller pushing gay couples with adorable adopted babies, library volunteers, joggers, lawyers, and regular folks who just want to stop and get some healthy food on their way home……NOT ANOTHER TATTOO! Would they EVEN THINK of something so lame for Pasadena???? Total joke!They don’t know anything about the neighborhood.

  4. You all know the tattoo thing was just an example, right? A dumb example indeed, but I would imagine it’s a safe bet that there won’t be a tattoo joint inside the grocery store.

    Also, their website says the Silver Lake location is coming in May, not the fall…

  5. Business partners to open shops inside this Whole Foods??? That’s not what was presented to the community for approval, last year.

  6. Piano lessons

  7. Have them do the piercings in the Deli section.

  8. Whether you think Whole Foods proposal is innovative and inviting or ridiculous and offputting, they have succeeded in getting people talking about and mentally engaging with their brand name 365.
    Whole Foods is not simply constructing a supermarket on Glendale Blvd/Fletcher in Silver Lake, they are incubating/evolving/launching a new branded retail experience.
    They are in actuality programming their new brand to fulfill the desires and needs of their potential customers.
    At the same time, they are directing a simulated experience which is intended to resonate in the mind of the potential customer a feeling of inclusion in the crafting of that new brand.
    There is nothing haphazard or accidental about the messaging or the messages from Whole Foods.
    The highest level of behavioral marketing and branding specialists are in charge of this project.

  9. In order to gain a more complete understanding of the construction project now in progress at the Glendale Blvd/Fletcher Whole Foods 365/CVS Drugstore shopping center in Silver Lake, we need to have some information about the owner/owners of the property.
    Can anyone tell us who owns this property?

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