Silver Lake billboard cover-up

Defaced billboard in Silver Lake

SILVER LAKE — A billboard promoting the L.A. Marathon was partially covered up and defaced in time for this morning’s run, apparently in retaliation for the cutting back of nearby trees that were obscuring the sign.

“Outfront Media hacked our trees so you can read this billboard,” was written across the middle section of the sign. An Anarchist symbol was also placed on the sign.

Outfront Media, which owns the billboard atop the Condor restaurant at Sunset Boulevard and Edgecliff Drive, triggered a backlash after  it hired a contractor to trim the trees in Sunset Triangle Plaza in December. Under city law, billboard companies can obtain a permit to trim street trees that block or obscure their signs. In this case, however, the contractor failed to receive a permit.

Some residents fear that the trees in the small public green space were so badly “butchered” that they will die, according to the L.A. Weekly. Meanwhile, Councilman Mitch O’Farrell  has called it an “act of vandalism” as the City Attorney looks into the matter to see if any laws were violated, says the L.A. Times.

But some residents say that is not enough and have started a petition demanding “Accountability for Tree Vandalism.

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  1. KUDOS to whoever did this!!!

  2. Yes! Kudos to the folks that did this.
    These outdoor billboards are blight enough, but hacking away trees just adds to it!

  3. I thought this park is not city property, but the front yard of that huge brick apartment building

  4. Good for them for doing this. Glad to see some activism here … like the old days.

  5. Whoever did this is my hero.

  6. Tony the Main Spoon

    In their face!

  7. My new heroes!

  8. A perfectly reasonable response.

  9. Nice. Billboards should never take priority over trees. I hate it when mature trees that provide shade and humanize the city are unceremoniously trimmed(hacked).. For advertising. Terrible.

  10. Oh, please. Watch how easily they get a permit from the city to do it again in 6 months…LOVE all the armchair activism Silverlake

  11. Armchair? Ummmm….. Someone actually got up there and hung that sign. We are merely thanking them.

  12. Some people have too much time in their hands, focusing on the wrong issues…

  13. The contractor “failed to RECEIVE a permit”? You mean, failed to APPLY FOR a permit. Shitty journalism Eastsider!

  14. It only takes 15% of district voters to sign a petition to put the wheels of a recall of their council member in motion. It might be time to start recalling the council members who have been corrupted by the money and free advertising that they receive from the billboard companies. That might be the only way the people can start to have their interests attended to over the interests of the billboard companies.

  15. Well played!

  16. The landlord of that building gets monthly rent from the billboard company. Last time I heard about billboard rents, it was concerning one on Hillhurst that netted a building owner $100,000 per month.

    It’s not the building owner’s fault for what happened of course, but maybe we can start talking about limiting billboards
    again, like we did in the late 1990’s… maybe this one can magically blow down in the next strong wind.

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