Signs of frustration over Highland Park construction noise

construction sign

HIGHLAND PARK – Contractor Roger Scalise has heard an earful from neighbors who have complained about construction noise at the home he has been working on for the past couple of months. Now, in response to the complaints, Scalise has draped a banner in front of the Hayes Avenue construction site that reads in part:

“Instead of COMPLAINING you should be thanking Nikki and Jeremy the owners of this house for bring [cq] up your property value. Have a NICE day.”

The sign itself has now itself attracted complaints from neighbors and Twitter users. But Scalise of R&R Consruction says the sign is neither disrespectful or rude and comes after he has tried several ways to minimize noise, including an 11 am to 5 pm restriction on the most disruptive work. “I got frustrated,” said  Scalise, who has received complaint calls at 2 a.m., hours after construction had stopped for the day.

Things have been quieting down on Hayes, however. The most noisy work, including jack hammering, has been completed, and Scalise says he expects the project to be completed in about two months.

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  1. If they are continuing to work into the AM, yeah I would definitely complain. And I don’t even live there.

    • LAMC Section 41.40 of this Code. (Amended by Ord. No. 161,574, Eff. 9/8/86.) the prohibited hours for Building Construction Noise are………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
      Monday to Friday – allowed to work from 7am to 9pm………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
      Saturday : In any residential zone, allowed to work from 8am to 6pm……………………………………………………………………………………….
      Sunday/Holidays: no construction work allowed…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  2. I doubt he is doing construction at 2am. That would be in violation of LA City rules. He is probably complaining that neighbors have called him as late as 2am.

  3. Sounds like 11am to 5pm is more than reasonable. Typical busy body neighbors.

    But yeah I bet Nikki and Jeremy aren’t happy their contractor is outing them like this.

    • …11-5 for the ‘most disruptive’ work according to the super unprofessional contractor who put up a giant sign with a stupid, avoidable typo. critical thinking is still critical.

    • I dunno, I’d be thankful that someone told me people named “Nikki” and “Jeremy” (AKA the whitest white people names ever) were moving in. Sounds like two rich basics from Santa Monica.

      • FYI, the family has owned and lived on this property since the 70’s– and lived in the Highland Park area since the 50’s. Also, since y’all are speculating, the family is Sicilian. No gentrification or displacement here, just a lot of contempt prior to investigation.

        • Seems highly unlikely. If they truly are long term residents and have lived on that property, they wouldn’t be such crappy neighbors. (Unless they’re just clueless and stupid enough to think a passive-aggressive sign is the way to make piece in the neighborhood you’ve supposedly lived in for 60 years.)

          I call BS. Never met no 70 year olds named Nikki and Jeremy.

          • Nobodycaresifyouralongtermresident

            How about Nicole and Jeremiah

          • Why would they be 70? Says their family has lived in Highland Park since the 50’s not them personally. Also, it is pretty clear the contractor put the sign up not them but you seem to rush to judgment all over the place.

          • If noisy work is only happening from 11am – 5 pm, why would they be crappy?

      • HAHA! Nice way to introduce yourselves to the neighborhood! …with a giant YOU’RE WELCOME! I sure the neighbors are smitten.

  4. if hipsters actually worked this wouldn’t be a problem – go back to Brooklyn

  5. The neighbors have been listening to construction noise, including jackhammers, for months already, so I can guarantee you that being told construction will go on “only” a couple more months is Not reassuring. City of Los Angeles laws on construction hours are:

    Monday through Friday between 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
    Saturdays and National Holidays between 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
    Sundays, no construction except for residents

    I’ll bet that this contractor takes it to the limit including working every Saturday and may arrive at site with crew prior to 7:00am, disturbing neighbors, and after doing so they’ll leave for a while to go get something to eat or pick up supplies. Did I mention their radios, turned up loud enough for them to hear over their own construction noise?

    And, Anyonebuttrump, perhaps you’ve never heard of this amazing new phenomenon…many people work from home offices!

    With all the other noise in our city, the law should be tightened on construction hours, with 5:00 or 6:00 pm being the latest and no Saturday or National Holiday work allowed, period.

    • anyoneBUTThillary

      hipsters don’t have offices of any kind… that would be for ‘the man’… hipsters have home studios and art spaces….

    • Why would engaging in commercial activity, which is traditionally limited to commercial and industrial zones with lax noise regulations, in a residential zone entitle you to greater noise restrictions beyond the existing residential ones?

  6. Another gentrification project built to the lot with ugly modern architecture that doesn’t fit the community of Craftsman homes.

    • It’s not a community of craftsman homes. do you know this specific neighborhood? there is no one style of architecture – it’s a wonderful mish-mash of all kinds of styles. This house might be too big for the area, but it’s style can’t ruin anything. We are not Bungalow Heaven.

    • But… but… they’re bring up your property values! What about the needs of the property values? Property values have rights too, you know!

  7. 11am to 5pm is reasonable hours for construction. Property value will go up .what. what would you rather here construction or Gunshots.

    • why are you taking the crappy sign writer’s word for it? do you believe everything politicians say too? also nobody cares about property value going up in a place where most people rent.

  8. I bet that banner works great at calming tempers.

  9. Wow, what the wrong message to send in Highland Park. With displacement at an all time high. Residents fighting for reasonable rents and already against gentrification. Thanks Nikki and Jeromy. If your going to live in Highland Park I suggest you get familiar with what going on in the area and perhaps try to fit instead of this what comes off as a self righteous banner.

    • Its reasonable to assume they were in HP long before you. So if no one was displaced by them fixing up their house, how exactly is this a gentrification issue?

  10. Wow, what the wrong message to send in Highland Park. With displacement at an all time high. Residents fighting for reasonable rents and already against gentrification. Thanks Nikki and Jeremy. If your going to live in Highland Park I suggest you get familiar with what going on in the area and perhaps try to fit instead of this what comes off as a self righteous banner.

  11. Los Angeles is no longer home to anyone who’s lived here for decades.

  12. this is not a smart move if you are trying to build your brand as a courteous efficient company. I know where this is and it has been over a year so I imagine they are externalizing the problems they are having with the project. This house should have been done months ago and while it can be tough on neighbors and the builder as well, it is idiotic to put all the neighbors on blast. Nikki and Jeremy are complicit in this callous sign and obviously don’t give a shit about their hood…. and Before you blame it on hipsters, this property is far out of the economic reach of anyone close to hipster, this project is close to the 1 mil range with the property and remodel included. Most likely this is a westsider taking advantage of the “cheaper” property values than Venice, Mar Vista, Santa Monica.

  13. Construction hassles can royally suck and no one likes neighborhood conflict– but just to clear something up, this family has owned and lived on this property since the 70’s– and lived in the Highland Park area since the 50’s. I’m happy that this old school Los Angeles family is making improvements to their area. Also, since conclusions were jumped to, the fact is that this family is Sicilian; no displacement or gentrification in this case.

    • Yes but I really want to lash out at those evil horrible hipsters at any chance I can. Who are you to come along and deny my smug self righteousness???

  14. That sign made my day!

  15. Apparently change and improvements to a neighborhood is scary to many people. Get used to it folks, the soundtrack to an IMPROVING neighborhood includes hammers and saws. You can bet anyone investing in a million plus property is going to bring improvements beyond just their house, They aren’t going to be the types who accept trash (bulk and small) accumulating on the streets anymore, and are also the types who will report graffiti to the city for speedy clean up.

    • lol

      or they will just sit in their “million plus property” and thumb their noses at everything and everyone around them. they’ll drive out of HP to go to whole foods and slum it at the York a day a month

    • This is exactly right. If you go to a rich neighborhood like Coldwater you’ll hear construction noise all day every day even when the economy sucks. A neighborhood without construction noise is a dying one.

  16. The article says “at the home he has been working on for the past couple of months”. A street view on Google earth dated Dec 2015 looks almost the same…And that’s a shame that this ugly modern look sits right next to a great craftsman house.

  17. 3rd try to post a comment – Sorry if I end up spamming.

    When you don’t know – Don’t Judge and Don’t Assume. Walk a mile in my shoes or my wife’s shoes and then talk to us.

    I’ve asked the builder to take the signs down. It’s comments like these (above) and others that made them go up in the first place.

    We’re not hipsters – We’re hard working middle class people who just want our house finished and are tired of people complaining for one reason or another. Sorry no TMZ story here.

    Also, the property has been in the family since the 1970’s just ask the neighbors.

    Enjoy your lives we’re not here for ever!


    • Don’t worry Jeremy, people here on The Eastsider will take every chance they can get to pile on if it pertains to any form of “gentrification.” The contractor made a bad call, but its your house and you have every right to remodel your property.

      Good luck, and hopefully your house is finished soon. It’s never fun to be in construction limbo (for yourself and your neighbors) no matter where you live.

      • friendly tuxedo cat

        At least everyone now knows who *not* to hire to remodel our homes. Hey, if you really want to piss off your neighbors when you’re done, you should recoup your construction costs by turning your place into an AirBnB.

    • did he have your permission to put the sign up?

    • GrammarGrandma

      Your last line is not a sentence–it’s a run-on error. You need a semi-colon, a period or a conjunction to correct it. I suppose you also composed that insipid sign.

  18. Love this, Up Yours cranky ass neighbors!!!!!!!!!

  19. All vested stakeholders in a community can at least agree that rising property values are very much a good thing. I would love to know if the neighbors who lodged the noise complaints are renters or owners. I have my suspicions……

  20. Don’t worry guys and gals, the story has now made its way onto Curbed. The tired old drum beats on!

  21. 43 comments!!!!!

  22. Jeremy the sign was a bad idea and that should have been obvious. What the hell were you and your contractor thinking? Of course you have the right to build a home or remodel but throwing gas on a fire is stupid. You have to live amongst your neighbors when the project is complete. Poking a finger in their eyes is dumb.

  23. They have already made complaints to the city, seems contractor has some violations going on there

    • Did someone really file a complaint? If so they will find out the not so secret secret that the city doesn’t do much to actually follow up on building code violation complaints. If an inspector actually does make it out there it won’t be for at least six months and by that time the work will be complete and any violation most likely covered up.

    • You’re right, Mando. This is totally a sign that crime is on the rise in HLP. These white hipsters amiright?! lol smh

  24. To all the speculators on this blog, this is for you. Nikki and Jeremy and their family have lived next door to me for longer than the 36 years I have lived in my home. They are kind, caring people who just want their renovation completed so they can move back home…. And so do we- their neighbors want to see them back to enjoy the fruits of their labor.
    We have had a strong neighborhood group for many long years, have our own personal email blog, and as good neighbors, we handle the good and the trying issues among ourselves without soliciting any comments from those who choose to speculate and who know nothing about our vast history.
    As a cohesive neighborhood, we have taken it from gang and graffiti riddled to a beautiful and clean place to live that we are very proud of.
    I’m asking you to Please stop your negative comments about Nikki, Jeremy, the construction, our neighborhood, and our ability to handle our own issues (whether good or challenging) ourselves, as we have for the past 30+ decades that I have lived here. Your speculations are just that “Speculations”.
    Thank you

  25. Move along, nothing to see here. These aren’t evil gentrifying hipsters invading from the west side, just a frustrated couple trying to fix up their house. Quit trying to force this unique situation, using biases and wrong assumptions, into a broader narrative about gentrification/hipsters/displacement.

  26. I, too, know these people personally and they are great people who are hoping to have their project done soon. They have had to fire and hire new construction crews due to issues, and have done everything possible to have this situation handled in a timely manner. As usual, with everything in life, if you do not understand the situation? Commenting is probably not for you. And it’s silly to have this even be a blog/news-worthy article.

  27. I love it how half of the respondents didn’t read the article and went with “white assholes stealing highland park”. Gentrification is a CLASS ISSUE. There are plenty of us “white assholes” living in HP renting because we can’t afford to buy either, and we too go down to Garvanza Park and have to deal with people telling us we’re gentrifying the neighborhood.

  28. I’m a minority with a family moving to Eagle Rock next July. We wanted to stay in central LA, but we couldn’t find a house we could afford so we decided to move out. I hope we get along with our neighbors!

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