Echo Park residents are facing loads of inconvenience

laundry machines and basket


ECHO PARK –– Ana Moreno has been going to Lucy’s coin laundry for the past seven years. But later this month, Moreno and the other customers at Lucy’s will have to find another place to wash, fluff and fold after one of the neighborhood’s largest coin-laundries shuts its doors “This one is very close, but what can you do?” said Moreno. “ Us poor people have to continue on and accommodate to the changes.”

The laundromat on Sunset Boulevard at Mohawk Street will be closing April 24 as works gets underway to renovate the building and attract new tenants. Lucy’s closure comes only a few years after another big coin laundry closed nearby and as a gentrifying Echo Park loses the discount stores and other shops that catered primarily to working-class shoppers.

With a spot on Sunset Boulevard, Lucy’s is convenient for many locals, with many of them living within walking distance of its nearly 150 washers and dryers. It’s a neighborhood institution for some who have washed their their laundry at Lucy’s for many years.

Orlando Madrid, a Silver Lake resident, is worried about the drastic changes in the neighborhood.

“I have a friend whose mother works here and she is going to lose her job,” he said. “It’s been here for so long that a lot of people are going to miss this place. So many businesses are closing around here; it’s affecting a lot of residents. It’s sad.”

On the other side of Lucy’s, Alex Dejong is folding his laundry. He’s ambivalent to the closure. “I have mixed feelings about it and I definitely have other coin-laundry options, they aren’t as big, but there are others. But, I can totally see how it will affect some people,” he said.

The impact of the closure will go beyond Echo Park. Liz Martinez, who lives in Downtown L.A. and uses Lucy’s regularly when she visits her grandmother.

“My grandmother has been living in her house down the street for over thirty years,” Martinez said. “Everything down Sunset is just restaurants and shops; I don’t know what my grandmother is going to do.”

Here are some nearby coin laundries:

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Jacqueline Fernandez is a Los Angeles-based reporter who’s written for various media outlets such as Los Angeles Wave, The Miami Herald and WLRN-Miami Herald News.

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  1. Charles M Shorty

    Blah blah blah – gentrification… blah blah blah – hipsters… whatever.

  2. I don’t understand how the Eastsider can sit here and post these articles that are obviously appealing to the unfortunate circumstances of older and/or lower income residence in a now desirable neighborhood where property is at a high value while also promoting real estate in the area. You’re posting about the plight while profiting off of it, seems kinda hypocritical to me. I understand that you have to pay bills, but it’s disingenuous.

  3. I’m sure the EastsiderLA would prefer taking large donations from community members in order to exist instead of advertisements, but that is HIGHLY UNLIKELY so I don’t blame the EastsiderLA for reporting what is happening in the neighborhood while paying his bills by advertising. The news on TV does this, all major newspapers do this. etc.
    Would you like to write a check for $500? If everyone who read this blog did, I bet the blogger wouldn’t have to hustle to keep the blog afloat. I am not affiliated at all with this blog, but I AM A COMMUNITY member who gives a little $ to this blog in order to contribute in some small way. I love this blog!

    • AMEN. They are running a business here. A small publisher like this doesn’t have the luxury of being picky about advertisers.

  4. I just wish more people knew that if they were to follow a clean organic plant based diet they wouldn’t have to do laundry as frequently because their body wouldn’t be working overtime removing toxins. When you sweat less and with less rankness you can wear an outfit a second or third time.

    • Charles M Shorty

      What a giant load of crap. Pardon the pun . Vegans are some of the stinkiest people I know. Probably because they believe horse sh*t like what you are spewing. You may have convinced yourself you don’t stink sweetie but ask around, you do.

  5. Off topic but Eastsider didn’t allow comments under this unsourced tidbit: The tenant of a Silver Lake apartment building in the 700 block of Maltman Avenue said mail thieves using a U.S. Postal Service key stole mail three times during the past week.

    A postal carrier told my building that a ton of keys were stolen all around echo park (about 8 weeks ago). Postal Service has done nothing about it to my knowledge — did not even notify residents. We know only because we stopped our postal carrier after we hadn’t had any mail delivery in three weeks. How can the postal service NOT NOTIFY residents???

  6. It’s kinda sad that Lucy’s Laundry is closing. Starbucks & Subway will also be missed in the same location too. Other laundry mats in the area are run down and dirty. What are they going to build there? more box apartments for the influx of snobby hipsters. Talk about people who need to be doing their laundry.

  7. Ugh, this place has been a dump for a good long while. The washers are constantly broken. Human excrement all over the walls and planters out back (and on the sides). Multiple people live in the parking lot (and don’t treat it like they care at all where they live). The dumpsters out back serve as a neighborhood trash drop off, but they are chained up half the time, so people just throw all their large trash near the dumpster (like busted up refrigerators and such). I’ve seen homeless women squat and piss right in the middle of the parking lot while yelling at you. No health codes appear to be observed whatsoever for a place that served food (this being one of the more disgusting elements). Loose dogs running around (health code violation) and children that seem to not have parents. Was it an easy pilgrimage for the kids at the dream center to march down and get their coffee? Perhaps. But a couple fast food chain stores, a (chain) check cashing place, one of many laundromats, and an overall unsanitary environment teeming with lunatics that no one has the guts to kick out for screaming and fighting with customers… good riddance.

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