Silver Lake sign headed for neon museum

Sun Lake Drugs sign photographed in 2015

SILVER LAKE — The Sun Lake Drugs sign is gone but it will live and shine on in the Museum of Neon Art in Glendale.

The sign at the southeast the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Parkman Avenue is going to be replaced by signage for the building’s new tenant:  Floyd’s 99 Barbershop.

Earlier this year,  the co-owner of the building said that the lease requires Floyd’s to preserve the old sign but not keep it in the same location.  “I don’t think the ‘drug’ sign will fit with Floyd‘s 99 logo,” said the co-owner in an email. “However, we wanted to be sure that the sign would not be demolished and would be carefully removed for us to store elsewhere.”

That elsewhere will be the Museum of Neon Art, said director Kim Koga said in an email. “We will be displaying a portion of it for the next exhibition that will open in July.”

We will keep you updated about that show when more details are available.

sun lake drugs sign being removed by eastsider reader

Courtesy Eastsider reader

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  1. happy to hear the sign has a happy ending. Very cool.

  2. There is certainly a lot of change coming to our neighborhoods. Thankfully it is moving toward better amenities and greater wealth for all. It has happened before that change was for the worse with shuttered businesses, graffiti, gangs, and crime so we should be grateful…….

  3. Oh how very convenient. The dope kicking Trustafarian speshul snowflakes can wobble across the street from the 12step cult meeting at Tropical right in to get a fashionable hipster haircut. Awesome, dude. Who says gentrifying our neighborhoods all to hell doesn’t improve people’s everyday lives? Losing 150 washers at Lucy’s laundromat for more coffee shops? Hey, no big deal! Rock on

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