WaBa Grill coming to Highland Park

waba grill location highland park 4-18-2016 2-23-36 PM

Future home of WaBa grill

Storefront ReportHIGHLAND PARK — A former  coin-laundry is being converted into an outlet for the fast growing WaBa Grill chain of teriyaki chicken-bowl restaurants.

Building permits have been issued to construct a WaBa Grill at 6316 N. Figueroa Street, which is a former coin laundry in the shopping center at the northeast corner of Figueroa and York Boulevard. The new restaurant would be located next to a Big 5 sporting goods store that opened last year. It’s not known when the new restaurant will open.

More than 100 WaBa restaurants have opened since the chain was founded a decade ago, according the company website.

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  1. OMG, such great news, finally a much better option than OK chinese and super panda!

    • Great news, indeed. BUT, lol, OK Chinese is not THAT bad and they give you such huge portions that I can share one with my boyfriend and neither is left hungry. Super panda however – NEVER AGAIN. Two words for you: food poisoning!

  2. One would hope that this shopping center, which has the luxury of sitting at the nexus of HLP at York & Fig, would finally have some interesting options for shops and food but unfortunately it is consistently the worst in the area.

  3. Great news. I look forward to more healthy options coming to town!!!

  4. Could be worse I guess. At least it’s got some quasi-healthy options for the kiddos. Pretty much the only thing redeemable for me there is the food trucks on tuesday nights.

  5. There is already one in Lincoln heights

  6. The shopping center should be amazing. It’s literally at the corner of two of the most up and coming streets in all of Los Angeles, yet it’s dirty and depressing. Do the property owners not know or do they not care? They could be creating something of Silver Lake proportions here (including making much higher rents with improvements to the property) but instead there’s a water store and a bad Chinese restaurant. It makes me sad to drive by it. I know it’s only a matter of time until changes comes to this corner, but it can’t come fast enough.

    • OMG, you mean higher food prices????? Yes better life style but in the cost of others…. Get out of here with that sugestion!!! But, Unfortunately it is a matter of time thanks to people like you….

    • Oh goodness. Yes, let’s create some Silver Lake-y vibe so that locals can either not afford to go or get looked at like they don’t belong. No thank you. For someone who works nearby, this shopping center is just time as it is. Dirty and depressing? Where? Granted, we’re not Silver lake but geez! You make us sound like skid row! My child goes to a private school located right behind this shopping center – and all those parents are happy too. Would I send my child to a school in a “dirty and depressing” neighborhood? Please get over yourself. If you don’t like it, there are always other places where your business would be welcome.

      • Why are you afraid of people who like nice things? I don’t care about private school……

      • I’d imagine you’d want the area around your child’s school to be a nice as possible, but maybe you like the downtrodden and sad aspects of that shopping center.

        Ultimately, it will be cleaned up and a better selection of retail tenants will be brought in to replace what’s there now, but not soon enough.

  7. Have the above commenters even tried that Chinese restaurant? It has fantastic orange chicken and wings.

  8. Charles M Shorty

    I think WABA is one of those Jesusy franchises- you know, not open on sundays?

  9. Dirty and depressing, gtfo my community

    • Who let you back on Mom’s computer?

    • Charles M Shorty

      Hey Mando, I live in Echo Park where it used to be a guy named Carlos’ community. He’s gone now. I’m looking into my crystal ball here and it’s not looking great for “Mando’s community” HAHA!

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