What Silver Lake shoppers can expect inside Whole Foods’ 365 Store

Rendering of Whole Foods 365 Store interior

Courtesy Whole Foods

Shopper and Diner buttonSILVER LAKE — Whole Foods has released more details and renderings of its new 365 by Whole Foods Market, the first of which opens in Silver Lake next month. Much has been written about the vegan restaurants, coffee bars and other indie vendors that will operate in the stores. But the renderings and remarks by Jeff Turnas, president of the new chain, show that the main focus of 365 will be on keeping costs and prices low – well low enough to compete with Trader Joe’s and Sprouts – and creating a convenient, no-frills shopping environment.

In an interview with Business Insider, Turnas said the stores will carry about only one-third of the products found in a traditional Whole Foods. There will be no printed signs, and prices will be displayed on digital tags. The prepared food bars will be located in the center of the store.  Company officials have said that the smaller stores and lower shelves and fixtures will make it easier for customers to find what they are looking for. In fact, customers should be able to see the entire store from wherever they stand.

“We scaled down the look and feel of the store,” Turnas said.

When it comes to paying, customers will be able to use credit cards or Apple Pay at express checkout lanes in the middle of the store near the prepared-food areas. Shoppers will be eligible for free merchandise through a customer rewards program.

The Silver Lake store, which replaces a former Ralphs market on Glendale Boulevard, is scheduled to open May 25.

Rendering of Whole Foods 365 Store interior

Courtesy Whole Foods

Courtesy Whole Foods

Courtesy Whole Foods

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  1. It looks like the store will be haunted, too!

  2. Fresh and Easy 2.0

  3. So fully automated checkers? How many jobs are these job creators creating in this area then?

  4. This looks HORRIBLE! I don’t need to see the whole friggin store from the cereal isle! Give us choices!! Arggghhh!!

  5. Yuck. No checkers? Basic displays?
    Ummmm…. No thanks. Totally let down. We all wanted the real thing. I’ll stick with Lassens.

  6. Is Express Checkout an option or the only way to checkout? The British store, can’t think of name, that attempted to have automatic checkout only closed pretty fast. Certain grocery products, specifically produce, can be awkward to check out and take more time than going through regular check stands with real people behind them.

  7. How about paying with cash? Can I fund my deeply personal tea experience with greenbacks? Or must I have the mark of the beast? Will the employees include androids that look and sound like millennials, ignoring my questions while peering intently into their smart phones or bantering among themselves? That would really set the bar culturally.

  8. Hey, Whole Fools, take your Veggie bars and stick them up your produce isle.

  9. These pictures make me miss Ralph’s. The thing I like about Whole Foods is the actual shopping experience with wide aisles, lots of wood elements, good color choices, helpful and knowledgeable cashiers and workers, etc. These renderings look like a cold, not aesthetically pleasing, brightly lit, and mechanical store. We all were hoping for a nice place to shop at the end of the day after work whose interior felt welcoming and beautiful like the Pasadena Whole Foods. I can just stop by the Trader Joes. It’s just as easy. I think WF misunderstands their market audience here. A missed opportunity.

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