Cyclist killed in Lincoln Heights collision; victim identified (updated)



LINCOLN HEIGHTS — A cyclist riding on the wrong side of the street was killed in a traffic collision in Lincoln Heights early this morning.

The collision happened at the intersection of Humboldt Street and Avenue 26 at about 1:30 a.m., said Officer Robert Palma with LAPD’s Central Traffic Division. The cyclist was riding on the wrong side of the street as he traveled southbound on Humboldt before colliding with a vehicle driving westbound on Avenue 26

The cyclist, a Latino male in his early 30s, was pronounced dead on the scene, Palma said.

The investigation is ongoing.

Updated @ 11:57 a.m.: The LAPD Central Traffic Division identified the victim as 22-year-old Giovanni Cali of Los Angeles. More details of the incident were also released:

“The collision occured when Giovanni Cali, 22 years old and a resident of Los Angeles, and his companion, Esteban Ruiz, were riding their bicycles southbound on Humboldt Street. As they entered the intersection at Avenue 26, Ruiz saw a vehicle traveling westbound on Avenue 26 and was able to avoid being struck. Mr. Cali, however, did not see the vehicle and was struck by the oncoming vehicle. The driver of the vehicle, Kazem Samadi, 49 years old, also a resident of Los Angeles, was interviewed and released at the scene. He was not under the influence of drugs or narcotics.”

Lucy Guanuna is a freelance reporter who has covered a variety of issues, including business, education and social justice movements in her native Los Angeles. Her work has been published in the Daily Sundial, L.A. Activist, and the San Fernando Valley Business Journal.

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  1. My sincere condolences for Geo’s brother ,sister and parents…..its so unfortunate this happened to him .he was a good person and always very respectful to me..he used to stop by the shop and always made sure to say hi even tho it had been a while since i last seen him.the very last time i seen him was a few months back as i arrived at work. As hard as it is to accept may god give his brother ,sister and parents the strength and peace to endure the pain of loosing their loved one..RIP Geo love and respect always . Pos u know…what what??whatt❤️

  2. My sincere condolences. What a horrible accident. Lord rest the soul of the victim. Comfort the sorrowing and mournful.

  3. How were they traveling on the wrong side of the road when struck? I would assume they were crossing Ave 26 to continue on Humboldt and were hit while doing so.

    That is a sketchy intersection with cars traveling very fast without no stop lights/signs between Figueroa and Pasadena.

    • I completely agree in the vital use in having a stop sign placed on Ave. 26 and Humboldt. What if it happens to a kid or member of ur family next time.

    • There is a stop sign on Humboldt. It appears the bicyclist didn’t obey it. By traveling on the wrong side of Humboldt, there was probably no way for the driver to see him until he popped out into the intersection. A tragedy, but probably avoidable.

    • Check out this 2008 safety plan for Avenue 26 developed by Metro.


      Councilman Cedillo has been happy to watch people die in the streets while he pats himself on the back for “safety improvements” like that $50,000 metal sign that says “Solano Canyon” on Broadway.

      We have pre-approved safety plans sitting on the shelf and people are dying the streets – is it money? Are we unable to afford this stuff? Then how can we afford $76,000 jazz festivals, and $833,000 parking lot construction in Lincoln Park? And $2,100,000 for a gate at MacArthur Park?

      It isn’t a money issue, it’s a political issue – and the bottom lines is that the car-only gas-undistry backed Cedillo is happy with the situation. Get used to it, this is how we do business in Cedillo’s CD1.

  4. Geovanni Cali was and is beloved by all his family, friends, and community! His Church Family love him and grieve with his father, mother, brother, sister, grandparents & all his extended family. We honor his memory and his beautiful spirit! We have ultimate hope and peace even as we mourn deeply that our beloved Gio is now in Father God’s loving embrace and eternal rest. We love you, Gio! Dear precious youth of our community, bring your brokenness before God who loves you & know that every Christ-honoring faith community would welcome you and bless you. Gio was a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ & he is in eternal peace now. Love in Christ, Coach E.

  5. Hannah Grossman

    Geovanni Cali will be missed by his extended community.

  6. It really didn’t matter if he was on the wrong side or not which he wasn’t… Geo had no chance of avoiding getting hit the man driving the car was speeding…

  7. I posted this elsewhere but would like to share here too:

    My condolences to the family, I’m so sorry for their tragic loss.

    This is a terrifying and dangerous intersection, even in broad daylight, even if one is obeying all traffic laws. It’s a problematic corridor in its current state, one with heavy ped and bike traffic as it links Northeast LA & DTLA. In 2008, data from numerous community groups/members was collected in efforts to figure out where pedestrian & bike facilities could be added/improved in this neighborhood, with many noting this area as being in dire need of change. Here is a sample of community input from this survey:

    •Improve crossing at Ave 26 and Humboldt. Urgent! It’s a basic safety issue.
    • Add traffic light at Humboldt and Ave 26
    •Add flashing red lights as well on Ave 26 (urgent need)
    •Get these (crosswalk striping at Ave 26 and Humboldt) stripes down


    Unfortunately, this intersection lies within the boundaries of Council District #1-in-traffic-fatalities, so I don’t think we can expect change anytime soon. I’m so sorry we’ve lost another life in this tragic manner.

  8. No more deaths

    Has the writer looked at a map? Humboldt does not continue straight across Ave 26. It’s not a cross(+) intersection it’s more like a “Z” intersection. “Wrong side of the street” doesn’t apply here. She also writes that the cyclist collided with the car as if the car was going through the intersection and the cyclist ran into it. No. The cyclist ended up on the windshield of the car.

    This is obscenely biased reporting. Shame.

  9. Hi this was not a thorough investigation at all Gio & Esteban Ruiz were crossing the street to the other side of humbolt the Security guard told police that he glanced at ave 26 and stated he was going faster then cars normally drive down that street the he turned away and heard the screeching of breaks he told us the Gio was crossing humbolt not like the detective stated that they were going against traffic also when Estaban terrified talking to Gio a woman told him he”s dead according to the security guard she was there and saw the car speeding and we found her & there going to speaking to her as she is a witness and we know of another witness that is homeless and new Gio
    Will be asking the business if they have cameras to see if we can see it on Video now that THOROUGH INVEGATION .The Report said it was Gio fault they believed the Driver that send a bad message for potential recluse drivers.

    • Charles M Shorty

      Running oooooonnnnn. Running on sentence, runinning oooooooonnnnn…. Gotta love the LAUSD pumping out this^^^ Doomed we are- doomed I say.

  10. 26th and Humbolt really needs stop signs! It is dangerous even for cars, let alone cyclists and pedestrians.

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