Echo Park stores move out, taggers move in


ECHO PARK — That didn’t take long. Only a few days after Lucy’s coin laundry, Starbucks, Subway and other shops in the 2100 block of Sunset Boulevard closed, taggers had sprayed painted much of the exterior of the now empty building.  Adding insult to injury, a vehicle recently slammed into the corner of the building, the most recent crash at the Mohawk Bend.

How long will this building be empty? That’s not clear. Continental Development Group is currently seeking tenants to fill the building along with some nearby shops.  Until then, a nearly block-long stretch of Sunset in the heart of Echo Park will remain vacant.

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  1. Charles M Shorty

    Get a life you idiots. Resist the urge to piss on everything around you. Losers.

  2. I see the BULLDOZERS

  3. …what was the rush to kick the businesses out? Get new tenants lined up, while maintaining the income from the previous tenants. Business 101.

  4. Lord, how many times has this building been hit by cars? 500?

  5. The sad thing is most of the good people who live in Echo Park (unlike the good people in nearby neighborhoods such as Silver Lake and Eagle Rock for example) seem to have blinders on when it comes to graffiti and don’t bother to report it to the city for clean up so it just builds and builds everywhere you look in Echo Park. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this graffiti is left to linger and accumulate for six months before someone takes the 20 seconds it takes to report it for clean up using the city 311 app on their smart phone.

    • Wtf are you talking about? Why wouldn’t he city clean this up its on private property.

    • concerned neighbor

      They don’t even know that graffiti is a problem, it’s just part of the landscape. They don’t know you can report and don’t understand why you would.

    • If you actually used 311 to report graffiti instead of talking shit on the internet, you would know that the city will only paint walls fronting a public right of way WITH specific authorization from the landlord.

      These are WINDOWS not walls, and they are set back from the street. The city won’t clean them.

      Its absurd how you criticize our neighborhood but very obviously have never used 311 yourself.

  6. It is so strange how everyone had to move out except that one toy/accessory shop. The whole block and a half plus Rewind is vacant except that one shop. I wonder how they can make $6 a square foot selling what they sell but Wells and Starbucks could not? Or did that one shop somehow avoid the price hike?

  7. The graffiti gives you the names of the assholes and their associates in the area.

    • Leopold Stotch

      Yes, but now try find a cop who actually gives a s–t to make an arrest.
      Tried to hand a graffiti guy over to the LAPD before. Gave them a big fat red-handed stack of evidence, and their attitude was “what do you want us to do about it?”

  8. When I become president, taggers lose a finger for every time they are busted. I think that would be terrific.

  9. @ Dave and others. I welcome this opportunity to educate. Perhaps the single City of LA service that functions well is the graffiti abatement program. The city dedicates resources to removing or covering up graffiti even if it is on private property. While the graffiti clean up crews drive through the city looking for graffiti to clean up they primarily rely on citizens to report graffiti. We can do this by calling 311 or by using the MyLA311 app on our smartphone.


    I report graffiti that I see in MY OWN neighborhood with a vengeance. As a result of my efforts and others in my neighborhood there is hardly any graffiti to be seen. When it does appear on public property or private property owned by us or others we report it immediately and very often the city contracted crew will remove it the same day.

    For a reason I don’t understand the people who live in Echo Park don’t seem to see or care that their neighborhood is overrun with graffiti or are somehow unaware of the excellent graffiti abatement program.

    • concerned neighbor

      Lots of poor people who don’t speak English are pretty ignorant of city programs like 311. In the first place they don’t even realize that graffiti is a problem, but if they do they have such a defeatist attitude that they accept they deserve to live in trash and there’s nothing that can be done about it and they have no clue there are easy free services to fix it.

  10. that graffiti looks better than the new 365 store.

  11. These out of town corporations sure love to take out businesses and leave the areas vacant

  12. Better cover it up fast before it gets declared a culture masterpiece, then no one will be able to touch it. These days everything is sacred.

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