Bullet hits vehicle driving through Echo Park


ECHO PARK — Police are investigating a shooting that left pieces of a bullet lodged in the door of a moving vehicle in Echo Park early this morning.

The victim was driving near the 1400 block of Alessandro Street around 1:15 a.m. when he felt something hit his vehicle, said Lt. Schatz with LAPD’s Northeast Division. When the victim arrived at his residence nearby, he noticed a bullet hole in the left rear passenger door.

Officers recovered a spent bullet fragment from the car door.  The victim did not see a  vehicle or shooter, Schatz said.

Officers detained a suspect who was in the area at the time of the shooting. But the investigation revealed he was not involved in the shooting and was later released, police said.

Schatz said the victim is not a gang member, but officers do not know if the shooting was gang related. The investigation is ongoing.

A man was fatally shot last November in the 1300 block of Allesandro.

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  1. SquiggleySpooch

    I heard 3 gunshots last night between 10:30 and 11:45 in the area of the 2 terminus. Called the police and reported it, which is basically a waste of time, they just imply it was fireworks. Ok great thanks bieeee!

    • I’m not doubting that you heard shots, unfortunately they happen here in Echo Park and surrounding neighborhoods. However, re police response to your call, LAPD won’t respond to known illegal fireworks calls, either. We are, of course, hearing many of these already, as some people cannot seem to get it in their heads that we currently have over 100-degree temperatures and what Weather Service has described as single-digit humidity.

      For an example of a fire directly caused by our neighbor setting off large illegal fireworks during similar circumstances, on this past New Year’s Eve, see the coverage here on The Eastsider titled “A fiery start for the New Year,” dated 01/01/2016. As part of the Comments on that story, I wrote:

      “Do you know specifically who they are? Many people in our neighborhood believe we do, but another resident and myself could not get the ear of the two battalion commanders who were sitting in their marked vehicle while fire was being put out. Even as we watched the horrible sight of out-of-control flames, wondering if they would turn on our home or that of neighbors, these two men would barely deign to give us their attention. We were simply asking that they take our information about those suspected of setting off the fireworks that started the fire. These same people also set off huge fireworks from their yard and from street in front of their house on July 4.

      In all my past contacts with Firefighters I’ve found them to be helpful, courteous, and respectful of me, as I was of them. The man in the driver seat of command car fairly sneered at us, and the passenger finally took down our name and address, simply to make us go away, I’m sure. We haven’t heard anything from the LAFD about the incident. In addition, one Police Officer can be seen standing in crowd watching the fire (in unpublished pictures) and I would like to know if there was/is to be an investigation by LAPD.”

      Someone else replied, “The family that lives at 1909 /1911 Clinton St. have always been prolific firework setters on every 4th of July and new years. They live directly across the street from the cypress trees they set on fire. The next morning I saw them frantically (attempting to) clean up all the debris.

      The next morning after the holidays the sidewalk and street directly in front of their house is always a disaster littered with the debris from all the fireworks.

      Did I see THEIR fireworks set the the trees on fire? No. But I’m surprised it took this long for them to set something on fire.”

      Yet LAPD officers will tell you they don’t try to stop people setting off illegal fireworks as they don’t have enough personnel, people are setting them off on every street, and it’s always been this way. (Of course, no consequences = no change.)

  2. Get the officers names, they must identify themselves with corresponding badge numbers. I used to live around the corner , they were doing that shit while I was there. 0 respect for the neighbors and neighborhood.

  3. the other side

    free all my crazy young stoners

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