Silver Lake chef is cooking up a new concept for Echo Park’s Pizza Buona space

Pizza Buona Reopens 12-7-2012 7-00-45 AM

Storefront ReportECHO PARK — Late last year a real estate broker said that Alimento, the Silver Lake Italian restaurant that has won critical praise, was going to move into the Echo Park home of Pizza Buona, which was being forced out in the face of a steep rent hike after more than 50 years in business. The folks at Alimento declined to say anything at that time. But now Alimento’s Zach Pollack is talking about the menu and changes he has in mind for the pizzeria space at the corner Sunset Boulevard and Alvarado Street.

Pollack is planning to open Cosa Buona, a modern take on classic Italian-American cuisine, featuring pizza, antipastos, chicken parmesan sandwiches and other items, says Eater L.A. In addition, Pollack wants to squeeze a bar into the space and change the entrance. Says Eater L.A.:

“With Cosa Buona, Pollack hopes to strongly nod to the restaurant that came before, while moving the space in a new direction. Beyond physically moving the front door away from the dangerous corner and onto Alvarado, the plan is to add in a bar, that wood-fired pizza oven, one run of booths, and a few other fine details that should keep the place feeling lively and casual. There will still be take out and delivery as well, something that helped prop up the original Pizza Buona for years.”

Expect Cosa Buona to open late this fall.


  1. This is probably the best possible outcome for the Pizza Buona saga. Excited.

  2. Totally agree. Props for keeping the spirit of Buona in the neighborhood. A lot of people loved Pizza Buona. Nice to see the tradition will be carried on.

  3. Still sad to see the original go (did they ever land anywhere new?), but this looks like the pretty good result. Looking forward to an ‘alimento’ chicken parm.

    • Really a bar? Good luck with that one. They had to completely redo the restaurant when some knucklehead who wasn’t paying attention and pinned someone under her car destroyed the front entrance. Thank goodness nobody was killed.

  4. Wish they would call it Cosa Bozza instead…

  5. You can always weed out the newer folk to Echo Park.
    It was called PIZZA BOZZA waaay before PIZZA BUONA.

    • Oh, geez. Hope you called Lucy’s Laundromat ‘United California Bank’ – because it was called that waaay before it was called Lucy’s.

  6. Pizza Buona was already authentic and culturally relevant to the neighborhood. It’s a shame that people who genuinely contribute postitively to an area get force out. I also think appropriating their original idea is a stab in the back to them. There is already a “modern authentic” wood fired pizza place less than a mile away. It would be nice to see Mr. Pollack fill a void in what the neighborhood offers. Like another rock n roll barbershop 😉

    • Maybe the point is getting GOOD modern authentic wood fired pizza, instead of just having a modern authentic wood fired pizza place nearby. If you’re talking about Wood-it’s in Silver Lake, not Echo Park.

  7. I hope they will have some plant based options and vegan pizza, too!

    • snore. already plenty vegan options. like two directly across the street, mohaw bend AND ELF.

      By the way, echo park mom, ever bother to take 15 minutes to learn how to drive a standard transmission?

      • Srsly! Its Italian food for Christ sake! It should not be vegan!!!! Enough with the “hope they have vegan options” comments all over the place.

        • Actually, vegan food is plentiful in Italy. It’s only in America it gets smothered in cheese.

          • Great! Lets ship all the vegans to Italy.

          • If all the vegans go to Italy there’ll be no one to stop all the fat ass americans from getting diabetes.

          • If your plan as a vegan was to stop Americans from being fat, you have failed miserably. Now go eat a piece of chicken. I can smell your stinky vege farts from here.

  8. Great news.. keep filling those empty storefronts please..but not with chains and franchises..

  9. If Mr Pollack is so proud of his food maybe he should come up with his.own name for his Pizza joint. Stop trying to ride on the coattails of Pizza Buona. Really Cosa Buona!!! Will go a half a block down the street any and every time for the best Pizza

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