Yes, Those Are Skunks: New Yorker gets familiar with Echo Park wildlife

ECHO PARK — Living in New York City, Daniella Kertesz had never seen a skunk. Until recently, the closest thing she’d encountered was a squirrel. But thanks to a recent stay in Echo Park, she has now seen her first. And second. And third … And ninth! She recorded the black-and-white parade that moved past her.

Kertesz was hanging out last month in a back yard on Lemoyne Street when the first skunk showed up. She searched Google to make sure the black animal with the white stripe was indeed a skunk. “My first reaction was: ‘Oh my God this is a jungle!'”

The next day, Kertesz stepped outside and spotted the skunk again. But this time it had eight little ones in tow. “By this point,” she said, “it was like encountering an old friend.” She sat and recorded quietly while they drank water from a small pool.

“I came to visit L.A. for a week and [was] happy I got to experience such a rare thing! I hope they are ok and that they will find a home for themselves where they don’t need to fear humans taking pictures of them.”

Screenshot 2015-12-10 at 3.10.51 PM

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  1. We have them coming through our yard with their young ones, and some come back and stay. Really cute. However, learn the skunk dance. You come upon a skunk real close. It sees you and is alert. You move slowly back and to one side, the skunk moves slowly back and to the other side. Keep doing this until one or the other moves off. That would usually be me.

  2. I live on Lemoyne street and have a family of skunks that eat the mulberries. Sad to say mama skunk got killed by a coyote in our front yard a few weeks back. We now have 5 tiny skunks fending for themselves. theyre growing bigger every day. If anyone wants to come and trap them and keep them as pets please come by! I fear my 3 year old will get skunked some day soon.

  3. What a truly delightful video!

  4. They also have a nasty bite

  5. Rare thing? Wherever I’ve lived in CA, there have been skunks, urban and rural skunks. I had to go behind a hotel at night and there was a skunk party, more than I could count without keeping a move on. I think a lot of them are used to humans. I’ve had ample opportunity to be sprayed. My neighbor’s friendly cat would chase them off so I could get to my door. So some of them are used to cats too. If you knowingly must cross a skunk’s path, bring a tarp to hold up in front of you, Hold up only if the skunk starts to stamp its feet & it’s too late to exit..

  6. I love this!

  7. Daniella Kertesz? As in the actress Daniella Kertesz?

  8. I’m also on Lemoyne Street and recognize these guys. They are nightly visitors.

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