Councilmen Cedillo & O’Farrell have raised more than $500,000 to get reelected

It should not be too surprising but the incumbents in next year’s Council District 1 and Council District 13 elections have so far attracted considerably more campaign contributions than their lesser known challengers.

In the Council District 1 race, incumbent Gil Cedllo, whose district includes all or portions of Cypress Park, Glassell Park, Highland Park and Lincoln Heights, has raised more than $250,000, according to the Los Angeles Ethics Commission.*  That amount dwarfs the approximately $5,400 raised by Josef A. Bray-Ali and the $500 collected by Jesse Rosas, who provided the figures in an email that were not yet reflected on the commission website.

Council District 13 incumbent Mitch O’Farrell, who represents all or portions of Atwater Village, Echo Park and Silver Lake, has generated more than $304,000 in contributions. The two other rivals who have indicated that they will run against O’Farrell have not reported any contributions, according to the ethics commission.

Who is donating?

Cedillo’s contributors range from developers to unions as well as billionaire Eli Broad, apartment developer Geoff Palmer and the owners of an Inland Empire pizza chain.

Money flowing into O’Farrell’s campaign includes contributions from entertainment and real estate industry executives as well as concert promoters, Hollywood Forever Cemtetery and Silver Lake businesswoman Dana Holister, who has battled singer Katy Perry over a former Los Feliz convent.

The challengers, as is often the case, struggle to match the funds raised by incumbents. “The donations my campaign received come from small donors, from the people, not the corporations and special interests – and I wouldn’t have it any other way!” said Bray-Ali on his campaign website.

The primary election is scheduled to be held on March 7, 2017 and the general election is set for May 16, 2017.

* The figures reflect monies contributed through June 30.

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  1. Geoff Palmer also gave 2 million to Trump’s campaign.

  2. “The incumbents, as is often the case, struggle to match the funds raised by challengers. “The donations my campaign received come from small donors, from the people, not the corporations and special interests – and I wouldn’t have it any other way!” said Bray-Ali on his campaign website.”

    You mixed nouns here – the challengers are struggling, not the incumbents.

  3. With Cedillo’s close proximity to the Calderon FBI scandal, the nepotism of a Water Agency hiring his unqualified son, big corporate and developer backing and numerous protests at Cedillo’s offices from his community for lack of responsiveness, my hope is that we can turn to an alternative candidate that does not reek of entitlement and so closely tied and tainted by corruption.

    • The new candidate will need to have a Hispanic sur name to have a chance unfortunately. This district has a lot of Latino people that don’t trust whitey.

  4. So Cedillo’s contributors include Geoff Palmer, who illegally demolished the last remaining house in Bunker Hill, and who has a history of laundering campaign contributions.


    Contributors also include Cedillo’s own staff:

    Fredy Ceja, who remains the councilman’s communications director despite being convicted of DUI at least twice, and arrested a third time this year after hitting a parked Metro bus. (There don’t appear to be any news reports following up on what happened to the latest charge after Ceja entered a not guilty plea.) Remember, Cedillo is the councilman who has presided over multiple fatalities on North Figueroa while blocking measures that would calm traffic to a steady flow along the street.


    Conrado Terrazas, district director for Cedillo, who in 2012 tried to rent out his Echo Park house’s garage as an illegally converted apartment. (Cedillo is known for refusing to meet Angelenos about their concerns if they don’t live in his district — yet the house involved in his district director’s code-busting rental effort isn’t even in Cedillo’s district.)


    LA’s 1st Council District really needs a council member who represents the people — not developers — whose staff act as community leaders should, and who listens to Angelenos who desire safe, livable communities.

  5. Cedillo blows.

  6. I can’t wait to not vote for some of the challengers!

  7. Does anyone think ofarrell is anything but someone who has been bought and sold by developers? Anyone?

    • I like O’Farrell and most of my neighbors do too. He actually lives in his district and knows his neighbors. Cedilla is a disgrace- professional politician who who someday be sent to jail to room with Lee Baca, Tanaka, and hopefully Trump.

    • Mitch has worked and lived in the district for decades…..at the grass roots level, and worked his way up, independent of developers interests…as a matter of fact, (if anyone actually cares about such things), he’s been advocating for affordable housing incentives since before he was elected…bitch at the housing chair, if the items are floundering in committee, rather than random ill informed rants….

      so yes “ET”, many of us think he’s anything but what you so mistakenly suggest…..

      see you at the next community cleanup?


  8. The Los Angeles Daily News reports, “In addition to last weekend’s arrest, court records show someone matching Ceja’s birth date and name was arrested three separate times over the last 13 years on suspicion of driving under the influence, with the most recent incident taking place in 2009.”

  9. They are all corrupt, duh.

    Should be illegal.

  10. Please visit Joe4CD1.com, sign up, and donate, even 5 dollars will make a difference!


  12. who are the challengers for Council District 13?

  13. no one serious as in with $$ just like cd 1 challengers

  14. I voted for O’Farrell last time and will probably do it again, but I’ve been very disappointed in his accessibility to his constituents. We’ve had a terrible problem in our neighborhood for years – a house that’s crumbling away and falling into the street, covering the sidewalk and threatening to cause serious injury to people walking next to the property. However, O’Farrell’s office doesn’t answer any emails or return calls. I get that they’ve got a lot of constituents, but to not have any acknowledgement that I’ve contacted them seems really like poor outreach. I mean, this is one of the things that the councilman is supposed to do. I’ve lost faith in most politicians.

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