Motorcycle rider dead in Silver Lake collision [updated @ 5:12 pm]

Photo by Sebastian Cordoba

Photo by Sebastian Cordoba

SILVER LAKE —  A collision this afternoon at  Sunset Boulevard and Micheltorena Street left one person dead and another in critical condition, the L.A. Fire Department said on Twitter. Both persons were on a motorcycle when they collided with an automobile at about noon.

Sunset Boulevard was closed in both directions near the scene for several hours.

Update: The motorcyclist and his passenger were headed westbound on Sunset when a 71-year-old driver of a Toyota RAV4 heading eastbound turned left in front of them at Micheltorena, said Sgt. Rares Isai with the LAPD Central Traffic Division. The driver of the Toyota remained at the site of the crash.

The male driver of the motorcycle was pronounced dead at the scene. His passenger,  a 26-year-old female, was taken to a hospital in critical condition.


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  1. Sad. Why we don’t have mandatory left turn signals is beyond me..

    • Tragic.

      Traffic moves way too fast on Sunset for such a busy and complex urban street. This will happen again, and again, and again, and again, until our local traffic engineers start designing main streets for public safety and local circulation (instead of maximum speed “arterial highways”.)

      I hope the girl comes through ok. Try to slow down everyone, it’s not a race.

  2. I was north of Sunset driving down Micheltorena when this happened (but I didn’t see it happen). When I came to the stop sign at Sunset, I saw the guy laying in the road in a pool of blood. It looked bad. So sad to hear the man died. So so sad. It was horrible to see.

    • If possible please edit your comment on how “the man” looked when you came upon the accident. I knew him and know his family. That description is not something that I wanted to come across and I wouldn’t want out there if I was in his families position.

      • I agree with Erica my bf works and is a close friend of his dads and I truly think the description should be removed its not necessary.

    • Yes please edit this…his friends and family don’t need to come across this, maybe they don’t want to know. Be considerate and compassionate to what they’re going through. It’s the worst day of their lives….they’ll ask the questions and details if they want to know.

  3. Shitty la drivers!!
    This town gives drivers lic to any one it has to stop. Make the test way harder.Most people dont even know the basic rules of the road.

  4. I also saw the accident, the motorcycle was about 20 feet ahead of me when it happens. The driver of the SUV made what I considered a illegal left turn into on coming traffic. Such a horrible and horrific accident. Praying for the love ones and friends. Just tragic ..

  5. drove this way around 2:45am sat night / sun morning and sunset is MAJORLY closed at the triangle – they’re using a metro bus parked perpendicular to the road to close the road and block the view. I can see fire truck lights and flares. I don’t think it was this though as it is a block or two away – anyone know what’s going on?

    • I live off Sunset. The incident did not happen at 2:45am. That must be something else. The traffic on Sunset has become very bad between Maltman and Parkman. The city put in one new light by 99 cents store. However, we often see people running the lights on Sunset/Micheltorena , Sunset/Descanso. I cant count how many times I have almost been hit my someone speeding down Sunset (even though I had the light to turn). At the corner of Larissa and Descanso people run the HUGE STOP SIGN WITH HUGE CROSSWALK all the time. There are tons of people walking around and its a big blind spot. There was an accident just the other day, fortunately no major injuries. I saw a pizza delivery man take off the side of someone’s new Audi going up Micheltorena a week ago. There is too much fast I want to get somewhere traffic going through a neighborhood that has become “a neighborhood”. I am so sorry for the families involved in the accident. Positive thoughts for the passenger.

  6. Both legs and pelvic bone broken for the passenger.

  7. I drove past the accident and can’t get the sight of it out of my mind. I’m heartbroken to learn that a life was lost and that all involved are forever changed. If there’s a crowdrise or gofundme page, please share! At least we can do something to ease the pain the folks who love these people are dealing with.

  8. jory jeorge carpenter

    I was on the 704 bus going home from downtown when the bus driver announced he was turning left on Alvarado due to an accident, so I got off there and walked to Michael Terina where I live, stopped and saw the wreckage. My prayers are with the familys .

  9. On Saturday morning I heard the crash and immediately knew what it was. I live up off Sunset on Larissa Drive and bolted out my front door and down the Micheltorena steps in 20 seconds to see if I could help. I am a motorcyclist myself and so profoundly protective of all my brothers and sisters who drive on two wheels. Upon my arrival at the scene All I could think of and all I can think of since is what the families and all you….his and her friends must be going through. I am so very sorry – I share your grief and I know for certain, had I been given the opportunity to know and hang with Rich we would of been good friends.

    Love BB

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